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    Chai!!! I almost arrive early
    Bring it on bae

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    @Victoriouschild na so I bad reach?.. chai make I kukku resign ….

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    Now I understand y u were so desperate for a divorce


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    @frankkay better resign o

    I wasn’t desperately looking for a divorce

    wetin you dey observe ?

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    ******Episode Three******

    When the nurse came into Jane’s ward to carry
    out her plan of
    switching Helen’s baby with hers, Jane didn’t
    notice her presence
    because she was fast asleep. The nurse tiptoed
    to where the
    babies were kept, fortunately for her the twins
    were not identical
    and that would even make her plan a lot easier
    since nobody
    would easily notice their resemblance. When she
    carried one of Jane’s babies, she quickly tiptoed
    out of Jane’s ward to Helen’s own for the switch
    to take place then she carried the dead child to
    Jane’s ward. But unfortunately for her, Jane
    woke up as she was
    about leaving the ward.

    Jane: ”What are you doing here?” (she glare at
    the nurse with suspicious eyes)

    Nurse: ”The doctor sent me here to see how you
    and the babies are faring” (told her with a warm

    Jane: ”Thanks nurse, we are all doing perfectly
    fine.”(smiling back)

    Nurse: ”That’s really good to hear. If you will
    excuse me I would
    like to go check on the patient in the next ward”

    Jane: ”okay. Bye nurse” (with that the nurse
    took her leave)

    Both Mr Thomas and Mr Jones were seen
    patiently waiting to see
    their wives and babies when a nurse came to

    Nurse: “Are you both Mr Thomas and Mr Jones?”

    Both: ”Yes nurse”

    Nurse: ”The doctor said I should tell you two
    that you can now go
    in and see your wives and babies” (she was
    about to take her leave when Edward stop her)

    Edward: ”Which ward are they?”

    Nurse: ”Mrs Thomas is in ward seventeen and
    Mrs Jones is in ward nineteen.”

    Both: ”Thanks nurse”

    Nurse: ”You are both welcome”

    Immediately Michael entered into the ward
    where his wife
    was, a smile just was planted on his face and he
    went to sit beside his wife and take hand
    squeezing it gently.

    Michael: ”How are you feeling now Sunshine?”

    Jane: ”I have never been better in my whole life.
    Am now a proud
    mother of two” (as she grin from ear to ear)

    Michael: ”Likewise me, am now a proud father of
    twin babies” (brush his hand against his wife

    Jane: ”Sweetheart! Have you thought of the
    name you are going to name them?”

    Michael: ”I thought you said you were going to
    name them January and February?” (smiling)

    Jane: (laughing and playfully hitting her
    husband) ”I said April and May not January and
    February. I have always love those names and I
    even made a promise to myself that I am going
    to give my daughter one out of the two names
    but since God blessed me
    with twins instead am going to give them the

    Michael: ”I love the names but I preferred
    Phoebe and Precious
    to them”

    Jane: ”I love Phoebe but I don’t like precious”

    Michael: ”We are here busy debating on the
    names we are
    going to give our babies when I haven’t even set
    my eyes on
    them.”(turning to look at the cradle)

    Michael walked to the cradle where his babies
    were kept but
    when he got there he noticed that one of them
    was not moving
    or breathing, he instantly became scared and his
    wife noticed it.

    Jane: ”Honey: What is wrong, why is fear written
    all over your face?”

    Michael: ”It’s one of the babies” (gritting his
    teeth with fear in his eyes)

    Jane: ”What is wrong with her?” (as tear roll
    down her cheek)

    Michael: ”The baby is not moving or breathing. I need to go
    call the doctor for him to tell me what is wrong
    with her” (he said
    and rushing out of the ward)

    When Michael left the ward, Jane began crying
    and praying ” God please don’t let anything to
    happen to my child, please don’t allow my baby’s
    fate to be from cradle to grave l. I know you
    didn’t bless me with the fruit of the womb only
    for you to take her away from me some hours

    Few minutes later Michael came with the doctor
    but when he
    checked on the baby, he saw that the baby was
    already dead and
    he had to break the bad news to them.

    Doctor: ”Am sorry to break this news to you but
    your baby is dead” (he said with his face full of

    Jane: ”Doctor please tell me it can’t be. I think
    am dreaming
    someone should please wake me up.” (seizing
    the doctor and crying).

    Doctor: ”You have to be strong Ma’am. Accept
    my heart felt
    condolences”(with that the doctor left the ward)

    Michael: ”Sunshine you heard what the doctor
    said that you have to be strong.(pulling her in a
    tight hug) What happened has happened, no
    amount of
    tears would bring her back to us”

    Jane: ”So this is how life is? Few minutes ago I
    was the most happiest woman on earth but now
    I’m the saddest”(crying on his shoulder)

    Michael; ”Don’t talk like that, we still have the
    other twin and we
    need to be very strong for her. God alone knows
    why he took her

    Jane: ”You are right. God knows best and we
    also need to be
    strong for April”

    Michael: ”Wow! You have already named her
    April”(smile at her)

    Jane: ”Yes I did, I told you before that I made a
    promise to name
    my child April or May”

    Michael: ”April is a nice name. May God Grant
    you long life April Thomas (he said then he
    kissed her on the cheeks)

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    i dey observe say u nova sleep at diz kain time abi u dey do vigil 4 @invincible house?

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    @whizjay na wake I just dey wake from sleep

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