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    My First Slap For Love!

    When Nkechi and I met, it was love at first sight. I was in my early teenage years. Nkechi and her family had just moved into my neighbourhood at the time of our meeting.

    Chai! This girl was so beautiful and well endowed beyond her age, that many men were already desiring marriage with her. Nkechi had a soothing voice that could pacify an angry demon. Her smile could make the devil repent of his sins. Yes, Nkechi was that beautiful.

    Nkechi’s father on the hand, was an annoying never-smiling man who was so protective of his children that they were not allowed to mix up with their peers in our neighbourhood. Nkechi and her siblings were scared of this man.

    One day, I was on my own reading a book out loud when I heard a hoarse voice from behind:

    “Wow! I like how you dey read. The tin sweet for my ear well well. I go like make you dey come my house come teach my pikin dem.”

    Oh my my! I couldn’t believe that Nkechi’s father was granting me total access to my beloved Nkechi. This was banana presented to a monkey on a platter.

    I became an unofficial in-law as Nkechi’s family liked me. The teenage boys in my neighbourhood didn’t find this funny at all.

    One of them decided to lie against me. He went and told Nkechi’s father that I said I will impregnate her. Chai! What kind of devil was this? Why are people so evil? 🤦🤦

    Lord knows I never said that. Meanwhile, Nkechi’s father without investigating it, just banned me from going to his house. He said he didn’t want to see me near his children. 😥😥

    Oh my Lord! That was how my honeymoon came crashing before my eyes. There was no way I’d stay without my Nkechi. 😭😭

    “I must continue to see her. After all, all die na die.” I said to myself.

    So I kept seeing Nkechi secretly until the day my cup got filled.

    That fateful day, I was with Nkechi when she suddenly ran away. Ah ah! I was confused. I didn’t understand what had just happened, so I followed her. I went to one of their house windows where I usually stayed to call her when her dad wasn’t at home. On this particular day, I didn’t know Nkechi had somehow magically heard the sound of the father’s car, hence her disappearing act.

    Immediately I placed my face on the window, what I heard was:

    “Who be that?”

    Boy oh boy! The speed with which I ran that day would beat any world record. Usain Bolt had nothing on me. I ran very far from that vicinity. After running for about 15 minutes, I decided to rest in one hidden corner.

    I had barely rested when from nowhere Nkechi’s father showed up and gave me a hot slap which was followed by more slaps.

    “I no tell you say make you no near my pikin?” He repeatedly said this while slapping me.

    When he was satisfied, he left. I didn’t cry but warm tears flowed down my cheeks. Chai! What did I do to this man to deserve such slaps? I only liked his daughter. I did not even kiss that girl once and there I was, receiving slaps like a criminal.

    “But wait! How did he find me?” I asked myself.

    I was confused because I ran very far from the neighbourhood and hid myself where only a few persons go to. How did he find me and how was he able to do it so quickly? That was I remembered that Nkechi had once told me that her grandfather was her community’s “Eze mmuo” (chief priest) and her father was the heir apparent.

    Chai! Could it be that this man used juju to locate me? Anyway, I reported him to my mother who took up the matter. That was how my love story with Nkechi ended.

    This happened many years ago but anytime I hear the name Nkechi, I still feel the pain from those slaps. 😭😭😭 Tell me why my God should not judge that evil man?

    My name is Victor Eulogy

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    hahaha I can imagine

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    Omo this one taaya me

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    Sorry bro! I feel your pain

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    This one shock me,bro just take heart…

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