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    Sometimes last year, my Aunty Mrs Ogbonna, had visited to spend the Easter holiday with my family and I. The holidays came to an end speedily, and she was to return to Lagos the next morning.

    We had gone shopping the previous day, and had purchased and packaged foodstuff which she was to take from Jos to Lagos for sell.

    My Aunty brought out a phone to make a transfer of one hundred and fifty thousand naira to the Mallam, but he refused. The Mallam insisted that he needed cash rather than a transfer. When we asked why, he said he wanted to feel the weight of his money in his pockets.

    “Transferring money to my bank account for goods bought from my shop, makes me feel like I am dashing away my kaya(goods) for free. I want to see my money with my koro-koro eyes, and know that I sold my Kaya out. Pay in cash kowai madam.” He insisted.

    Hence the man was my customer, we paid him fifty thousand in cash, and promised to pay the remaining hundred thousand naira the next day, before picking up the goods from the shop.

    The evening of that same day, I took the next available Okada from my Junction to the bank to make withdrawals of a hundred thousand naira for my Aunty’s goods.

    On reaching the bank I found the ATM empty. I beckoned on the Okada man who was about driving off, to wait for me, so I could make withdrawals. The plan was for him to take me back home after withdrawals.

    He agreed and waited patiently for me. I withdrew the money and we soon headed back.

    Half way down the road, the Okada man cleared his throat and asked.

    “Madam! This one wey you remove plenty money for night like this. Person dey hospital?”

    “No. No one is in the hospital o.” I intoned.
    “I just want to pay some debt tomorrow morning. You know the ATM’s are usually filled up on Fridays, so I just have to make withdrawals this night, so as to save me the stress.”

    “Okay. So no be today you wan use the money.” He asked.

    “Yes not today. It is tomorrow.”

    “Ah. I just the worry. You know if person remove money for night like this, it is either somebody is in the hospital or one emergency has happened.”

    We got to my junction, and I insisted that he stopped me at the exact spot he had picked me from. But the kind Okada man insisted on taking me to my house, considering the thugs who usually hung around the area at night.

    I agreed and thanked him. Such good Okada men rarely exist. This one was very considerate.

    The man drove me further. When I had gotten to my neighbours house, I asked him to stop me. I paid him and thanked him once more for his kind act.

    They Okada man drove off, after I had walked into my neighbours house to pick my phone and that of my Aunty. I had plugged it earlier on in their house before heading for the bank.

    That same night, I could swear I heard screams. I heard shouts from Mama Tonsin’s house. I didn’t bother to pay keen attention to the shouts. It was a norm for her and her husband to always have a quarrel.

    “Give me the money now. I will kill you o.” The shouts from the room echoed in my ears.

    “Such wicked man” I thought.

    He drinks a lot and fornicates. He comes back home drunk and collects his wife’s money from her. Only for him to go back drinking the next day.

    I hissed angrily and drew my blankets to cover myself. I pulled my pillow closer, covered my ears and struggled to catch my sleep.

    I woke up the next morning to find the area filled up with angry youths. They carried petrol and tyre in their hands. On the floor was a man seated and badly beaten. His head was broken and his face shattered with bottles.

    They were standing right in front of my neighbours house.

    “O God. O God.” I screamed in fear and ran towards the scene.

    “That must be Mama Tosin’s husband seated on the floor with blood stains on his body.” I thought.

    Goose pimple popped out from my skin like heat rashes.

    As I approached the scene, I sighted Mama Tosin seated at the front of her house. She was being consoled by some women.

    I ran towards the man who was about being burnt, only to discover that it was the same Okada man who had picked me up, and had dropped me at Mama Tosin house the previous day. I was stunned.

    He caught sight of me and stared at me in the eyes.

    In the midst of the slaps and punch, in the midst of the beatings and the smashing of bottles on his head, he managed to whisper the words “sorry” to me.

    Those were his last words before the fire was kindled and thrown at his already fuelled up body.

    I watched helplessly as he burnt. I snapped my fingers as the tire emanated black smoke.

    He had thought Mama Tosin house was mine, and had brought along him his gang of robbers to rob me of the huge amount of money he had seen me withdraw. Only to be caught and apprehended by the vigilante group in the area.

    Sadly, all the others managed to escape. But only the Okada man was apprehended.

    Despite his begging and plead, the vengeful hands of jungle Justice had neither shown him mercy, or spared his life.

    I learnt a lesson from that experience.

    I stopped taking bikes to my house. I discovered that most of them are criminals, who study the movement of people before they strike.

    Even when I do take a bike, I stop at a distant tree. I am very careful not to stop in front of a person house like I did to Mama Tosin.
    I kept personal conversations personal, and if I do want to make withdrawals, no bike man waits for me. Let him go, I will get another one when I am done withdrawing.

    These are some stupid mistakes we make in our lives.

    I learnt mine the hard way.

    Story written by Praises Obiora

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    Such a tragic end for the man..

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    Another lesson learnt

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    Sorry you had to learn the hard way

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