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    Ride On.,

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    Blood is thicker than water

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    Nar only get bestie mtchewwww…

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    ****Episode Twenty Six****

    It has been two months now April started live to
    with Kimberly and Liza.

    April has been teaching
    Kimberly how to most house
    chores like how to cook, sweep and how to
    wash plate and
    clothes. Kimberly didn’t know how to do all
    those things because
    all her life, she had maids who helped with all
    her house chores
    and even when she wanted to assist the maids,
    her mum won’t
    allow her to do that even her mum wanted to
    hire a house help
    here in the school but she had refused.

    Each passing day April stays with Kimberly,
    Liza’s hatred keeps on getting stronger because
    she sees April as a threat to her friendship with
    Kimberly because ever since April came into
    Kimberly’s life, Kimberly show little or no care at
    all. All what Kimberly now do is ”April this, April
    that”And that makes her hatred for April to grow
    because she thinks April is stealing her best
    friend away.

    Kimberly took April to a boutique for a change of
    wardrobe after that the two girls decided to
    meet with their parents since they are now
    friends. April and Kimberly decided to go to
    April’s house first. When the girls got to April’s
    house, Jane was very please to finally meet the
    Kimberly of a girl April has been talking about
    and when Jane set her eyes on Kimberly, she
    just develop a strong likeness towards her.

    April: ”Good Afternoon mum”

    Jane: ”Afternoon dear”

    Kimberly: ”Good afternoon ma”

    Jane: ”Afternoon my dear”

    April: ”Mum this is my friend Kimberly”

    Jane: ”Nice to finally meet the Kimberly my
    daughter has been
    talking about”

    Kimberly: ”Its my pleasure ma”

    Jane told Kimberly to have her seat then they started to get to know each other. Jane and Kimberly discussed a lot of things to the extent that they even forget that April was in the
    room with them.

    April showed her mum all the things Kimberly
    bought for her and Jane thanked Kimberly very
    well and they continue their
    discussion. In the mist of their discussion
    Kimberly blurted
    something out and why she said that still remain a
    mystery to her.

    Kimberly: ”Ma hope you don’t mind me calling
    you mum?”

    Jane: ”Not at all my dear. It would be very nice
    to have someone
    else calling me mum”

    Kimberly: ”Thanks mum”

    Jane: ”You are welcome my child”

    Kimberly: ”Mum, April and I wants to also meet
    my parents today
    and we will like to take our leave now”

    Jane: (sadness in her voice) ”So soon”

    April: ”Yes mum, we want to go now so that I
    will return back
    home on time”

    Jane: ”Okay girl. Kimberly I will like to have a
    word with April in a

    Kimberly said ”okay” and went out to wait for

    When Jane was sure enough that Kimberly won’t
    hear what they
    were saying, she then turn to April to tell her
    what she wanted to
    tell her

    Jane: ”April I know we are not rich and we can’t
    also afford all your
    wants but I want you to please reduce the way
    you accept things
    from Kimberly before people starts seeing you as
    an opportunist”

    April: ”Okay mum I will reduce it but mum do
    you like her?”

    Jane: (faking not knowing who April is talking
    about) ”Who?”

    April: ”Kimberly”

    Jane: ”I don’t like her”

    April: (confused) ”Why mum? I thought you liked
    her that was
    why you were chatting with her”

    Jane: ”I don’t like her because I love her like a

    April: (relieved) ”Mum you scared me when you
    said you didn’t like

    Jane: ”I only said that because I wanted to pull
    your legs”

    April: ”And you succeeded in doing it”

    Jane: ”My dear go and meet Kimberly outside. I
    don’t want you to keep her waiting”

    April said ”bye” to her mum then she went to
    meet Kimberly ,
    then they drove to Kimberly’s house








    April is about to meet with Helen, what do you guys think will be Helen’s reaction when she finds out that April is the twin sister of Kimberly?

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    She Will Be Flabbergasted..As In Fate Just Brought Them Together!

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    Hmmmm.. … . I think she will flare up in anger and force kim to stop her friendship with April

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