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    I never believed the saying that gals are scam until I started dating Precious.

    Precious, just know that you’ll suffer for six hundred for what you did to me that day ??.

    Precious was a beautiful and classy girl living in my community. She’s got the great assets to compete for miss universe and she’s also got a touch for fashion which made every guys living in my community to always look at her from afar.
    None of them had liver to go meet her because we’re sure her maintainance bill isn’t something we could afford. Precious was already using iPhone 11 pro, a phone that its price will buy all the phones we’re using in that community and she will still receive change, enough to sponsor a vacation in Miami.
    . I suddenly woke up one day and the devil ministered to me to go and woo Precious.
    She was every guy’s crush but no one wanted to be crush by her so we all maintained our lane and date her in our mind, some of the guys had already had like five kids with her in their mind, but I wasn’t part of those guys because I was way above them, she had delivered triplets and quintuplets for me in my own imagination, she was currently pregnant sef after we already had seventeen kids, but here’s the devil telling me to go and try my luck with her.

    I took my bath, dressed in my best dress, sprayed my mom’s perfume on my body like I was fleeting the house.

    I dropped my phone at home because it was a disgrace to humanity, took a pen and paper in case I was to collect her number. It was better that way than to take my phone that looked like it escaped a bombing site with me.

    I polished my shoe and I was ready yo go and win my crush’s heart and bring forth our kids from imagination world to real life.

    I head to her house and as God would make it easy for me, I met her on the way going somewhere, she was dressed to kill, if not for my extra life, I could have died on seeing her.

    God must have used a month to create her because she was unique, she must had mistakenly find herself in Nigeria because she’s not of this nation.

    I moved closer to her with my heart beating faster and loudly that I could hear it clearly.

    But as I got closer to her, I saw my courage leave my body alongside my spirit and they ran away shouting ” we no follow they inside this one ”
    You cultists, come back here, it’s not this time you’re supposed to do this to me, I clamoured inwardly and passed beside Precious since I wasn’t with my courage again.

    ” you’re P1 right ” I heard behind me and I stopped on my track to be sure I was hearing right.

    ” she talked to you ” I saw my courage and spirit shouting as they ran back into my body.

    I turned back in a slow motion manner to confirm if I heard it right and she was there, standing in front of me smiling.

    ” you’re P1 that write story abi ” she asked me as I was staring at her without knowing what to what to say.

    ” yes ” I said smiling as I watched the mother of my quintuplets.

    ” wow, I always think you’re him, just not sure ” she said smiling as she moved closer to me and at that moment, I felt my brain melting in my skull.

    ” I always follow your stories and they’re awesome, you’re really good ” she complemented me.

    ” mama, I made it ” I was screaming for joy inwardly.

    ” thank you ” I said smiling.

    ” can you give me your number ” she asked me.

    ” yes ” I startling said and she handed me her phone.
    It was really iPhone 11 pro, I didn’t imagine myself holding such phone ever.
    I inserted my digits into the phone and returned it to her

    ” give me yours let me give you my number ” she said to me and I kukuma gave her the pen and paper with the excuse that I was charging my phone.

    I was extremely proud that I was a story writer.
    I was sure Lekan wouldn’t believe that Precious offered me her number but I was still going to tell him.
    He must hear am because I’m not in their level again. My girlfriend has iphone 11 pro, which indirectly means I own the phone. He didn’t believe when I told him but I didn’t even argue with him, I don’t argue with poor people.

    On getting back to my house, I called Precious and ever since then we started vibing well and I made sure I had patient before telling her I wanted to date her. I could have told the day I called her but I made sure I waited for the second day, it wasn’t really easy.
    And it was like I used juju on her because she accepted on that same day.
    I was extremely excited and to celebrate it, I bought cabin biscuit and shared for all the kids living around my house.

    The third day, Precious informed me of her birthday which was next week and asked me to make sure I get her something.

    I was ready to buy her anything because she deserved it but I was broke.

    I didn’t have any choice than to sell my laptop which I bought to be using for my school projects.

    I sold it for twenty thousand naira and when I told her that I have twenty thousand with me and didn’t know what to buy for her, she asked me to give it to her that she’ll add more cash to it to buy dress and shoe that she’s going to wear on her birthday.

    During this time, most of the guys in the neighborhood including Lekan already know that I was dating Precious.
    I always walk with my shoulder high because it wasn’t easy dating the most beautiful girl in Nigeria.

