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    ****Episode Thirty Six****

    Helen dialled Kimberly’s phone number and
    Kimberly pick the
    phone at the fourth ring

    Kimberly: ”Good Evening mum”

    Helen: ”Evening my dear”

    Kimberly: ”Mum this one that you called me
    today, I hope you didn’t call to tell me to end my
    friendship with April?”

    Helen: ”No my dear I didn’t call because of that
    though I called
    because I need a little favour from you”

    Kimberly: ”What favour?”

    Helen: ”I want you to send me April’s home

    Kimberly: surprise ”What do you need it for?”

    Helen: ”I want to meet with her parents”

    Kimberly: ”Why do you want to meet with her
    parents?” she couldn’t help but think her mum is
    up to something

    Helen: ”Since you and April are now friends, I
    think it will be wise
    for me to get to meet with her parents so that
    they could become
    a family friend”

    Kimberly: ”Mum are you sure that’s why you
    want to meet with
    her parents?”

    Helen: ”Yes my dear. If am not going there
    because of that, then
    tell me what other reason will make me want to
    meet with her

    Kimberly: ”You might want to go there to tell her
    parents to tell
    their daughter to stay away from me”

    Helen: ”Am not going there because of that”

    Kimberly: ”I just hope you are not lying to me”

    Helen: ”My dear am not or have I ever lie to you

    Kimberly: ”No mum. I will text you the address”

    Helen: ”Ok my dear. Bye dear and always
    remember that mummy
    loves you”

    Kimberly: ”I love you more mum. Bye”

    When Helen drops the call, she was very happy
    that Kimberly
    bought her lie and she also knows that when
    Kimberly finds our
    what she is about to do, she knows that she will get mad at her but to her it is better for
    her to be mad at her than for her secret
    coming out to the open.

    The next day, Helen drove to the house address
    Kimberly had
    sent to her. When Helen came down at the front
    of April’s house,
    she quickly take a look at the environment and
    wonder how
    people could live in such a house.

    Helen knocked at the door and few minutes later,
    Jane came to
    open the door

    Helen: ”Good Afternoon”

    Jane: ”Afternoon madam. How may I help you?”

    Helen: ”I came to see you”

    Jane: (confused and surprise) ”Came to see

    Helen: ”I know you don’t know me but let me
    introduce myself to
    you am Mrs Helen Jones, the mother of Kimberly
    your daughter’s friend.

    Jane: ”Nice meeting you. Am Jane Thomas”

    Helen: ”I already know you Jane”

    Jane: ”How did you know my name?”

    Helen: ”Are you trying to tell me that you don’t
    remember me?”

    Jane: ”I don’t but I must say that your face looks
    so familiar to me but I can’t place where I have
    met you before”

    Helen: ”That means you don’t have a good

    Jane: (smiling) ”I do”

    Helen: ”If you had a good memory you would
    have remembered

    Jane: ”Okay you win but please tell me where
    we have met before”

    Helen: ”We met at Alpha clinic and maternity”

    Jane: ”Oh! You are the woman that we both
    gave birth on the same day and we met the day
    that we were discharged from the
    hospital right?”

    Helen: ”Yes am that women”

    Jane: ”Please come in”

    Helen followed Jane into the sitting and the
    women talked about lot of things to the extent
    that Helen has even forgotten the main aim of
    her visiting Jane.

    When it was 4pm, Helen decided to take her
    leave but Jane was
    not happy about it and she didn’t bother to hide

    Jane: ”I can’t believe you are leaving so soon”

    Helen: ”My dear even me am not happy that I
    am leaving but I
    promise you that we are going to meet but you
    will be the one to
    visit me”

    Jane: ”That won’t be a problem.”

    Helen: Can I have your contact so that we will be able to keep in touch?

    Jane: Sure you can have it

    The two women exchanged contacts and also
    said ”goodbye” to each other before Helen left.

    When Helen entered into her car, she begin yo
    wonder why she wasn’t able not carry out her main aim
    of visiting Jane.

    Helen decided to allow the two
    girls to continue with her friendship because she doesn’t allow them to continue their friendship, there will no way for her to continue being friends with Jane and she really wants to be friends with Jane

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    Just like magic..

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    Remain the nurse to balance the equation…

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    let’s see

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    helen dats beter ur little secrete will be out soon…

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    Helen sorry oooo

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    Helen i knw dat whatever you a up to wont work

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