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    I walked into the Pastor’s Office to meet the pastor, his wife, Mary and a church elder discussing happily. They all smiled at me as i walked in. The pastor quickly stood up, offering his hand for a handshake.

    “my heart is overjoyed. Sister Mary’s testimony really made my day. I’m so happy for you. She’s a wonderful woman. You are blessed” he said as we shook hands, while his wife and Mary nodded happily.

    I was filled with rage, very angry with the pastor for not even giving me the opportunity to confirm Mary’s testimony. Perhaps he did it with good faith, because he might have felt Mary wouldn’t have announced our relationship in the church if i never sanctioned it. I bit my lips, nodding like a drugged rat. The church elder stared at me strangely, his eyes fixed on me as if he was seeing a vision.

    “i have to pray for God’s favour on you and on our dear sister, though you still will need to keep an appointment with me on saturday. There are lots of things we need to discuss, because as you know, you are not yet a full fledged member of this church” he said, smiling at me, before signalling to his wife, Mary and the elder to stand up for prayers.

    After the long prayer, i hurridly left the office, leaving Mary rudely behind as i dashed for my car where my friend was waiting for me.
    Jboy couldn’t help but laugh his heart out as i sadly told him all that went through in the pastor’s office.

    “o boy i can’t wait to be your bestman” he laughed.

    “i go smash your head. Imbecile” i barked jokingly.

    Ten minutes later, I dropped him at his apartment before heading to mine. I really wasn’t in the mood for anything, not even to listen to jboy’s solution. All i wanted was just to sleep and think over my life.

    I was about dozing off in the sitting room, when my door bell rang, waking me up. I cursed, scratched my head and answered the door. Of course it turned out to be no other person than Mary. She stared at me with fear in her eyes, her right hand shivered under the weight of a polythene bag she held. I stood unmoved, blocking her way with an angry stare.

    She nervously watched me for some seconds, not knowing what to make of my mood.

    “what’s up with you?, what’s happening?. What did i do wrong?” she asked with a frightened voice. I scoffed, drawing back a little, putting more fear into her with my behaviour. I was very determined to end everything that moment. I wasn’t scared of the consequence nor any bit scared of hurting her christian heart. All i cared for was myself and myself alone. She meant nothing to me.

    “i beg of you. In God’s name, what’s happening?” she asked again. Tears quickly formed in her eyes, but i wasn’t perturbed. I was very determined and cold.

    To be continued.

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    “Mary i don’t want to see you ever again. It’s over between us” i said slowly, watching her reaction keenly.

    She drew back with surprise. Her mouth opening with great disbelief.
    “what?, i don’t understand you bro. Ken. I thought we were…” she desperately tried to say something, but i interrupted her, nodding with a crazy smile.

    “you heard me right” i murmured.

    “I beg of you, let’s talk this out. Just thirty minutes of your time is enough. I think i deserve such. Please” she quickly begged, controlling her tears and displaying a fake smile. I stared at her for some seconds, shrugged and obliged.
    Quietly she walked into my sitting room, carefully sat on a sofa and faced me.

    “please tell me the truth?, what’s behind your sudden change in behaviour. I’m an adult, please hide nothing from me” she begged with a calm grace, staring at me with eyes filled with dashed hope. I drew close and held her hands.

    “we have to end this because i’m not comfortable with you anymore. I don’t love you, let’s just be friends” i said slowly. She breathed deeply, and drew back a bit.

    “just like that?. No bro. Ken. Born-again Christians don’t behave that way. Tell me?, why the sudden change of heart. I don’t just understand. Today is sunday of all days, please be serious” she managed to murmur with disbelief. I rubbed my face and swallowed hard.

    “you have to get going now. Please i need a little peace” i barked, dragging her strongly on her feet. My action totally surprised her. She tried to resist but i was stronger. Tears quickly drew down her cheeks.

    “why are you doing this to me?, why are you shattering my hopes. You don’t love me anymore, but why, it isn’t fair. God is watching” she cried as i pushed her out of my apartment.
    I felt miserable but satisfied, paying no attention to her cries as she banged on my locked door asking for another chance.

    As i returned to the sofa, my eyes fell on the nylon bag she brought. I quickly grabbed it in order to flung it out of my apartment, but unfortunately the hand tore, pouring a well perpared meal of rice, chicken and salad in my sitting room.

    To be continued.

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    I moved on with my life the next day. My busy office schedule helped forget all about Mary and her problems.

    Jboy couldn’t believe his ears after i narrated how i sent Mary away from my apartment. He was extremely pleased and according to his words ‘he wouldn’t have done any better’.