    Finally it was her birthday and the message I composed for her that morning cannot size essential biology textbook. She even told me that she won’t be able to celebrate it because she’s going to one of her aunty place that’s sick to take care of her.

    I was sleeping in the afternoon when I heard a knock on the door, I asked who it was and it turned out to be Lekan. I opened the door and he entered, panting and sweating like someone who just finished a marathon.

    ” what’s wrong ” I asked him as I swiftly looked outside to check if he wasn’t been chased by thieves, so that I can run away and leave him there.

    ” your girlfriend ” he said still panting.

    ” yes, what about her ” I asked.

    ” I just saw her now with another guy in the new eatery that we went to that day ” he replied me.

    ” you’re seeing double joor, my precious has gone to her sister place to take care of her ” I said to him laughing.

    ” idiot, I just saw her now inside that restaurant with another guy ” he said laughing at me.

    ” I know you’re jealous of our love but I’ll follow you and if you’re lying which I’m sure you are, I’ll kill you ” I said to him as I swiftly dressed up and we head to the eatery.

    In the parking space in the eatery was a car with tinted glasses parked, with two soldiers standing beside it, but I wasn’t bother by them since I didn’t have any biz with them.

    My eye started doing me something spiritual as Lekan pointed at the spot they’re sitting before we entered and the girl sitting with the guy looked like my precious.
    But it might be someone that looked like her so I entered with Lekan to go confirm.

    My heart nearly stopped working when I saw my own mindedly married wife with another young guy, smiling and gisting with him as they eat.

    ” so this is your sister place abi ” I said as Lekan and I stood beside the two of them.

    She tilted her head to look at me and wasn’t even shock as she turned to continue talking with the guy as if I was invisible.

    ” so this is what you’re going to do to me after spending my life fortune on you ” I said as I felt like dying.

    She didn’t give me any response as she drank from the wine inside the cup in front of her.

    ” young man, what’s wrong ” the guy sitted in front of her asked me.

    ” young man kill you there ” I said as I took the drink in front of him and poured it on his face.

    ” ahh ” Precious exclaimed and I was happy as I felt like a bad boy until the guy started laughing as he pulled out his handkerchief and started cleaning his face.
    The handkerchief had the mixed color of soldier uniform.

    That was when my head booted as I remembered the soldiers we saw outside standing beside a car.

    I looked outside through the transparent glass and I saw them coming inside.

    ” ahhh ” I exclaimed as I started sweating profusely inside the fully air conditioned eatery .

    ” do you need anything sir ” I heard someone asked behind me.
    I turned and saw that it was Lekan, he was now wearing the customized polo of the waiters working in the eatery. How the miracle happened, I didn’t know because I was sure that wasn’t the cloth he was putting on when we got there.

    ” nah ” the guy said still cleaning his face and I watched Lekan leave through the door as the soldiers entered.
    I watched as Lekan started running away and right there, I saw my spirit and soul running after him , asking him to wait for them.

    As I saw the two soldiers coming towards us, I swiftly tried to run away but I was caught even before I could take two steps.

    They dragged me back to the guy as I looked like a sacrificial lamb.

    ” Precious this is not good oo ” I said to her as they made me knelt down as my head was already harboring different slap.

    Precious didn’t even wince as she continued eating.

    ” take him away ” the guy said and the soldiers started dragging me outside as I pleaded to the guy, shouting at the top of my voice.
    What happened to me later can’t be pen down but as I’m sharing this experience, I was just discharged from the hospital and still on a wheel chair. Those people did me something beyond my age ???

    Precious, you collected my money and cheated on me with someone capable to kill me, just know that if you escape the suffering on earth, I’ll be waiting for you in heaven.

    And Lekan, you’ll suffer for six hundred years for coming to call me from my house.

    The end

    © Horluwa~P1 2020
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    A. KhadiimA. Khadiim
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    Lol……. Very funny

    @thecomely come and see ur partner

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    Lolzz next time u wnt answer lekan’s call

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    @Blinq haaa partner kee!!?

    hope u wnt preciousaralise @fb-danieledem

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    hahaha @henrymary don’t even thing about it..,,, @ladyg my bae is not like dat!

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    Ewo oo odikwa risky o, sorry o Mr toaster.
    Next time u will kn ur limit ?.

    my boo @fb-danieledem has said it o.

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    @LadyG it is well

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