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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Cal are u sure u ve not wronged anybody or stepped on anyone’s toes???
    I just pray ur adorable daughter is still alive sha!!!

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    She’s Worth The Kill



    Episode 3

    That evening cal contacted her, and they familiarize with themselves, just like a movie weeks later the had gotten use to each other, Cal got to know she was a final year student of mass communication, and she also got to know cal was a computer engineering student, and also a professor’s, son their love affair came like a surprise hit to they students and their various departments and it became they talk of the students, They were the perfect couple for each other, Cal smiled when he remembered the very night of their final exam how he has just come back from the library, and went for his bath, after bathing, he was trying to apply lotion on his body when he heard a timid knock on his room door, he stays alone, who could that be he thought as he went for the door with just a single towel, and a and his bare upper body, who is that he asked as he got closer to the door, Sandra she called after for response he had been shy to know it was her, one mind had told him to go put on his shirt, but the other told him not to keep her waiting, so he opted for one and opened the door she’d come in all smile hey bae she said Oops she exclaimed when she noticed his bare body! I was just applying lotion when you came in, i can use a shirt now cal said trying to got get a shirt! Oh no wait, i am only fascinated at what i am seeing bae she replied, as she stretch her hands to caress the broad fair structure, the action had tingled a sensation in his head, he tried to adjust, what? San asked, nothing he replied and she stopped she placed her two hands across his neck and said, tell me bae you are shy, what hell no common see lemme get you something!

    Moments later, he had finally put on a shirt, and a short, he offered her some wine and she accepted it, cal sat opposite her she had stood up to him, see bae this is our final exam and we have been dating for a while now, can’t we move up an inch? Cal’s heart beat, what does she mean, about moving up an inch? I mean this, she said as she brought her lips down on his the whole thing happened so fast like the speed of lightening and they both could be seen devouring each other in hot kisses, it has been so strange and shocking to him at first, but he soon relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure generating from her thirsty lips she munched on his lips and he bites her upper lips, they both s--k on their tongue as the intensity increased, this was her mission, she knew on earth, that cal will never make the move on this, so she had to go for the kill, It was better that way, because cal has always find a way of brushing sex issues aside any time one was raised, so she had to get him laid, because she loved him so much, she will give him her pride, not like she was a pro infact she hasn’t done it before, she recalled how she had watched and visited p--n sites just to practice and learn how it was done. And here she was maneuvering her way to give the love of her life the pleasure he would never ask for. Soon it has advanced from kisses to caressing and cuddling, in split seconds both where now high in ecstasy as all that was on their mind was to devour each other, Cal had fondle her boobs and bite her nipples, don’t ask me how he learnt it, because it’s the thing that ya doing that nobody thought you! After a while of hot smooches and endless romance, his mind had told him not to go beyond that, but she had told him to go ahead! Common bby let me feel you, be careful though! I am still sealed she said seductively, what cal was shocked and surprised, she was too sexy and beautiful to be a virgin, he thought? Will you or will you not she asked and he cast a glance at her one more time and she gave him a nod to go ahead, and he plunged in as gently as he could, the pain hurts so bad at first, but she was prepared, soon she started enjoying from the heat down word……..

    Back To Present!

    Calls thoughts had been interrupted by the ring of his office phone it was his boss, He had called to notify him he will be back in the country at the end of the week, he travel to spain a month earlier for a business summit.

    Cal: Good day Mr Hilton

    Mr Hilton: Good day to you too my beloved Mr Cal, I will be back in the country in a week time

    Cal: oh that is great sir, how was the summit!

    Mr hilton: very fine, how is the office and your wife?

    Cal: Very fine sir, and my wife she is still trying to pick up from the loss of our baby!

    Mr hilton: oh poor woman! Well mr cal must commend you are a brave man, not everyone can move on so fast at such a situation, but in a space of 3months you have moved on!

    Cal: well sir i just have to, so as to be strong for my wife, he replied

    Mr Hilton: that is great and courageous, i pray may the perpetrator of this evil act not go on punished, he cursed over the phone. They had discussed some other things before the call finally came to an end.

    After the call! He summon up the courage to stop thinking abt his bereaved wife, the loss of his daughter had caused them so much pain, how will I ever get to bring Sandra out of her mourning state? I too have managed to move on, He thought and later settled for the help of a therapist!, he put a call crossed to jude his friend, and he promised the session to start up the next day!

    Somewhere In Spain!

    Mr hilton sat! Crossed legs on an exotic sofa, with a coffee in his hands. He was deep in thought! I have actually caused pain to the Cal’s cal has been a very faithful servant to me, I took his child to pay for elevation in the brotherhood! Now his wife is devastated, though my love for her increases everyday. I need to have her for myself! What will I do to get her, she is so beautiful, cal seems to be always lucky, he is handsome, he has a cute wife, and once had a sweet looking daughter, which I took away from him! I know what i am doing is bad, but can I ever stop loving Sandra? The urge is so strong and it’s driving me crazy, i wish i could have her to me and her brown skin clung on me under a duvet!… He thought! I have a plan he said happily and smiled broadly to himself!


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    hmmm? household enemy everywhere

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    So the boss is the one that killed his lovely daughter

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    what a heartless man

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    bring it on

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Eiii how can a human being be dis wicked n heartless???
    After all de pains he has caused dem he’s planning to cause more,hmmmmm!!!

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