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    *****Episode Twenty Five****

    Michael and Jane were in the living room watching TV when April came to discuss with them about her apartment

    April: (sitting down opposite her parents) Good evening mum and dad

    Both parents: Evening April

    April: I came to discuss with you about the apartment I have been looking for

    Michael: Have you seen any yet?

    April: No dad all the apartment I have seen are way to expensive for us to afford but i met a friend today and you asked me if I will like to live with her

    Jane: Which friend April because the last time I check you have no friend

    April: I do have now

    Jane: What is her name?

    April: Kimberly that’s her name

    Jane: Oh! The girl you two were both involved…

    April quickly cut her mum short before she complete her statement because she doesn’t want her dad to know she was involve in exam malpractice

    April: Yes that same Kimberly

    Jane: And what answer did you give her?

    April: I told her that I am going to think about it

    Michael: April have you think about it?

    April: Yes dad

    Jane: What answer are you going to give her?

    April: Mum a positive reply

    Jane: No my dear you are going to give her a negative answer

    April: But why mum?

    Jane: April you barely know this girl

    April: I know mum but I know she is a nice girl

    Michael: This your friend Kimberly, do you trusted her?

    April: With my whole life

    Jane: How do you know you can trust her with your life?

    April: My instincts

    Michael: April since you said you can trust her with your whole life then I support your answer

    April: Thanks dad (turning to her mum) And you mum?

    Jane: I support you she reluctantly agreed and April you really need to very careful when you living with her

    April: I will mum and thanks

    Jane: You are welcome

    April: I will like to go to bed now. Good night mum and dad

    Both: Night dear

    April went to her room to call Kimberly and give her her answer


    Kimberly and Liza were both discussing in Kimberly’s room that night because Liza is spending the night in Kimberly’s house. The two girls were still chit chatting when Kimberly’s phone started ringing. She check the callet ID, she screen display April and she quickly picked the call

    Kimberly: Hello

    April: Good evening Kimberly. Hope I didn’t wake you up from sleep?

    Kimberly: No you didn’t because I wasn’t sleeping

    April: Okay I called to tell you that am going to live with you

    Kimberly: (excitedly) Wow! Am so happy to hear that. Thanks

    April: I should be the one thanking you not you thanking me

    Kimberly: When are you moving in?

    April: I think this weekend but I have to end this call now because I don’t want my mum to see me talking on the phone by this time of the night

    Kimberly: Okay bye

    #calls ends#

    Liza: Who was that you were speaking with?

    Kimberly: That’s April the girl I told you that helped me during our post utme

    Liza: And what proposal were you two talking about?

    Kimberly: I asked her to come live with us

    Liza: That is not a good idea beside we don’t need a third party

    Kimberly: She is not a third party but my friend and am very sure you are going to like her when you see her

    Liza: Okay

    Liz’s didn’t like the idea of April living with them because she didn’t want anybody to come between her and Kimberly or steal her bestie from her

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    We Go Know!

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Keep it rolling

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    I sense jealousy among this friends….time will tell

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    see where prb will appear
    hope liza wont try anything stupid

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    April pls b careful o, I hope Liza dnt do any stupid tin bcus of jealousy.

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    Liza just calm down

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