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    *Episode 1*

    My name is Okpara Deborah and this is my story.

    I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Okpara after they experienced ten years of barrenness. Being the only child of a very wealthy but disciplined parent, I was well trained and brought up in the way of the Lord. My distinguished lifestyle earns me the name “Sister Debby” from my classmates.

    I was living a life of luxury until my parent lost their lives in a ghastly motor accident at the age of ten while they were coming back from the burial ceremony of my grandmother.

    My parent was given a benefiting burial and Uncle Amadi, my dad’s younger brother took over every of my Dad’s property including the house in which we live. The day Uncle Amadi brought his family to start living in my parent’s house was the beginning of my woes.

    Sarah, Uncle Amadi’s wife hated me with passion. When my mom was alive, she and Sarah never saw eye to eye as they always engage in an argument during family meetings. To make matters worst, Uncle Amadi had no love for me too.

    I was sent out of my room into the boys quarter while Uncle Amadi’s youngest daughter took over my room. Just like their parent, Uncle Amadi’s three kids, Tom, Chinedu and Princess also hated me. I was treated like trash in my father’s house.

    If tears could bring back the dead, my parents would have come back to the earth a long time ago as weeping became my best friend.

    I was withdrawn from my school because my Uncle felt the fees were too expensive, I was then taken to a government school while my cousins were enrolled in a private school.

    Aunty Sarah ensured I became the housemaid as I practically did every house chores. At first, it was not easy because I was used to having maids do things for me but as time went on, i became used to it.

    I continued living life despite the maltreatment meted on me but was always praying to God for divine intervention.

    Being a very smart girl, I aced my junior secondary school examination despite the challenges I was going through. While awaiting the letter that would reveal the senior secondary school I was meant to attend, i stayed at home.

    While at home one day, my Uncle suddenly came home and ask I prepare Iprepare him Jollof rice. Since I have been the one always in charge of cooking, it wasn’t hard for me to prepare.

    Done with cooking, I served it on a tray and took it into his room. After dropping the tray of food on his table, I made to leave but he told me to sit down and watch him eat.

    With fear, I sat on a couch in the room and watch him eat. After eating, I made to take the cutleries to the kitchen but he held my hand hence stopped me from leaving. All of a sudden, he placed his hands on my chest trying to feel my just developing breast.

    Debby: please stop sir, this isn’t appropriate

    Uncle Amadi: like seriously? Who are you to tell me what’s appropriate or not? Fine! Strip yourself naked, I am h---y

    Debby: please sir I can’t do this, remember I am your niece

    Uncle Amadi: I don’t care, if you don’t do it gently then I will use force

    Debby: Uncle please don’t do this to me

    Uncle Amadi ignored my plea, he tore my clothes and threw me on the huge bed pinning me down with his robust body.

    To be continued.

    *This story is dedicated to every young ladies out there who faced tough situations and still came out strong. You are just the best.*

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    *Episode 2*

    At that age, I knew what my Uncle was up to, he wanted to molest me. When my Basic science teacher taught us puberty, she told us we females to flee sexual activities and also taught us ways to avoid sexual assault. Right there, one of the methods she gave us popped up into my mind.

    I told my Uncle not to use force that I would do whatever he wants me to do. On hearing that, he released me. Immediately he released me, I kicked him in his g---n and ran out of his room and out of the house. I knew I couldn’t live in the house again because I will always be in trouble.

    While running away from the house, I had only one place in mind and that was- the house of my family’s pastor. Before my parent’s death, we were regular members of the church but after their death, I couldn’t continue attending their services because my Uncle wasn’t a member of the Church.

    After running for almost two hours, I got to the exquisite building where my Pastor lived with his family. Fortunately for me, our pastor’s wife was at home. She was so happy and surprised to see me, she tried asking me some questions about but I couldn’t talk because I was out of breath.

    After calming me down, she asked what was wrong and I wasted no time in explaining things to her. She was so furious when she heard what almost happened to me, she fed me and took me to a room where I was told to have a good bath and rest.

    Parents should always do good to other people who know, their good deeds will be what would uplift their children. While my parent was alive, they assisted in the building of the Church auditorium and were always giving a helping hand when there is an issue in the Church.

    When Pastor came home that day, Mrs. Odesola, the pastor’s wife told him everything. I was invited to the sitting room where I received the news that I am free to live with them. Hearing that brought me so much joy, I didn’t know when I jump into the arms of Mrs. Odesola.

    I became a happy girl I was before my parents died. I was enrolled in one of the best secondary schools, got beautiful and decent wears, no longer had to do the work of a maid but there was a problem I had to deal with -Kate, the Pastor’s only arrogant daughter.

    *To be continued*

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