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    ****Episode Twenty Eight****

    When Kimberly got home, she met her mum in
    the living room
    so she decided to start up a conversation with

    Kimberly: ”Mum”

    Helen: (turning to face her daughter) ”Yes dear”

    Kimberly: ”Mum you have met April. Now I want
    you to tell me
    what you think of her?”

    Helen: ”I don’t like her and I also what you to
    stop being friends
    with her”

    Kimberly: ”What!!!” surprised

    Helen: ”You heard me clearly Kim so I don’t
    need to repeat myself
    again” muttered strictly

    Kimberly: ”Mum you can’t be serious, please tell
    me you are joking”

    Helen: ”Do I look like am joking?” She fired

    Kimberly: (frightened) ”No mum. Mum tell me
    why you don’t want
    me to be friends with her”

    Helen: ”The little chit chat we just had has made
    me to get to know
    the real her”

    Kimberly: ”Which is?”

    Helen: ”April is an opportunist”

    Kimberly: confused ”Opportunist?”

    Helen: ”Yes my dear”

    Kimberly: ”How do you know that she is an

    Helen: ”With the way she talks”

    Kimberly: ”Listen mum, if you can’t give me a
    good reason you don’t want me to be friends
    with April then I won’t end my friendship with
    her” muttered angrily

    Helen: ”The reason I gave you is good enough”

    Kimberly: ”The reason you gave me is not good
    enough. Mum were you not the one that told
    me to make friends with her?”

    Helen: ”Yes I was the one that told you”

    Kimberly: ”Were you not also the person that
    said April is a nice girl?”

    Helen: ”I was the one that told you that also”

    Kimberly: ”Now tell me why you don’t want me
    to be friends with

    Helen: ”I talked with her today and I have get to
    know her type”

    Kimberly: ”What is her type?”

    Helen: ”My dear, April only helped you out that
    day because she
    knows you were from a rich family” still holding
    onto her point

    Kimberly: ”Mum she didn’t even know that my
    family were rich
    when she helped me”

    Helen: ”Trust me she did”

    Kimberly: ”How?”

    Helen: ”With the way you dressed that day”

    Kimberly: ”Mum that day they were people who
    even dressed far
    more richer than me but she didn’t help them”

    Helen: ”Young Lady what are you trying to say?”

    Kimberly: ”What am trying to say is that April is
    not an opportunist
    and she didn’t help me because am from a
    wealthy family”

    Helen: ”In other words, you are trying to tell me
    that you won’t
    end your friendship with her?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes mum”

    Helen: ”You see this girl has influenced you
    negatively that’s why you now have the guts to
    disrespect me”

    Kimberly: ”Mum. if me, not ending my friendship
    with April is what
    you call being disrespectful then am very proud
    of disrespecting

    Kimberly didn’t wait for her mum to reply her
    when she angrily
    stormed out of the living room then Helen said to herself

    “I watch Kimberly grow and she has never refused me of anything but for her to do so now that means I underestimated the bond the twins shared but that won’t stop me because once Edward comeback tonight am going to have a long chat with him and I know he is going to see reasons with me, if me and her dad are on same page am sure she is going to end that friendship because the Kim I know will never disobey her dad”

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    Very nice dear….keep it up……..
    Blood is thicker than water.
    No 1 wil seperate both April and Kimberly

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    U cnt separate dem even if u team up wt d whole country

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    @ this point…
    even if the grand papa tlk to her..
    it useless

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    Avatarshiko leen
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    following keenly,,,,cant wait for the day the truth will come out

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    The Bond Is Forever!

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Fire On


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    nice one kim u did what i like ..

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