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    Yea. She gonna apologize buh wat if their paths never cross again?

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    Her problem with Kinm will sytart from John.

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    Yeah she will certainly apologies but den, der paths wont crossed soonest anyways.. Next pls

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    She just have to apologize.

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    i think so o

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    Sure,she will

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    ****Episode Thirty Two****

    When Edward got home that night after the he
    had his dinner,
    he decided to call Helen to the living room to tell
    her what he had decided concerning about the
    girls friendship.

    Helen: ”Honey you called me”

    Edward: ”Yes I called you here to tell you what I
    have decided
    concerning the girls’ friendship”

    Helen: ”And what is your decision?”

    Edward: ”April is a nice girl and my decision is
    that Kimberly can
    keep on being friends with her”

    Helen: ”I don’t like this your decision because
    that girl is an
    opportunist and I don’t know why you and your
    daughter are too
    blind to see it” not happy with his decision

    Edward: ”Am not asking you to Like my decision.
    Am only telling
    you what I have decided beside that girl is good
    and I don’t know
    what you have against that poor innocent girl”

    Helen: ”She is not good and Kimberly must end
    that friendship
    whether she likes it or not”

    Edward: ”Helen I think you are forgetting
    something here” getting angry

    Helen: ”What am I forgetting?”

    Edward: ”You are forgetting that I am the man of
    the house and
    my decision is final”

    Helen: ”This your decision is not final”

    Edward: standing up to face her ”Listen to me
    woman, I think I have been too lenient with
    you ever since you gave birth to Kimberly that’s
    why you now
    feel that you can tell me what to do and what
    not to do”

    Helen: ”You can say whatever you like but all I
    know is that Kimberly must end that friendship”
    said nonchalantly

    Edward: ”If you try to force Kimberly to end that
    friendship then be ready to leave my house”
    muttered angry

    Helen: ”Are you threatening me?” looking surprise

    Edward: ”Yes I am and you also know that I
    don’t make empty

    Helen: ”I can’t believe you are threatening me
    because of a stranger”

    Edward:”That stranger is Kimberly’s friend and I
    won’t only
    threaten you but carry out my threat if you make
    Kimberly to end her friendship with April” he said
    and stormed out of the living

    It had been over a month since John had saved
    April and neither of them have been able to get
    the image of the other out of their

    April was on her way to lectures but her mind
    was not with her
    because she was thinking about the guy that had
    saved her only
    for he to end injuring her wrist.

    April didn’t understand herself ever since she
    met with John a
    week ago and she really wish to see him if not
    for anything but to
    apologize to him.

    April was still thinking about John not looking
    where she was going when suddenly she bumped
    into someone.

    April quickly said ”sorry” to the
    person without knowing who the person is but
    when April raised her head up she find out that
    the person she had bumped into was John and
    she didn’t even know when she fired up.

    April: ”Hey Mister, you should watch where you
    are going next

    John: ”Miss you should be the one to watch
    where you are going
    to not me”

    April: ”I know you want me to tell you sorry but I
    won’t and you
    see the sorry I told you earlier? I take it back”

    John: ”Lady what’s your problem?”

    April: ”guy I don’t have a problem”

    John: ”You have a problem and your problem is

    April: ”I don’t have an ego”

    John: ”Yes you do because if you don’t have an
    ego you would
    have tell me thank you the day I saved your life
    and today you
    bumped into me and you couldn’t even say

    April: ”I made a promise to myself that I was
    going to apologize to
    you when next I see you again but now that I
    have seen you, I
    have changed my mind and I don’t even have
    your time now
    because already late for my lectured all thanks
    to you”

    John: ”Miss I don’t need your apology but all i
    need from you is for you to tell me your name”

    April: ”just like I told you before, I will rather tell
    my name to a dog than for me to tell you my

    April didn’t wait for John to reply her before she
    quickly left for her
    class because she was already late for lectures.

    April was on her way home after her lectured for
    that day when
    she started saying:
    ”I don’t even know what is wrong with me
    anymore because I have been thinking a lot him lately. I made a
    promise to apologize to him when next I see him
    but now that I
    saw him, I only ended up doing the opposite and
    if that was not
    even enough I even blamed him for bumping into
    me whereas I
    was the one that bump into him because I
    wasn’t watching where
    I was going. God! I promise to apologize to him
    when next I see

    Appril opened the doors to her apartment
    where she lived, she met the last person she
    was expecting see in the living room
    chatting with the girls (Kimberly and Liza)

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