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    *Episode 13*

    One day, Raymond pleaded with me to let Esther stay with his parents because they were already fond of her and they needed someone to fill the vacuum left by their daughter. I had no choice but to give in to their plea, that was how Esther started living with the Ajakayes but was always coming to spend the weekend with me.

    Exactly when my relationship with Raymond clock a year and six months, we tied the knot in holy matrimony. Pastor and his wife gave my hand out in marriage. It was really a glorious ceremony as Raymond could be seen smiling heartily.

    After the ceremony, Raymond and I took a flight to South Africa for our honeymoon. When we got to our hotel, Raymond was all over me, I knew he was ready for action but I wasn’t ready. That night, I told him I was too tired to do anything and he let me be.

    Whenever he tried to touch me, I always bring something up to stop him which was really Infuriating. One day, he was fed up and tried forcing me but stopped when he saw me crying. He wore his cloth and left the room for me.

    It wasn’t like I derive pleasure in denying him his right but I just can’t bring myself to allow a man to touch me after the rape. Yes, my heart has been healed but I think I needed to break the wall built around me.

    All through our stay in South Africa, we visited a lot of places and had fun. It was an exciting period for us. Raymond did everything possible not to bring up the issue of sex, he always refrained himself from touching my sensitive part so as not to get aroused.

    On our final night in South Africa, Raymond woke me up in the middle of the night demanding to speak to me.

    Raymond: I find it hard to sleep

    Me: why??

    Raymond: I can’t sleep because you have refused to give me access to your body.

    Me: I..eerm..i don’t mean to do it….i just..just

    Raymond: it’s okay, once we get back to Nigeria, you will undergo therapy to help you remove the hatred for sex

    Me: thank you very much for understanding me

    Raymond: it’s okay, you can go back to sleep

    True to his word, immediately we got back to Nigeria, Raymond employs the service of a therapist which lasted for three weeks. Raymond was really the man meant for him as he understood me. Despite denying him his conjugal right, he never stops being the best husband.

    On the last day of the therapy, I asked the therapist to teach me how to seduce my husband. She thought me what to do.

    That evening, I went to a boutique, bought revealing lingerie and went home to prepare Raymond’s best meal which was beans and fried plantain. Then, I decorated our bedroom and was ready to give my husband what he wanted that night.

    After having our dinner, I went to the bathroom, took my bath and change into the pink lingerie then went into the room. The moment his eyes fell on me, there was a desire in his eyes but he kept refraining himself from touching me. I went closer to him and sat on his laps then whispered into his ears that I was his for the night.

    Raymond was so surprised at the turn of events, he never expected me to open up to him so soon.

    Raymond: sweetheart, are you sure you are ready for this?

    Me: sure I am

    Raymond took his time to survey my body before going into the business of the night. Lovemaking with him was perfect as I couldn’t believe I asked for more and he took his time to satisfy me. I had always dreaded sex because of my first experience but Raymond made me see the sweeter aspect.

    The love between Raymond and I blossomed, he cared for me like a baby as he always called me his baby. He wanted me to stop work but I rejected because I couldn’t be a housewife. He wanted to establish me but I wasn’t interested in business.

    Six months into our marriage, I missed my period and was confirmed pregnant by Raymond himself. I was so surprised when he started crying while looking at the test result.

    Me: I should be the crying one and not you

    Raymond: (scoop me into his arms) this pregnancy is a miracle

    Me: how do you mean?

    Raymond: babe please forgive me for hiding this information from your

    Me: I don’t understand

    Raymond: after the death of my wife, I was diagnosed with low sperm count. Because of the agony, I was plunged to, I refused to treat it.

    Me: but why didn’t you tell me??

    Raymond: I was scared that you would leave me

    Me: hmmm but you should have told me. I forgive you for this but no more secret

    Raymond: promise

    *To be continued*

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    Thank God for both of you.


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    Yes….that’s it

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    congrats for u wedding and pregnancy

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    That’s great

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    For your self

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