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    Hummmm, the nurse that gave out Kimberly @ the hospital

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    The nurse dat exchange the twins

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    I think john’s mum was de nurse who switched kim for de dead baby in the hospital

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    I finally cauqht up with the crew and cast…the journey wasnt an easy one -rouqh road & traffic jam…buh thank God I made it..
    fire on ’cause i don balance for my pls

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    ****Episode Thirty Four****

    Few minutes later John’s mum came to meet
    the girls. John’s mother (Sandra) turns out to be
    the nurse that separated the girls. Sandra had
    stopped working in Alpha clinic and maternity a
    day after she had separated the girls. She had
    use the money Helen had paid her to start up a
    boutique business and fortunately for her the
    business had been a success.

    John: ”Ladies please meet my mum” point to his

    The girls turned their heads to where Sandra
    was standing.

    they said ”good afternoon ma!”

    Sandra: ”Afternoon girls. How are you girls

    Liza: ”We are fine ma”

    Sandra: ”What can I offer you girls?”

    Kimberly: ”Nothing ma we are okay”

    Sandra: ”You girls can’t tell me that you don’t
    want anything when today is the first time you
    are actually coming to my house”

    April: ”Ma you can offer us anything”

    Sandra: ”I already prepare lunch for you girls
    because John had
    already told me that you girls will be coming
    today but before i go get your lunch, I will like to
    know your names”

    Liza: ”Am Liza”

    Kimberly: ”Am Kimberly”

    April: ”Am April Ma”

    Sandra: ”Am Sandra Anderson. let me go and
    get you your lunch”

    Sandra went into the kitchen to bring their
    lunch. When she came
    back with the lunch, April offered to help her
    serve the meal.

    After the girls were through with their lunch,
    they all complemented the food as they head
    back to the sitting room.

    Liza: ”John where is your brother Frank? I
    thought you said you
    guys were both living with your mum but why is
    he not here?”

    John: ”I think he went out”

    Liza: ”You think?”

    John: ”Yea. I left him at home when I came to
    pick you girls up.”

    Before Liza could ask John another question.
    Frank opened the door to the living room.

    Frank: ”Good Afternoon beautiful ladies”

    Liza: ”Afternoon Frank. I was just asking of your
    whereabout from
    John before you just came walked in”

    Frank: ”Okay (referring to April) You must be
    April right?”

    April: ”Yes I am but how did you know my

    Frank: ”John told me yesterday that he is
    expecting three guest
    today and their names were Kimberly, Liza and
    April and I already met with Kimberly and Liza

    April: ”Okay”

    Frank: ”April I must confess you really look so

    April: (blushing) ”Thanks”

    John was kind of jealous with the way Frank was
    talking to April
    so he decided to change the topic

    John: ”Mum do you know that both April and
    Kimberly were giving birth in the hospital where
    you worked before?”

    Sandra: surprised ”I didn’t know before but you
    just told me now. Girls you mean you were given
    birth in Alpha clinic and maternity?”

    April: ”Yes ma”

    Sandra: ”What year were you girls given birth to
    because I stopped
    working in that hospital May 17, 1993”

    Kimberly: ”Ma we were both given birth to May
    16, 1993”

    Sandra: ”So you girls are twins?”

    April: ”No ma we are not twins but I had a twin
    sis and she died
    few hours after our birth.

    Immediately April was through with her
    statement, Sandra came
    to the conclusion that Kimberly is the late twins
    April was talking
    about because she remembered vividly that
    Helen and Jane were
    the only ones that put to birth in that hospital
    that fateful day but
    she only pray that what she did that day should
    not come to the
    open because she knows her son will never
    forgive her if he found out what she did.
    Sandra was the thinking when Kimberly jolted
    her back to reality

    Kimberly: ”Ma we will like to take our leave now”

    Sandra: ”Okay but I hope I will see you girls

    Liza: ”Yes ma”

    John: ”Let me drive you girls back to your

    Frank: ”Bro you don’t have to stress yourself
    about that because I will do that for you”

    John was about to protest against it because he
    didn’t want Frank
    anywhere near April but Liza quickly said ”Frank
    you driving us
    back to school will be great and fun” she said that
    because she still wanted
    to spend sometime with him.

    Frank: ”Girls let me go and get my car keys”

    Liza: ”Okay”

    Frank quickly ran to his room to get his car
    keys. When he came
    back to the living room, the girls said their ”goodbyes” to John and
    Sandra before leaving .

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    Helen, ya prayer is not answerable

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