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    I knew Emeka caught me sleeping with his wife, but I ignored it. I remember I tried all my best to conceal the act from him. And with the way he reacted that day, it doesn’t seems like he knows, after all we’re really close pal, we dine and wine together. We’re even business partners, so he won’t probably assume that I slept with his wife.

    But since that day, whenever I go to his house, I always tried to avoid eating the food he served me because of fear of being poisoned. Whenever we’re together, I always leveled up my guard. I look out for any unusual behaviour from him.

    For two solid weeks, he didn’t show any sign that he saw me and his wife together in the restroom. Yeah, the incident happened in get together party that our friend organised.

    I and his wife has been doing it for a long time. So we couldn’t hide our urge that night too, we had to sneak into the restroom to satisfy our urge. Guess the husband saw both of us when we left for the restroom. We didn’t spend up 10 minutes before he came to the restroom.

    When I heard the sound of a foot approaching, I quickly stormed out of the toilet and met him on the way while walking back to the party. I acted as if I don’t know anything, I acted as if I’ve never seen his wife before. I just boned my face and returned to the party.

    So, two weeks later, we won a contract and he invited me over to his house to celebrate. That offer was really hard to decline because of the joyful atmosphere.

    As if he was reading my mind, when we got to his place, instead of cooking, he ordered for a food to alleviate my fear of food poisoning. We were sipping wine when the delivery man arrived.

    Emeka quickly stood up and went eagerly to open the door. He spent almost 10 minutes settling the delivery man even though, I wasn’t seeing them because of the structure of the sitting room.

    He came to me smiling and then placed the food on the table. I didn’t waste time before I grabbed one of the take away meal. The aroma of the food was too strong to resist. The hunger I was feeling wasn’t helping matter either.

    I opened the meal like lion that want to consume a free antelope, I picked the spoon and shove it inside the food like a bricklayer that’s trying to mix sand and cement. I was about to eat it when the thought of being poison struck my mind.

    I paused for a second and drop the spoon. I waited for Emeka to finish what he is doing in the kitchen. He came to the sitting room after two minutes of waiting. He smiled at me the sat down on sofa adjacent to where I sat.

    He picked up one of the food and started eating. The way he picked it clearly shows that the food is free of poison. I picked up my food again and tried to eat it the second time, I was about to take a spoon when the thought struck my mind again.

    Without hesitating, I handed the meal to Emeka and stylishly convinced him to eat some portion with the excuse that the food is peppery. I smiled sheepishly when I watched him consumed half of the food.

    I collected it from him and started eating it without hesitating. As were eating, we were drinking, and as we were drinking, we were watching movie and laughing sequentially.

    After finishing the food, Emeka just stood up and faced me. He smiled mischievously and then he gestured to me to follow him.

    He took me to his matrimonial bedroom and told me to check the gift he reserved for me inside the bathroom. I started quivering immediately I saw the figure lying lifelessly inside the bedroom. It was his wife.

    ” You started it in the restroom, you will finish it in the restroom”, was the word I heard from Emeka followed by the cocking sound of a gun.

    © Elijah Taiwo Fagbemi

    Thanks for reading ❤💖

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