    I never heard from Mary for the rest of that week and the next, which was a very welcomed development. I equally stopped attending her church and moved over to catholic church which was my true church of baptism{where i was baptized as a child}.
    After laying low for a while, by keeping to myself. I started another wonderful relationship with a colleague, a very pretty damsel who was just transferred to our office from Akure.

    Chioma being a professional and an experienced girl, refused to give into my too many tricks, thus making our relationship a boring but respectful one. I slowly began to grow more fond of her much to Jboy’s surprise.

    Two weeks later, precisely on a sunday evening. I was relaxing in a quiet bar with Chioma, Jboy and his new girlfriend when a phone call from Mary came through. I ignored the call, frowning slightly while my mind flashed back to the memorable times i had with her.
    “only if she never played that church stunt on me, perhaps we would still have been together” I reasoned.

    Mary called four times which i carefully ignored. She then sent a text message which totally shattered my mind. My eyes enlarged as i read it while my hands shook.

    “I’M PREGNANT. WE NEED TO TALK” were the words she sent. Very short and precise but enough to send my nerves flying.
    The evil that we guys do often lives with us, but surely i wasn’t ready to live with mine.

    She was the least person i wanted as the mother of my children. I was left with no choice than to act fast, by doing what exactly??

    To be continued.

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    After some seconds of deep thinking, i heaved a sigh and drew closer to Chioma.
    “baby i have to go and urinate. I’ll be back shortly” i whispered to her, equally signalling to Jboy at the same time to follow me.

    Together Jboy and i went outside for a little talk. I showed him the text from Mary, biting my lips with regret.

    “too bad” Jboy frowned, shaking his head in deep thought.

    “how did such a mess happen?” he asked curiously, while i wasted no time in giving him the details of the sex i had with Mary weeks ago.

    “gosh if not handled appropriately, this can ruin the beautiful relationship you are enjoying with Chioma. Chia” he hissed with concern.

    “what do i do?. I’m so confused” i asked seriously, breathing quickly as i looked forward to a solution from him.

    “there are two sides to this situation. Either she’s is lying to get you or telling the truth” he murmured thoughtfully.
    “but i advise you let today pass before calling to speak to her. That will make her think twice about the effectiveness of her text {message}” he advised, while i nodded in agreement.
    My initial plan was to call the silly girl in order to confirm the text she sent to me, but Jboy was a professional in such matters and so I had to go by his suggestion.

    Chioma followed me home that fateful evening, and for the first time opened herself to me, offering all she had to me. Her sweet, slender, attractive body was all mine, but unfortunately i wasn’t in the right frame of mind for sex. All that was in my head was Mary’s image. I was so miserable and lost that Chioma soon noticed my lost appearance.

    “what’s wrong with you?. Don’t tell me you havn’t kissed or made love to a woman before?. Why are you trembling before my nakedness?. Don’t you like what you are seeing?” she curiously asked with alarm clearly written all over her. I murmured a quick apology, grabbed her right bosom and s----d on it, while my other hand played on her second bosom.

    I really had dreamt so much of making great love to her, but when i finally got the opportunity, i wasn’t fit to perform very well. I felt like telling her the truth, sharing my problems with her but just couldn’t.

    Mary was my cross, mine alone to carry. I never knew a player’s life could be so sweet and bitter at the same time. I was ready to quit, ready to face life in an honest way and settle down with Chioma. Only if God would make my outrageous sin with Mary go away.

    To be continued.

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    Eleyi gidi gan ooo

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    “I know you are just not yourself. Whatever is it that is worrying you, i pray you get over it soon” Chioma said to me very early the next day as she prepared to leave. I forced out a smile, saying nothing.

    I truly never got myself all through the rest of the previous day. The sex we eventually had was so dull and far from sweet. I couldn’t help but imagine what was going through her mind that moment. I truly left her unsatisfied and disappointed.

    Later in the day, I braced up myself and Called Mary, asking her to show up at my house by 7pm. She accepted without dragging issues with me which was very mind settling. However it was a long wait for me as i nervously waited for the clock to struck 7pm. My mind was uneasy, my lips prayed ceaselessly while my heart pounded very fast. I had to make my past with the silly girl go away no matter the price.

    She finally showed up at my apartment at exactly 7:32pm, looking well composed and calm. She flashed a brief smile at me, greeted and settled quietly at a couch opposite where i sat.

