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    It took a second and nothing more to decide that I liked her, infact I could very much be in love

    The super tall, light skinned, curvy lady whose tight fitting mini black gown left enough to the imagination as it accentuated her bottle shaped physique and showcased her God given assets

    Her firm and robust breasts stood in rapt attention, the gown was hugging her hips so tight, I kept imagining it might burst open and expose her raw, nude and perfectly carved hips.

    Is this a strategy to get men coming and keep them entertained while they ordered and spent their hard-earned money?

    I scratched my head, trying to remember what I wanted to order with her being so close, smiling and holding the menu, waiting for me to place my order

    How many men felt the exact same way I was feeling right now, leaving their homes and wives or partners, just to catch a glimpse of this light skinned African Queen

    “Umm, emm, rice, white and plantain, with fish, please.”
    I stammered

    “This is your first time here, right?”
    She asked with a smile that showed perfect white teeth

    “How can you tell?” I asked, surprised

    “Well, I’ve never seen you here before for starters, and besides I’ll remember such a handsome face.” she walked away slowly, then turned again and caught my eyes on her, and smiled

    If she hadn’t turned and smiled I would have probably felt this is her standard procedure with every male customer, flirt a little and make them eat and eat and spend…or was it really her strategy?

    If it was, then, d--n…girl is good.
    I mean, who can tell the inner workings of a woman, not just any woman but a beautiful woman with a business eye?

    She returned while I was still lost in my thoughts

    “Here you go sir, delivered as requested” she smiled again

    “Wow, exceptional service, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this as much as I’m enjoying your company.”
    I said, smiling again

    “Oh yes, I’m positive you will, this meal was prepared by the best chef in Lagos State.” She boasted

    “Really, who’s that please?” I asked while digging into the food

    “Me, of course.” She feigend hurt

    I almost spat out, the food was awful, the worst dish I have ever tasted. Tastelessly bad!!! It tasted like trash, not like I’ve eaten trash before but if trash had a taste, this is it.

    “Wow, I swallowed with pain, this is so delicious.” I turned to look around and see if maybe my taste buds were gone, could it be I had malaria and I’m the only one not tasting the sweeteness of the food

    Then it dawned on me, all the customers were guys, no females, not a single one and all of us were forcing our Smiles and swallowing

    Jeez, everyone was there for the girl and not the food

    “So, do you like it?” She smiled and pouted

    “Like, I love it.” I said, packing more and swallowing. “This is very delicious, tastes as good as you look.” I added

    “If you want, I can come and prepare a special home made meal for you, that’s if your girlfriend won’t mind.” She said, watching me closely

    “I’m single,” I lied. “You can always come and cook for me, we can even cook together.”

    She brought out her phone and gave it to me, I typed My number and flashed her, she saved it, I paid and she walked away to the next smiling and excited customer.

    As I stood up to leave, I heard her say to another man

    “If you want, I can come and prepare a special home made meal for you, that’s if your girlfriend won’t mind.”

    I turned and looked at her, the man uttered something, smiling, then collected her phone

    I was shocked, mad and heartbroken

    I quickly removed my phone from my pocket, scrolled to her name, deleted her number and walked out of the buka.

    As I stepped outside, I quickly dialled and called my girlfriend, the woman of my dreams, the only one that loves me genuinely, my heartthrob and perfect gift who can cook the most delicious meals

    Nonsense and evil girls everywhere, ordinary rice you cannot cook but you want to come and scatter my relationship

    The End

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    Wahala be like fine lady… Abeg help me finish am

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    Fine gal cant cook

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    Cant stop laughing i beg let her come so she will prepare efo riro [vegetable soup] for u

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