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    Nyc abeg com uplaod épisode 29 O

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    Helen, u cant stop them

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    @ mrs helen how dare u call my gf an oppourtuinist, what kim told u is small self if i catch u one on one that day u go hear from me..rubbish!! Mtcheeeew!

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    Helen… whatever u do to end their friendship just remember the same blood flows through their veins.

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    ****Episode Twenty Nine****

    Kimberly was in her room thinking about what
    she and mum had argue about April. She was
    kind of sad for talking to her mum rudely and
    also walking out on her mum but if her mum
    keep on insisting that she must end her
    friendship with April, then she is
    ready to keep on talking rudely and walking out
    on her.
    How can her mum ask her to end her friendship
    with a girl that have been nothing but a good girl
    to her? She must confess that she was really
    lucky to have April as a friend because April has
    taught her new things.

    Kimberly was still thinking when she heard her
    door being open
    and her dad came in.

    Kimberly: (sitting up) ”Good evening dad”

    Edward: (sitting down beside Kimberly on the
    bed) ”Evening dear”

    Kimberly: ”Dad this one you came to my room
    today, hope am save?” She said jokingly

    Edward: (laughing) ”Of course you are, though
    something brought
    me here”

    Kimberly: ”Dad did you come to my room
    because of the heated
    argument I had with mum earlier today”

    Edward: ”Yes my dear”

    Kimberly: ”Dad I know I did wrong by walking out
    on mum and
    talking rudely to her but I couldn’t stand mum
    painting my friend

    Edward: ”Kim for you mum to paint your friend
    black i think your mum has a good reason”

    Kimberly: ”Dad the reason she gave was not
    good enough and I
    am not ending my friendship because of that”

    Edward: ”My dear am not asking you to end your
    friendship with
    her but I want to make a deal with you”

    Kimberly: ”What kind of a deal?”

    Edward: ”Tomorrow you are going to invite your
    friend to my
    office so that I can get to know her better but if
    I don’t like her,
    you are going to end your friendship with her.
    Deal or no deal?”

    Kimberly: ”Deal dad” smiling. She know her dad
    was going to like April

    Edward: ”Okay my dear. Good night” (kissed her
    on forehead)
    Kimberly: ”Sleep tight dad”

    When Edward left Kimberly’s room, Kimberly
    picked her phone
    and call April to tell her that her dad wants to
    meet with her the
    next day before they go back to school which
    April agreed to and
    the two girls fixed a time that they were going to
    meet with
    her dad.

    The next day Kimberly and April went to meet
    Edward in the

    Edward welcomed April with a genuine smile
    because he took a likeness on her immediately
    he set his eyes on her.

    Both girls: ”Good Afternoon sir”

    Edward: ”Afternoon girls. How are you girls doing

    Kimberly: ”We are fine dad”

    Edward: ”Nice to finally meet you April, my
    daughter have told me
    so many things about you”

    April: ”The pleasure is mine sir and Kim here has
    also told Me so many things about you too”

    Edward: ”Really? Hope they are good things?”

    April: ”Yes sir”

    Kimberly: ”Dad you know I will never say
    something bad about

    Edward: ”I know my dear i was only joking. My
    dear I will be very happy if you can tell more
    about yourself” he said the last part referring to

    April: ”Okay sir” reply nervously

    April told Edward everything about herself. When
    it was 3:00pm the girl decided to say their
    goodbyes but before they leave, Kimberly asked
    April to give her a minute to have a word with
    her dad. April excused herself, when April has
    gone out of
    hearing, she turned to her dad grinning.

    Kimberly: ”Dad what do you think about her?”

    Edward: ”I think she is nice and intelligent”

    Kimberly: ”And?”

    Edward: ”You can keep her as a friend because I
    like her”

    Kimberly: ”Thanks dad, but I really need to go
    now because I don’t
    want to keep April waiting”

    Edward: ”Okay my dear”

    Kimberly left her dad’s office.
    Edward keeps wondering why Helen does not
    like her. The way she talks, laugh and the colour
    of her eyes reminded him of Kimberly (Helen’s

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    Fire On,!

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