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    D talk of d devil which is John.

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    Hahahaha wandaful

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    Maybe I won’t be able to update this story tomorrow

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    Lets see if she will apologise to john now he is in the house with kim and liza

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    ****Episode Thirty Three****

    The person April saw was John. April didn’t even
    know when she
    fired up again

    April: ”Hey you! What are you doing here? or are
    you stalking me?”

    John: surprise ”Am not stalking you and I should
    be the one asking you what you doing here”

    April: ”You can’t ask me what am doing here
    because I live here
    but you what are you doing here?”

    John: smiling ”I came to visit my friends that’s
    what am doing here”

    April: confused ”Who are your friends?”

    John: ”Kimberly and Liza”

    Liza: ”Do you guys know each other?”

    Both: ”Yes”

    April: ”Kim this is the same guy I told you broke
    my wrist when I
    was coming back from the market last Month and
    today again he
    bumped into me when I way to class”

    John: ”Point of correction Miss you were the one
    that bumped into
    me today”

    April: ”I didn’t”

    John: ”You did”

    April: ”I didn’t”

    John: ”You did”

    Kimberly: ”You two should stop it now. Why are
    you too behaving
    like kids?”

    April: ”Am not behaving like a kid, he is the one
    behaving like a kid
    because he doesn’t want to accept the simple
    fact that he was the
    one that bump into me”

    John: ”You are the kid here because you are the
    one that don’t know how to say thank you when
    someone saved your wife and sorry when you
    bumped into someone”

    Liza: ”Am really enjoying this show”

    Kimberly: ”April where did you kept your cool?”
    April: ”I lost it?”

    Liza: ”April you better go and find it where you
    kept it”

    Kimberly: ”April please calm down”

    April: ”Am calm down”

    Kimberly: ”Since you are calm, let me introduce
    you two. John
    meet April”

    John: ”Nice to finally know your name and let
    me also use this
    opportunity to apologize for bumping into you”

    April: ”No John. I should be the one apologizing
    not you John. I talked to you rudely the day you
    saved me and I also failed to tell you sorry when
    I bumped into you today”

    John: ”And?”

    April: ”And I am also sorry for saying I rather tell
    a dog my name
    then for me to tell you.”

    Both Kimberly and Liza started to laugh

    Kimberly: ”April did you actually say that?”

    John: ”Yes she did not even once but twice”

    April: ”Kim it wasn’t my fault because John was
    actually annoying when we first”

    John: ”I should be the one saying that not you”

    April: ”I wasn’t annoying”

    John: ”You were”

    Kimberly: (in attempt to stop their argument)
    ”April please go and

    April: ”Why?”

    Kimberly: ”Because John here is taking us all
    out for lunch”

    April: ”Okay let me go and change”

    When April came out, they all entered into
    John’s car and he took them to a fancy

    John and the girls got to the restaurant and they
    all order what
    they want. When the waiter brought their order,
    they all ate in
    silence. When they were through with their meal,
    they all started
    to discuss and it was in that process April got to
    know more
    about John.

    It was time for them to leave the restaurant but
    April was really
    not happy about that because she wanted to still
    spend more time
    with John..

    Few minutes later , John drop the girls at the
    front of their

    Kimberly: smiling ”Thanks for taking us all out
    for lunch”

    John: ”You are welcome . I want to ask you girls
    this but I don’t
    know what your reply would be”

    Liza: ”Just ask us first then you will know what
    our reply would be”

    John: ”I want you girls to meet with my mum”
    Kimberly: happy ”That would be cool. when do
    you want us to meet with her?”

    John: ”Tomorrow around 2pm”

    Kimberly: ”Okay we will be ready before then”

    John: ”Thanks but I will like to take my leave
    now. bye girls”

    All: ”Bye John”
    The next day around to 2 John came came to
    pick the girls up and took them to meet his

    When they gets to John’s house, he quickly
    ushered them in and
    also told them to make themselves comfortable
    then he went upstairs to get his mum.

    Few minutes later John’s mum came to the
    living room where the girls were.

    Guess who turns out to be John’s mum

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    Friends Guess Who Turns Out To Be John’s Mum

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    Dis is too hard to guess. My memory is blank.

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