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    Copywrite 2016 by Fiyah

    Contact: @i_rafiyah

    All right reserved. Slow and steady is the name and it will catch fire like hunger game.

    Comments is a driving factor in motivating the writer. Read enjoy and Comment… To be posted every Monday and Thursday.


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    I’m over being under your spell
    It keeps blinding me
    Was too blind to see, yeah
    I’m not the only one that you tell
    That I’m the only one
    – Zendaya (Butterflies)
    It was a hectic day and it was her first
    time in Lagos. Toriola stepped down from
    the cab she boarded at the car park to the
    address James gave her. She doesn’t have
    much stuffs to unload. Just a black luggage
    filled with some of her clothes along with
    some documents and a big blue polythene
    bag which consists of a few pairs of her
    After getting her stuffs down from the
    trunk of the car she paid the driver the
    agreed pay.
    ‘Hello’ The driver of the cab called back as
    she had her back turned in an attempt to
    carry her load.
    ‘You forgot your phone’ He said handing
    her a black iphone which Tori was quite
    sure wasn’t hers but her response was
    caught between coughing out the dust left
    behind by the cab.
    Her first time in Lagos has to be with a
    phone belonging to God-knows-who in a
    God-knows-where part of the city. That
    being one of the least worries she has,
    Tori tried calling James once again
    murmuring a silent prayer as she did.
    Her heart had raced a mile when she tried
    calling his number this evening and her
    call got disconnected each time. It wasn’t
    like she knows anyone else here so where
    the hell was she supposed to stay the
    night considering the fact that it was
    already past her bedtime?
    With a frustrated sigh which followed the
    beep sound she heard to signal a
    disconnected call, Toriola paced in panic
    and restlessness. She had heard so much
    about this place regarding serial killers,
    robbers and serial rapists too.
    She was freaking out thinking about all
    the terrible things that could happen to
    her if she stayed another minute on this
    lonely street. She noticed there wasn’t
    even an insect passing through and the
    narrow road was surrounded by tall trees,
    shrubs and grasses.
    Anything could be lurking behind those
    tress. She looked around checking if
    anyone was coming and somehow she
    was glad no one was coming but at the
    same time she was frightened she was
    It was like she was alone in the whole
    word and that made her shiver in fear. She
    could feel goosebumps form on her arms.
    The number one thing she needs to do is
    flush negative thoughts out of her mind.
    Still pacing, she thought about seeing
    Richard again. It would be quite nice. If
    she should recall vividly, it had been almost
    a year since she last saw him
    Then returning her pacing to the other
    side of the road, she saw a shadow
    coming towards her. It was the shadow of
    an hefty man with quite an height and the
    strides he was taking was quite amazing.
    It was as though it was thrice an average
    person’s stride.
    Taking a few steps backwards, Tori dialed
    James number but she got the beeping
    sound. Just when she was trying his
    number once again, she felt a fat palm on
    her shoulder and her eyes went wide with
    fright. She closed her eyes almost
    ‘Please don’t kill me… I have no money but
    you can take my stuffs.’

    To be continued in a jiffy…..

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    ‘Wooh wooh wooh… Chill girl…’
    She wouldn’t miss that accent for
    anything. It was quite unique. Letting that
    thought sink in, she carefully opened her
    eyes one after the other as though if she
    didn’t do that, she was going to be
    betrayed by her ears and the proclaimed
    James might turn to a serial killer.
    It was James alright but why was he
    looking this fat?
    His features looked as though he had been
    blown by some big bicycle pump if she
    would compare him with the James she
    had always known.
    Somebody wasn’t watching what he had
    been eating…
    ‘What were you thinking. Why didn’t you
    call me…’
    ‘I did call you but my call got disconnected
    each time…. By the way, how did you know
    I’d be here since the last time we talked
    was when I got to the park here? ‘
    ‘After waiting for you for so long and you
    decided not to show up for a ride which
    normally takes thirty minutes, I decided to
    come check you up since I know
    whichever cab you take is gonna drop you
    off here.’
    ‘Oh really… ‘
    ‘By the way, it was hard recognizing you
    from a distance. You’ve grown!’ He said
    with a glint in his eyes
    Yeah and you’ve grown too. Fat though.
    Tori smiled back her thoughts
    ‘It was the luggage beside you and when
    you pulled out your phone the moment I
    approached that made me conclude it was
    ‘I see.’
    ‘Anyways, it’s getting late, let’s get you
    With that statement, he dragged her
    luggage down the street with one hand
    and the polythene bag with the other
    hand leaving her with only her handbag.
    He was quite a gentle man.
    ‘So, when was the last time you saw
    Richard?’ Toriola started.
    ‘A month or two ago. He moved out all of a
    sudden a week after we got here leaving
    only the address of the new place. He had
    never been home whenever I tried visiting.
    I bumped into him at the mall and he was
    with… ‘ Tori could feel the hesitation in his
    eyes. She could see his thick palm encircle
    the luggage handle the more. ‘…qqHe was
    in a hurry. ‘ He finally said
    ‘So that was it. I tried calling his number
    too and it had always been switched off. I
    wonder what went wrong with him.’
    Richard was her boyfriend. They had been
    dating for close to two years now back
    then in the university. He was two years
    ahead of her and they were the perfect
    couple until he moved down to Lagos to
    search for greener pastures a few years
    after graduating. What really attracted him
    to her was the fact that he was quite a
    funny dude who was brilliant as well.
    She knows distance was supposed to
    change some things. Things about him but
    she never knew it was going to make him
    a complete stranger. She wasn’t quite sure
    she knows the new Richard anymore. He
    seldom contacts her and she had never
    been able to reach him for a couple of
    months. Whichever way it is, she was bent
    on not giving up on them just yet.
    ‘The last time I talked to him was when he
    called and I told him I chose LUTH for my
    internship. He was quite happy about it
    and he told me he would find me a place
    to stay here… But ever since, I had not
    been able to reach him.’
    ‘Oh… ‘
    ‘He called me frequently to update me
    about how everything was going. There
    was this time he said he got a place for
    140k and told me all he has was a 100k.
    He was bent on finding the rest of the
    money but I was scared the place might
    get taken by someone else so I sent him
    the rest of the money.’ Tori paused and
    weighed the magnitude of what she was
    about to say.
    ‘Do you think I’m being played by Richard.
    He probably got no place and just used
    that as an excuse to extort money from

