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    This is what happened within 4 months of
    shade’s heartbreak


    In case you missed part 1 click here
    Episode 2,3&4
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    Waiting 4 it…..merry xmas to y’all.

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    Start the story nw plzzzzzz

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    Start the story nah

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    Episode 1

    I guess u know what they said about being
    heart broken? Even though there were people
    around me, I felt so empty. It was as If I had
    nobody around, no one to talk to or express
    my feelings to. To make matter worst,
    whenever my friends girlfriends visited,their
    romance, the way they do things always make
    me think about what happened between me
    and Shade. They even go to the extent of
    making jest of me sometimes and we do turn
    it to play. The only comfort I had was Bola
    who always shun them and ask them to leave
    me alone that things will be good…..
    Kay:oh Boy, this one way u dey always lonely
    here..u need free urself oo
    Tunde:I just hope say konji never dey kill the
    guy sef
    Kay:I hope so too ooo
    Tunde:When my babe dey around yesterday I
    just dey watch d guy as hin dickson dey stand
    Me:Na 4 where u see that one…u can lie craze
    Bola:U guys should leave snakie alone jare…
    no mind dem abeg
    Kay:Which one be your own now Bola
    Tunde:maybe she wan dey help am ni
    Bola:Wetyn come dey there if I help am…
    Snakie na my brother now
    Kay:E no still mean..u fit still dey do am for
    your brother
    Bola:Make una no worry, I go arrange one tyt
    babe for am
    Tunde:Which one
    Bola:Bimbo wey I promised you now
    Tunde:I no say u no go wan do like that now
    Kay:e be like say u wan cause fyt between two
    Micheal: e no dey work like that oooo…..After
    Tunde don start ground work already
    Tunde:No mind am..i go cut that hin p---k if e
    ever make any attempt..the babe wey I don
    dey fantasize about already
    Micheal:u sef do quick close the chapter for
    that babe now
    Tunde:Na bola never give me green light now
    Bola:which green light u want make I give u..i
    carry babe come give u, abi na until I carry
    am come bedroom ,off her cloth 4u? oga,
    abeg turn ur hand to BRT lane jare
    Micheal:if d guy dey slow abeg make I enter
    ooo..i dey set ooo, u no say u never give me
    anytyn all this while sef
    Bola:No worry micolo, I get one special
    package for you too..make I just arrange one
    give snakie first
    Me:I don hear u
    Bola:no worry, na decent one I go carry give u
    “she came to sit on my laps, put her hand
    over my neck and I put my hand over her
    Bola:Don’t worry ehn snakie…no mind dem, na
    better babe I go give you wey no go be like
    dat weyrey shade
    Kay:U sef fit dey help am before the babe
    come now
    Tunde:Konji don dey worry my padi ooo
    Micheal:sebi when we dey talk am then d guy
    dey form love love
    Kay:dem don show my padi now
    Bola:e don do abeg…wetyn we go chop?
    “konji na bastard as Dickson responded to
    Bola sitting on my laps, I tried to control it
    but I couldn’t, the thing was just hard there
    and I guess she felt it but she doesn’t want to
    embarrass me as she sat there and balance
    well on my laps”

    I met Bola through my guys after our 300level,
    I don’t know how the relationship started with
    her and my guys but the only thing I noticed
    was that she was always around us. I later
    learnt that someone scammed her for
    admission and she couldn’t go home.It was
    when she got to 300level she realized that her
    admission was not original. She has been
    trying to get herself back into school through
    jamb but all her effort has been abortive. She
    finally settled down for part time studies in
    the school and was doing menial jobs.
    All I knew about her before then was just
    normal gist as I never knew what was between
    her and Kay cos she was a bit closer to kay
    among all of us. She was the only geh that
    role with us in the midst of seven guys. It was
    a surprise when I saw her staying in my guys
    hostel when I moved in with them but I was
    later told she had accommodation issues and
    decided to come and stay with guys. Moreover
    it was a 3 bedroom flat so, it wasn’t so hard
    giving her a room in the house. She eventually
    becomes the mother of the house.
    Another thing I noticed when I started staying
    there was that Bola was so free with
    everybody, I don’t know if she has a boyfriend
    or not but I guess she had. Bola was so free
    that she sometimes dress in front of we guys,
    she can be in the room with us with just bra
    and pant alone walking around the room like
    that. I found it weird in the first place but I
    got used to it later on. She was more like a
    blood sister and guys count her way as
    I don’t know if her body doesn’t appeal to
    them but all they always do whenever she’s
    on bra and pant was to abuse her. I do
    fantasize about it when I first moved in but I
    later shrug it off as I believe there was no way
    I could enter her kitty cat. I don’t know how
    other guys did it, it was as if they don’t
    respond to her body but I do cos konji na
    bastard. I was sex active when I was dating
    Bola cos hardly a week goes by without us
    doing it like five to six times but being out of
    sex for close to four month was totally out of
    it couple with the fact that the person I was
    actually reserving myself for has been
    bleeping another guy out there.

    To be continued

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    Dis no enter at all. There is disjoint between part 1 and part 2.

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    Too short,next

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    I Jux don’t Gerrit mehnn, can someone pls tell me if dx episode tallies wit how part one ended uh.. Jor o, mk una tally am well..

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