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    ****Episode Thirty Five****

    When Frank and the girls left, John turned to his

    John: ”Mum how do you see my friends?”

    Sandra: ”They are all pretty though April is the

    John: ”And?”

    Sandra: ”They are nice but I think April is the

    John: ”Mum why do you think so?”

    Sandra: ”The three girls were sited when I
    wanted to serve them
    lunch but only April got up and offered to help
    me. Son that single
    act has made me to place her as the nicest out
    of the three girls
    and I kinda like her for you.”

    John: ”Mum what do you mean?”

    Sandra: ”What I meant was that I like April as a
    girlfriend for you”

    John: ”Mum she is just my friends and nothing

    Sandra; ”My son do you think am blind?”

    John: ”Mum I don’t get your question”

    Sandra: ”Do you think I don’t know that you have
    feelings for April?”

    John: ”Mum I don’t”

    Sandra: ”You do. I saw the way you were staring
    at her when she
    was here and”

    John: ”And what?”

    Sandra: ”John you were jealous when Frank
    came in and started
    chatting with April so you quickly interrupted
    their chat by asking
    me a question and you were also jealous when
    Frank offers to
    drive the girls home because you didn’t want
    your brother close
    to her”

    John: ”The last time I checked you were an ex
    nurse not a love
    councillor so tell me how you got to noticed all
    those things you
    just said”

    Sandra: ”I was once like you and once in love
    that is my I noticed
    all those things”

    John: ”You were once in love with who?”

    Sandra: ”With your late dad of course”

    John: ”Mum you are right about me being in love
    with April but
    please don’t let Frank to know about me being in
    love with April.
    Let this be our little secret”

    Sandra: ”Why don’t you want Frank to know?”

    John: ”If he finds out he is going to mock me”

    Sandra: ”Why will he mock you?”

    John: ”Mum I told him that love doesn’t exist but
    he told me that I
    am going to love in love just like Ferdinand in
    Shakespeare The Tempest and now his words is
    now becoming a

    Sandra: let out a small laugh ”Okay it will be our
    little secret”

    John went to his room after he had ended his
    conversation with
    his mum to rest.

    30minutes later the door to John’s room was
    opened by Frank

    Frank: ”Hey John”

    John: ”Are you just coming back?”

    Frank: ”Yes”

    John: ”What took you so long?”

    Frank: ”I was having a nice conversation with
    one of the girls”

    John: ”Which one of them?” glare at him angrily

    Frank: ”I wasn’t having a conversation with your
    April but Liza” laughing

    John: ”Why are you referring to April as my

    Frank: ”Because you have feelings for her. I
    must confess she is
    really beautiful and I am beginning to…”

    John: ”Don’t even complete that your statement”
    getting angry

    Frank: raising his surrender ”Chilax bro I only
    wanted to say that I am beginning to like her for

    John: ”Better”

    Frank: ”I said it before didn’t I?”

    John: ”Said what before?”

    Frank: ”That you are in love with April but you
    denied it but with
    the jealousy you just display here few seconds
    ago just shows that you are not just in love with
    her but madly in love with her”

    John: ”I don’t love her”

    Frank: ”You do bro”

    John: ”Frank I think you have over stayed your
    welcome in my room”

    Frank: ”Are you trying to send me out of your
    room just because I said the truth?”

    John: ”Am sending you out because you are
    talking nonsense”

    Frank: ”We both know that I am stating a fact”

    John made to stand up from his bed to hit Frank
    when he quickly
    left John’s room laughing out loud

    Helen was in get room thinking of the best way
    yo break Kimberly
    nd April up without Edward’s knowledge. Helen
    was still in deep
    thought when an idea came to head and she
    quickly pick up her
    phone to dial Kimberly’s number

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    This helen is a real jezebel but she is just trying to break her home because her husband will not see it funny if he finds out

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    Promzy (Miss Coolval)Promzy (Miss Coolval)
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    Helen don’t Even think of it cos you will end up implicating yourself the more

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    I dont understand the nurse at all.

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    Is the nurse not supposed to feel guilty at all abt wat she did yrs ago

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    keenly helen beter leave they gals or they will find out soon

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    Z only one thing that can cause misunderstanding btw april and kim..and d thing z JOHN

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    Helen live the girls alone…
    if u Continue bugging them…
    ur secret wil come out

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