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    John is now between d two ladies hmmmm i smell trouble approaching.

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    Oops! April almost qot me into heart-failure? Anyways, all thanks to that STRONG_HAND if not April and I for don caput ontop hospital bed riqht now…
    But come to think of it, could that stronq hand be… Emm… John??? My instinct pls don’t fail me…
    Talkinq about the finished pen @victoriouschild I’ll borow u #50 make u for fit buy another pen to continue postinq pendinq when u qo fit pay back but only with the inerest of 2 episodes everyday, hope am beinq fair with the terms and conditions?? If not, strike continues o… Lol…

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    *****Episode Thirty One*****

    A strong hand came to push her out of the road
    so that the
    vehicle wouldn’t hit her but April sustained an
    injury on her wrist.

    The guy that saved her turned out to be John,
    April who had no idea what has happened start
    blaming him for her injured wrist.

    April: ”Mister why did you push me?” muttered

    John: ”Miss is that the thank you you were
    suppose to tell me for
    saving your life?” a little surprise

    April: ”Why should I tell you thank you after
    injuring my wrist?”

    John: ”I didn’t injure your wrist I only saved your
    life” now amuse

    April: ”Mister how can you say you just saved my
    life when my life
    is not in any form of danger?”

    John: ”You were almost knocked down by a
    moving vehicle and I
    prevented that from happening by pushing you
    out of the road”

    April: ”You pushed me out of the way so that I
    wouldn’t get hit by
    a vehicle only for you again to injure my wrist

    John: ”Lady you are so ungrateful”

    April: ”Guy why should I be grateful to you after
    injuring my wrist?”

    John: ”I just saved your life”

    April: ”Yes you did but you also injured my wrist
    and for that
    reason you ain’t getting a thank you from me”

    John: ”Okay let’s forget about the thank you but
    can you at least tell
    me your name?”

    April: ”I rather tell my name to a dog than for me
    telling you my name” She said before leaving

    When April got home, she regretted saying all
    those harsh and rude words to a guy that saved
    her life. And she also said that if not for that guy
    today maybe she might have been admitted in
    the hospital by now and instead of her to say
    ”sorry” she only ended up talking to him rudely.
    April promised herself that she was going to
    apologize to him when next she sees him again.

    John got home and narrated everything that had
    happened to

    John: ”I have never seen a girl like that in my
    whole life”
    Frank: ”Why do you say so?”

    John: ”I saved her life instead of her to say
    thank you, she only
    ended up blaming me for her injured wrist”

    Frank: ”Why did you injured her wrist in the first

    John: ”I didn’t injure her, she was the one that
    injured herself by
    falling on top of her wrist”

    Frank: ”Don’t blame her, they are some ladies
    that find it difficult to
    say thank you”

    John: ”The funny thing about the whole situation
    is that instead of
    me to be angry with her for being so rude to me,
    am looking forward in seeing her again”

    Frank: ”Bro did you just said that you are looking
    forward in seeing
    a girl that talked rudely to you today again?”

    John: ”Yes I want to be friends with her. She is
    beautiful, smart and sharp tongued”

    Frank: ”John are you sure you are not crushing
    on this girl already
    because of the way you have talking about her
    non stop ever
    since you came back from where you went to?”

    John: ”Am not crushing on her though I find her
    beautiful and

    Frank: ”I said it before didn’t I that my bro here
    was going to fall in
    love just like Ferdinand in Williams
    Shakespeare’s The Tempest”

    John: ”Am not in love with her I only said that
    she is attractive”

    Frank: ”John you have never said a Lady is
    attractive before and for
    you to say that that Unknow girl is attractive
    that simply means
    you have feelings for her”

    John said to Frank that ” You are free to think
    and say anything
    you like” and left the living room to his bedroom.





    Friends do you think April is going to apologize to John when next she sees him?

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    She v to apologize

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    I think so

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    There is a woman who always keeps her head up high.
    Her eyes sparkle like a bright star in the sky.
    She has the stamina, beauty, and courage that one would admire, even the love and happiness one inspires.
    She is a woman that one can always count on, and a woman that sees no wrong.
    Her beauty shines from the inside out, It flows like a journey down a long route.
    Her smile shines beautifully like the sun rising over the horizon.
    And her intelligence, wisdom, and hard work are not surprising.
    She is a genuinely caring woman who goes the extra mile to help one in need or broken hearted,
    And throughout all of her hard work, No one ever sees her fall apart.
    “In the words of @eliboy, we dedicate you all to”
    Our miss coolval 2016
    @Victoriouschild Pals let your vote count for her






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