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    Could it be April and John doinq it? I pray it not what am thinkinq o

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    AlMost lyk backfire

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    getting close

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    ****Episodes Thirty Eight****

    When Kimberly opened the door, she met April
    and John kissing
    passionately in the living room. At first she didn’t
    believe what she
    saw because she thought maybe she was
    dreaming so she decided to use her palm to rub
    her face and that was when she knew that she
    was never dreaming in the first place. Kimberly
    quietly locked the door and ran to car and drove
    back to her apartment in tears.

    Back at John’s apartment, April and John were
    still kissing as if her
    life depended on it.

    *An Hour Ago*

    April had hurriedly boarded a Kene to take her to
    John’s apartment after she has attended all her
    lectures of that day. She didn’t even bother to
    go back home to change because she has been
    wondering what John wanted to tell her that is
    so important.

    April got down at the front of John’s apartment
    then she knocked on the door and the door was
    opened by John

    John: ”Hey April” smiling

    April: ”Hey John” walking in

    John: ”I thought you won’t make it again”

    April: ”I would have come earlier but I had
    classes but since am
    here now I will like to know what you want to tell
    me that is so

    John: ”Take your seat first”

    April: (taking her seat) ”Am sited now. John so
    tell me what you
    want to tell me”

    John: (not knowing what to say) ”erm…erm..
    April I don’t know
    where to start from”

    April: ”John you can start from anywhere”

    John: ”April I know that when we first met, we
    didn’t get along but right from that day I set my
    eyes on you April, I felt something so strong for
    you that I have never felt for any girl before and
    as time goes on I fell in love with you though I
    never wanted to admit to anyone not even Frank
    but now I can’t hide that feeling anymore that is
    why I decided to invite you here to tell you how I
    truly feel. I love you April and I promise to
    always love and cherish and never to make you
    cry if you accept me as your boyfriend”

    April: ”John I don’t know…”

    John quickly cut her short

    John: ”April you don’t have to say anything now,
    I can give you all
    the time you want to think about it and I will also
    understand if your
    reply turns out to be a No”

    April: ”John I don’t need time to think and my
    reply can’t be a
    negative reply because I love you too and I have
    been waiting for
    a day you will ask me out”

    John: Does that mean you accept to be my

    April: (smiling) ”Yes John”

    John: ”Thanks April for making me the happiest
    man on earth by
    accepting to be my girlfriend. And now I will be
    able to have a
    taste of those beautiful lips of yours”

    April: ”You won’t be having a taste of my lips
    because in this out
    relationship there won’t be touching, kissing and

    John: ”You are joking right?”

    April: ”No am not”

    John: ”Okay let me see if you will be able to
    resist my kiss”

    John took a step closer to where April was, he
    took her hands into his and kiss them he started
    to look at April’s beautiful lips then he place his
    lips on her and that was how they started kissing
    passionately without noticing that Kimberly had
    open the door.

    #Back To The Presence#

    The two lovebirds were still kissing when John
    decided to break the kiss

    John: You said there won’t be kissing in our
    relationship but you
    didn’t want that kiss to stop again

    April: (not wanting to reply John’s statement)
    ”John i think I need
    to go home and tell Kimberly about us”

    John: ”April please don’t go yet because am
    going to miss you”

    April: ”I will miss you to but for now I have to say

    John: ”Okay bye but are you trying to leave
    without giving me a good bye kiss?”

    April: ”Yes dear”

    John: ”That’s not fair”

    Nothing is fair in this world she said and left his

    Kimberly got home still crying and when she
    open the door to her
    apartment, she met Liza patiently waiting for her
    arrival before she
    goes our. Liza was surprised to see Kimberly

    Liza: ”Bestie why are you crying?”

    Kimberly sat down and narrated all that happens
    and why she was crying without skipping a part.

    When Kimberly was done with her Narration Liza
    thought to
    herself that this is the perfect opportunity for her
    to separate and April and she was going to do
    everything in her power to
    convince Kimberly to fight for her love who is
    John. Kimberly
    was going to think that she was doing it for her
    but little did she
    know know that she was actually doing it
    personal gain.

    Liza: ”Is that why you are crying?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes why wont I cry when the guy am
    in love with is in love with friend April”

    Liza: ”You have to stop crying and start finding a
    way to fight for your love

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    Nxt plzzzz

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    *Enjoying This*

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