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    I don’t think I can ever be a jealous woman when next I come into this world. l hope God in His infinite mercy forgives me and touch my children’s hearts so that they can forgive me too. To my fellow women out there, I hope you will learn one or two lessons after narrating my story.

    My name is Ijeoma Adeoti. Surprised about my second name? Well, my husband is of Yoruba origin. He loved me wholeheartedly and I loved him too. I’m a pretty woman. Looking into the mirror is not the only evidence that shows that I am beautiful, a lot of women appreciate my beauty and countless men have appraised my beauty too.

    “D--n! Ma’am, you are beautiful. If not for the ring adorning your finger and the little girl besides you, l wouldn’t mind to woo you or even kidnap you. Your husband must be lucky to have you. My regards to him though” Some men would say, chuckling. At the same time, some of them would insist being just friends. I never danced to their tunes because I can never share my body with any other man asides my husband. I have four beautiful and lovely children-Two boys and two girls. My husband is a good man that takes good care of us. And I don’t create lapses as a good mother and wife. Our marriage is what most of my friends craved for. Some of them wish to have a man like my husband.

    ” What do you mean? A man like my husband? C’mon, stop it. Look at how robust you are. Look at your robust cheeks as if you hid two big puf-puf inside. I doff my hat for you o” I declared to one of my friends as we were talking one certain evening.

    ” You better don’t pray for my kind of marriage o. Charles is not a good man at all. He’s a devil in angelic attire. I wish I had foreseen the future from afar, I wouldn’t have married that good for nothing husband.” She said without remorse before she proceeded. “All these things you see me putting on are mere packaging. I don’t want to go and occupy a bed at the hospital. I don’t want to develop hypertension in no time.” She released a long hiss amidst our discussion. I looked at Anita in surprise. I began to imagine what she could be experiencing in her marriage. But since I was yet to see the bad side of marriage or been in her shoes, I couldn’t understand her pains and challenges..

    Unknown to me, the devil had some grains of mischief in store for me. As time went on, I could no longer maintain a good relationship with my husband. I changed abruptly like a chameleon. I began to see fault in every little thing my husband did. I nagged over every little argument. His phone which I hardly picked before became my number one target. I would search through his phone to know who had called him and to know who had sent him messages. My husband became bothered and brought his concern to my notice

    “Sweet heart, this is rather unusual of you. Please, let peace reign in this house. You know I don’t like it when you feel hurt or unhappy” My husband calmly said to me.

    “Don’t tell me nonsense! Is it not my right as your wife to know who just called you?! Female clients my foot! I won’t take it easy with you in this house! I don’t reserve a seat for any woman in my apartment. It’s either you keep your dangling rod safe with you or I make life miserable for you!” I raved as I stood up angrily and walk out on my husband like a mad woman. He still remained calm even when I failed to serve him his dinner. At a point in time, I thought he would throw me out of the house and never wish to see me again. But he always tried to maintain peace, I wish I could let him be but the devil inside of me coupled with bad influence had turned me miserable overnight. I found it so hard to maintain peace Wth him.

    My children pleaded with me times without number to make peace with their father but I wouldn’t bulge. The eldest among them, who was eighteen years old called me one Saturday to stop from my bad attitude and change for better that morning after I had showed my husband the animal side of me. My husband failed to come home the normal time he was supposed to and when I challenged him. “ I am very sorry, dear.” he said apologetically. He further explained that he had some files to treat against Monday. He further stated that that there was proposal his company had been pursuing for long and finally it had become successful but he had to compile some files and send them to Abuja before Monday morning by 7am. He was yet to complete it which kept him in the office till dead hour of the night. I flared up after listening to his explanation.

    ” You are a liar, Segun! You have been cheating on me! I will never take it lightly with you! Foolish man! Is this how you want to pay me back after all the thin and thick I have passed through with you? I retorted. My husband maintained his cool and watched silently as I walked out on him and failed to provide him food despite seeing how hungry he was. This awful attitude of mine continued for long until I eventually got entangled in a very serious situation.

    A friend of mine called me on phone that she saw my husband and a lady where they were eating and kissing themselves. Immediately, I stood up like someone who just got bitten on the bumbum by soldier ants. I requested for the address and she instantly gave it to me. I met them as my friend had rightly said. Immediately, my husband sighted me, he made to approach me with the aim of explaining one or two things to me but my eyes were focused solely on the lady. I was moved by the rage boiling within me and made to smash the coke bottle placed on the table on her head. Unfortunately, it landed on my husband’s head. He slumped and I burst into tears when I saw the blood gushing out of his head.

    My husband was rushed to the hospital while I was arrested and remanded in the Police cell. I learnt my husband was fast responding to treatment. He was later discharged from the hospital and bailed me out of jail.

    Immediately I got home, I knelt before him (something I hadn’t done in a long time) and apologized. He then explained to me that the lady was sent by her boss to come and pick a parcel in his office. After getting the parcel, the lady discovered that she misplaced her purse on her way coming. The purse contained her money and ATM card and there was no means of getting back since she had no car and had to go by public transport. Besides, she was hungry and being an ulcer patient, she was feeling unbearable stomach pain. He decided to take her to a nearby canteen to get some food.

    I broke into tears and pleaded for my husband to forgive me. He did and I turned a new but it was too late. My husband died less than a month after the incident. We were told that some pieces of the broken bottle got lodged in his brain and had damaged some vital organs in his brain. The doctor couldn’t detect the cause of his internal bleeding on time until he bled to death.

    I murdered my own husband! I killed him as a result of my foolishness. I killed him because of my jealousy and bad influence.

    My husband’s family were merciful and decided not to charge me to court for man slaughter . They reasoned that the harm had already been done and sending me to jail wouldn’t bring him back to life. They handed the situation to God but my children never did. They hate me to the core. They kept their distance from me and abandoned me to a lonely fate. They despise me. My own children prefer to live far away from me. I hope God forgives me. I hope my children forgive me too. Please, tell them to forgive me in case you find them.


    Temitope Shadiat Jimoh

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    Hmn, this is the disadvantage of jelousy

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    Sly Man Sly
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    She get luck say i no be her son i 4 don use pepsi bottle not coke 4 her head.

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    Hmmmmm. This is serious

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