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    Sam and his family members are making life miserable for me in my home. My tears seems like a joke to Sam this days. I could cry my eyes out, run out of breath in the process and he’ll still think I am being overly dramatic. I have tried talking to him about my feelings and possible ways to put all our matters to rest, but everytime I try to initiate this conversations, something always comes up needing his attention or he simply tells me, i am just being insensitive.

    I’d met Sam for the first time in Lagos camp, during my NYSC. We didn’t hit it off immediately. I always like to believe our relationship was organic. He seemed loving, kind and especially, very patient.

    I had just came out of a toxic relationship. I had chosen to stay away from dating till I was completely healed. It was during this period I’d met Sam. He pulled all the right stunts to get my attention, an attention I certainly would have noticed if I was mentally ready to be out there.

    We left camp and reconnected again in CDS. He’d had to describe a couple of events to have had me remembering him.

    I was a bit “clear headed” at the time, though still not ready for a relationship, but I certainly needed a friend.

    It was not hard hitting it off with Sam. I mean, He was jovial, funny and very handsome. I let him know I wasn’t ready for a relationship and he said he would wait for as long as I needed to get my head straightened up, to see him. I thought that was sweet and when I saw his efforts to this effect, I even thought him sweeter.

    He was always there when I needed him. He never forgot there was a boundary and stayed in his side of it. He never forced me to do something, anything I wasn’t comfortable with. He showered me with gifts (not the very expensive kind but the thought behind every single one of them meant everything to me.)

    The day I told him I might be ready to give us a shot, his joy knew no bounds. He promised heaven and earth that day. One of those promises was never to make me cry.

    Our first year together was a total bliss. We were the envy of all. I felt like he was my answered prayers. For every hurt I’ve had to endure from my previous relationships, I just couldn’t help but thank God Sam came my way.

    I met his family and they were very sweet individuals. His Mum was just seemingly the kind of mother in-law any woman would pray to have. She was soft, jovial, understanding and very cheerful. I felt welcomed.

    Our marriage was a very small one. Besides the fact that we couldn’t have afforded anything bigger, Sam doesn’t like crowd. It was after our wedding I began to notice certain unpleasant traits about Sam.

    For one, he is not matured enough to run a home, so he let others run it for him.

    The very first time it happened, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears.

    Sam’s younger brother, Issac ( who is two years older than me), had came around for a visit, and like any woman would, when an in-law comes visiting, I went all out in entertaining him, ensuring he had a great time, pending when he leaves.

    We were all in the seating room watching a movie when a particular scene had sprung an argument. I aired my opinion just like everyone else did and Isaac said “Why are you reasoning like a fool na?”

    Those words rang in my brains. I looked at my husband and he didn’t seem to think anything wrong with what his brother had said, so I just let it slide, even though I was pained. That was to be the first of the rest of my days in an abusive and disrespectful marriage to Sam.

    Every and any chance Isaac or any other sibling gets to tell me how stupid, foolish or crazy I am or sound, they don’t hesitate to. To make matters worst, most of them are right there, in Sam’s presence.

    The other day I’d made fried rice and the meat I’d bought was just refusing to soften up on time. I’d boiled and boiled yet, the story was still the same. I decided to fry after it finally softened up, a bit. Isaac was around that day. I served the food and the moment he tried to cut the meat and discovered it was a bit stronger than supposed, he said “Ha, dont tell me cooking is now even a problem for you o.”

    I looked over to be sure he was talking to me and Hell! he was. I looked over to Sam and he was pretending not to have heard.

    I know my marriage has just been three years without any conception. Not even for once in these three years have I even at least, taken in to have a miscarriage. Doctors have certified us okay and have advice we just be patient and worry less. They haven’t outrightly voiced out what the cause of these verbal torture and abuses are but I am guessing it’s as a result of my inability to give them a child just yet.

    Sam who is suppose to be my shield, my protector, my back bone is not saying or doing anything in my defense whenever any of them is at it. Sam’s mother hardly picks my calls lately and Sam doesn’t think there’s a big deal about that.

    I cry my eyes out every day. When my cry becomes unbearable, Sam leaves me by myself in the room to join his brother or whichever of his sibling is around in the seating room.

    I am no longer happy in this marriage. This was not the version of Sam I got married to.
    Brethren, the way you present a loved one to the world is exactly how the world treats them.
    If you’ve told “us” that they are worthless, or your actions gives us the same impression, don’t expect us to see anything precious in them.

    Being protective of your significant other is not an option even up for debate. That instant you got married was when you became each others keeper. I am talking physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

    You see when the whole world seems against your significant other? They should never doubt your stands with them.

    © Moshood Avidiime

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    yees true talk no matter what stay with ur sponse

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