    To be continued in a jiffy

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    ‘Why would you think that?’ The look on
    James eyes made her take back her words.
    ‘I know it is crazy right.’ She smiled back
    her worries. ‘Richard can’t do that.’
    She really doesn’t know who she was
    trying to convince. James or her but one
    thing she was sure of was she had a bad
    feeling about this. About finding out her
    worst nightmare was about to come true.
    She knows things wouldn’t be as rosy as it
    was with Richard like it was in the past
    but she was scared of the extent he must
    have changed.
    With that she sealed her lips and they
    continued their awkward walk down the
    ‘Well, How have you been?’
    She was quite surprised about how
    obvious James made it that he wants to
    change the topic. His personality hasn’t
    changed a bit. He was still the shy and
    introverted James she had known. James
    was Richard’s best friend back then in
    College of Health Science as both studied
    Anatomy. They traveled down here to
    Lagos together. It was amazing things had
    changed this much between the duos.
    When she was unable to reach Richard.
    She had called James and told him about
    her plight. He urged her to come and told
    her he has a place for her.
    ‘Here we are.’ James announced as he
    slanted her luggage against the wall of a a
    medium sized apartment. Tori watched as
    he nervously plugged a key inside the key
    hole and dragged her stuffs in
    immediately he opened the door.
    Tori stepped in cautiously. With a glance
    here and there across the well lighted
    apartment, she concluded James had been
    living well. The house wasn’t the least bad
    for a single graduate
    ‘Richard and I used to stay here. Over
    there was his room and right here was my
    room. His room is going to be yours now.’
    He said pointing to doors leading to
    opposite sides of the room.
    Tori nodded her comprehension. She was
    going to stay here until she was able to
    secure her own place. It was just for the
    meantime. She hates being a pain in the
    neck to anybody.
    The room wasn’t at all bad. There was a
    kitchenette and a little bathroom adjacent
    to the entrance. A single mattress was
    lying on the tiled floor. Over the mattress
    was a clean blue duvet. The walls of the
    room were painted Yellow and the ceiling
    fan was rotating at a very high speed. She
    switched that off first and started putting
    down her stuffs.
    Satisfied with the outcome of her
    arrangement. She stepped inside the
    bathroom and had a cold shower after
    which changed into her pajamas.
    ‘I hope you are Okay. ‘ It was more like a
    question than a statement. James voice
    emanated from behind the door. She got
    up from the bed and opened the door for
    ‘ Yeah. It’s all thanks to you. You are really
    a lifesaver.’
    ‘If you need anything just let me know
    okay? ‘
    ‘Sure, I promise I won’t hold a thing back.’
    Tori beamed.
    ‘And I am making dinner. In a few minutes
    it would be ready.’
    ‘No wonder my stomach kept rumbling. It
    should be great.’
    He gave a soft smile then walked away
    from the door. Tori walked back to the
    mattress and was about settling in when
    Her phone started to vibrate.
    She picked her bag and searched through
    for her phone. There it is.
    She picked it up but it wasn’t vibrating
    even though her bag still vibrated a bit
    violently. She fished out the iphone just in
    ‘Hello’ she said into the phone.
    ‘Yes. This is great. I think you have my
    phone. ‘ It was a male voice.
    ‘It appears so. You obviously forgot it
    inside a cab and the driver thought it was
    ‘Thanks for explaining that to me. But the
    thing is I’m not really in Lagos, as at now
    but I would be in a few days time. I would
    be glad if you’d keep that for me till I get
    back.Alright. Thanks. Bye.’ With that, she
    heard a beep which signalled the call
    He wasn’t even taking his time talking to
    her. It was like he was in a hurry. She bet
    that was how he forgot his phone in the
    first place and it was as though he had
    little concern for the phone as well. Tori
    dropped the phone in the bag and lay flat
    on the bed thinking about her grandma.
    The woman had gone through a lot for
    her. She never knew her mum. She heard
    died during childbirth. She wished she
    could achieve her aim in time and give her
    the good life they deserved. As beautiful
    thoughts crossed her mind, she drifted off
    to sleep.

    To be continued on Monday.

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    Etz Froshberry
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    Hmmmm…Another story is here!

    Bring it on dude….

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    @froshberry-2 Thanks for gracing my humble thread. I’m sure I will not dissapoint. Bless you.

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    Am sited but plz add number of episode in any update you post

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