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    nice one

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    Happy ur dad accept ur sister against ur mom wish

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    *******Episode Thirty*******

    Kimberly and April got to their apartment, April
    started a conversation with Kimberly concerning
    her dad

    April: ”Kimberly”

    Kimberly: (turning to face April) ”Yes dear”

    April: ”I like your dad he is so nice and cute”

    Kimberly: ”Thanks but I thought you said your
    dad was also cute?”

    April: ”Yes he is but yours is a lot cuter”

    Kimberly: ”Thanks”

    April: ”You are welcome and also he is so
    friendly, I didn’t even
    want to leave his office today”

    Kimberly: ”Really?”

    April: ”Yea and am even beginning to miss our
    today’s chat already”

    Kimberly clears her throat

    April: ”Kim why are you clearing your throat?”

    Kimberly: grinning ”April this one that you have
    been talking about my dad since you got home are you
    sure you don’t have a crush on him already?”

    April: ”Kim I don’t a crush on your dad”

    Kimberly: ”Are you sure?”

    April: ”Yes am very sure”

    Kimberly: grinning evilly ”If you have a crush on
    my dad please you better tell me now so that I
    can hook you two up”

    April: ”What!”

    Kimberly: (smiling mischievously) ”At least it
    would be nice to have
    you as my dad’s mistress”

    April: ”You got to be kidding me Kim. How can
    you even think that
    I have a crush on your dad just because I said
    he is so cute?”

    Kimberly: chilax girl, I was only pulling your
    legs” (she said with a
    smirk on her face)

    April: ”And you really got me.” sight ”What is the
    time now?”

    Kimberly: ”10minutes to 4”

    April: ”Oh my God! Am so so late!”

    Kimberly: ”For what?”

    April: ”I plan go going to the market today and
    am already late now”

    Kimberly: ”And you are still here? please come
    and go to the
    market so that you can prepare dinner on time because
    am so so hungry
    right now”

    April: ”Am not the one cooking today, am only
    going to the market to buy the foodstuff but you
    are doing the cooking”

    Kimberly: ”I can’t cook dinner because am really
    tired now”

    April: ”So am I”

    Kimberly: (putting on a pitiful face) ”Please cook
    dinner April”

    April: smirking ”Am not going to cook”

    Kimberly: ”Am not cooking too”

    April: ”Then we will sleep on an empty stomach”

    Kimberly: ”You are mean April”

    April: ”Yea that’s what you get when you pull a
    stunt on me”

    Kimberly: ”Okay I will Cook. Oya start going to
    the market”

    April: Are you commending me?

    Kimberly: Am I maths to commend you?

    April: (laughing) You are not maths but English to commend me.

    Kimberly: April please come and go to the market before I die of hunger o

    April said yes ma’am and left for the market
    April k to the market and bought all the
    foodstuff they will be needing.
    when April was about crossing the road her
    phone fell from her
    hand, April bent down to pick up the phone but
    unknown to her a
    vehicle was fast approaching her but when the
    vehicle was very
    close in hitting her, a strong hands came and
    pushed her out of
    the road








    I know this episode is somehow short but you people should please manage it.

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    hahahaha….who might b d saviour hmmmm i gaze z john..

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    A strong hand pushed her out’….i smell love in the air.

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    i wonder who av that strong hand..

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    Lol..john save april..getting more interestinp

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