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    The teachers I hate most back in secondary school are those ones that instead of flogging students by themselves, they’ll na give students cane to be flogging themselves.

    What’s painful most is that when you refused to flog the person ya asked to flog very well, they’ll na collect the cane from your hand, and give you tospi that will almost make you run mad, then return the cane to you to continue beating the student.

    I remembered when I was in Ss2, we had a teacher who was fond of doing this.
    Ahh, Mister Kazeem, they wee noh open heaven’s gate for you oo.

    I had a girl who I was crushing on then and we’re in the same class. Her name is Temi, very beautiful wif big bwess πŸ™ˆ.

    I love this girl but I was waiting for the right time to ask her out as I was also putting into prayer that God should cause breakup between her and Michael who she was dating then inside our class.

    That faithful day, Mr Kazeem had already informed us the day before that we should revise on a topic which he was yet to teach us as he will be asking us questions from the topic.

    I did my best and that particular day, I was ready for Mister Kazeem.

    When it was finally his period, Mr Kazeem entered our class with plenty cane and that was when all of us know that IT IS FINISHED.

    Those that failed to revise the topic began to panic but I was calm as I was sure ayaf tried my best.

    Mr Kazeem started asking questions, the last person to answer a question correctly will be the one to beat the next person that fail his or her own.

    My heart began pounding like fufu when Mr Kazeem pointed at me to stand up to answer the next question. But I was lucky as he asked me one of the things I read. I replied him with ease.

    Then the worse scenario happened as Mr Kazeem called Temi to answer the next question.

    Temi wasn’t able to provide a correct answer to the question he asked.

    I was pained as Mr Kazeem asked me to stand up and handed me a cane to flog her.

    My own crush, the one ayaf been crushing on since we’re in Ss1 when she joined us.

    Mr Kazeem, ko normal na.

    I sha collected the cane from him and asked Temi to stretch her hand forward.

    I hit her with the cane on her palm like someone who is suffering from headache in his hand.

    Mr Kazeem vexed and collected the cane from my hand and before I could say ‘jack’, the cane landed on my back and I felt my spirit drift into coma.
    It was like an electric shock me, I wanted to cry but the crushing spirit inside me dinnoh allow me.

    All, I could do was scratch me back like someone who was stung by a soldier ant.

    He returned the cane to me and asked me to flog her using the example he gave me but my love for her dinnoh allow me as I flogged her again like someone who have epilepsy.

    That was how Mr Kazeem over vex and asked me to give Temi the cane.

    He asked Temi to give me five stroke on my back.
    Odidi five stroke when I was supposed to only give her three.

    It was as if one of my ancestors had offended her in her past life as she landed the cane on my back at the speed of light and the strength of an elephant.

    I screamed as I jumped up. I’ve never been beaten like that in my life. The cane stung me badly that after I received the five strokes, I began to cry, no, I was wailing. I didn’t know if it was the pain from the cane or it was because it came from the hand of someone I was crushing on.

    She flogged me like I was the cause of Nigeria’s problem.

    The most painful part of it was that after she destroyed my back, she dinnoh even tell me sorry, and when it was breaktime, she started playing lovey dovey with Michael, after I formed Jesus for her, she was na rolling with satan.

    All the residue of love I had for her in my mind all metamorphosed into hate at once.

    As my God that doesn’t support wickedness would have His way, three weeks after that day, Mr Kazeem asked us to revise for another topic again towards the next day which he will be having us.

    I studied that day like my life depended on it.

    Like the first time, Mr Kazeem used the same rule, the last person to get a question right will flog the next person who get it wrong.

    When Mr Kazeem called me and asked me the next question, I answered it with ease. I started praying and promising god fake promises if he should allow Temi be called for the next question and also make sure she get it wrong.

    As fate will have its way, Temi was called next and she couldn’t answer the question thrown at her correctly.

    I didn’t even wait for Mr Kazeem to give me cane before I picked it myself.

    I made sure to pick the one that will sting her flesh and soul at once.

    She thought it was going to be like the other day as she stretched her hand towards me so that I can romance it with cane again.

    Madam hold desk and shoot your bombom out joor, who wantu flog your hand.

    She didn’t have choice than to obey me as she held the desk and shoot her bombom out.

    With all the strength of mine and my ancestors own, I hit her bombom with the cane.

    ” my daddy ” she screamed as she hit her bombom on the floor.

    ” my mummy ” I also screamed as I pulled her up to hold the desk.

    I beat her, flogged in her small bombom and destroy her chance of getting bombom in future with my cane.

    She could barely walk when I gave her the last stroke.

    After Mr Kazeem left the class that day, people were accusing me of been wicked but what they didn’t know is that LOVE itself too is wicked.

    Before Temi left our school sha, we had become best of enemies, who crush epp πŸ’ 😊

    Ayam P1, ur laffπŸ˜‚ master
    Β© Horluwap1 2020

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    Wao who crush help

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    🀣🀣🀣 you were too harsh though

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    Na so e dey b ooh… U flog her very well… E gud 4 her

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    diz gat Me rolling

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