    “you know the reason i called. Are you pregnant for real?” i asked without wasting time. She breathed deeply, fetched a piece of paper from her hand-bag and gave to me.
    I sweated as i went through it. It was a pregnancy test result. Positive it said, duly signed and stamped.

    “so what do we do?. You very well know i don’t need this baby nor ready to start a family?” i asked coldly. She shrugged and drew back.

    “i don’t know. That’s your decision to make, as for me, i’m not tampering with this pregnancy. It’s against my faith, moreover a child is a gift from God” she said slowly, mincing no words and putting me in a very tight corner. She really looked unconcerned and serious.

    I was left with no choice than to change my tactics.

    To be continued.

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    “okay how much do you want?” i asked with a business tone. Her eyes instantly burned as my question hit her like a bullet.

    “what?, what do you mean?” she asked with a quick stammer. I smiled and breathed deeply.

    “you understand me my dear. How much do you need to get rid of that thing and let me be with my life” i said coldly. She jumped up with anger, disgust and hatred, shaking her head with disbelief as she headed to the door.

    “gosh i’m so disgusted at you. How dare you utter such foul words. I see the devil has possessed your soul. Your heart is now dark and burning like hell. This isn’t the brother ken i know” she cried. I was so stunned and touched over her words, but the problem at hand was such that gave no room for emotions. I had to conceal my feelings and shut my heart.

    “Mary i’m really serious. I have the money to settle you handsomely” i added as i stood up. She hissed, gave me one last look before leaving without another word. I bit my lips and locked my door. I couldn’t believe all that was happening were real. I was so desperate and anxious. The last thing i wanted was having children scattered over the country in my name or having a child with a woman i was far from loving.

    The next day was a public holiday. I spent the day at home thinking and polishing my plans which were far from perfect. Chioma showed up by 12pm, helping me to prepare a delicious rice, stew and soup. Her company was what i needed that moment to calm my mind and the tension in me. But her curiousity almost got on my nerves. She was very sure that i was keeping something away from her and kept demanding to know what it was.

    However i got the shock of my life by 3pm when Mary’s pastor showed up at my apartment.
    “bro ken there is a serious issue at hand” he said as i opened the door for him.

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    “wow what a surprise. So pleased to see you pastor” i nervously murmured as i ushered the man of God into my sitting room. He smiled as he settled down quietly, his eyes all over me.

    Chioma was in my bedroom arranging my stuffs. The last thing i wanted was her seeing the pastor nor listening to our conversation. It really would mess things up because i already knew the reason the pastor was in my house.

    “would you care for a little drink?” i asked, desperately trying to appear composed. He shook his head, smiling in a relaxed manner.

    “don’t bother yourself ken. I actually was passing by the neighbourhood, before i remembered you live here, so i decided to stop by. However there are somethings i also intend asking you” he said calmly, while i nervously threw a glance towards my bedroom door, staring at Chioma as she innocently showed up smiling like a new wife.

    “good evening sir” she greeted the pastor, who for the first time looked shocked and surprised. I had to do a quick introduction.

    “meet my good friend and a colleague sir. Her name is chioma”,
    “Chioma meet my pastor. A wonderful father and Man of God” i introduced quietly. The pastor was too stunned to say anything. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind that moment.

    Chioma disappeared into the kitchen a minute later, while i nervously faced the pastor.

    “so why did you stop attending church programmes and what’s actually going on between you and sister Mary?” he asked curiously. I quickly stood up, forcing out a smile.

    “i’m going through a whole lot of crises right now sir. Please i will be coming to see you tomorrow afternoon. We can’t talk here” i said seriously. He breathed deeply stood up and shrugged.

    “make it thursday then. I won’t be available tomorrow” he said as he offered his hand for a handshake.

    “cool” i smiled as we shook hands.

    Thankfully Chioma didn’t listen to the short discussion i had
    with the pastor. After taking her home hours later, i rushed over to Jboy’s apartment and poured out the day’s events to him.
    “my man the worst is that i have tried my best to make Mary remove the unwanted blood, but she has adamantly refused, citing some religous bullshit reasons” i concluded unhapply.

    “mehn. Hmmm. We have to grab the bull’s horn this time” he said seriously, biting his lips while i nodded anxiously.

    “make up with her, act as if all is well. After probably a week, a small sleeping pill and a hot injection will do. with the latest happenings, taking such a daring step is now inevitable” he suggested. I drew back with fear, swallowing hard, but as his suggestion settled in my head, i relaxed and smiled. His suggestion made perfect sense.

    “it’s risky but i have to do it. I have no choice” i agreed.

    To be continued.

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