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    ****Episode Thirty Nine****

    Kimberly was confused with what Liza had said

    Kimberly: ”What do you mean by I should fight
    for the love of John?”

    Liza: ”I mean you should find a way of
    separating both John and

    Kimberly: ”You know I can’t do that”

    Liza: ”That simply means you don’t love John as
    you have claimed”

    Kimberly: ”Liza you know that I love John with
    the whole of my

    Liza: ”If you truly love John as you have claimed then
    you were suppose
    to go to any extent to have him”

    Kimberly: ”Liza I love John but I don’t know
    what am to do to have him”

    Liza: ”They are many things you can do but the
    question is are you
    willing to do them?”

    Kimberly: ”Liza please just tell me what I need
    to do”

    Liza: ”Kim you will have to set April up with
    another man then you also try to make John
    believe that April is cheating on him”

    Kimberly: ”Liza please is there no other way. I
    don’t think I have the
    mind to set April up because she haven’t done
    anything bad to

    Liza: ”Taking John away from you isn’t bad?”

    Kimberly: ”She didn’t take John away from me
    because in the first
    place me and John ain’t in a relationship and
    secondly she is not aware of the feelings I have
    for him”

    Liza: ”In other words you are trying to tell me
    that you are not
    going to set April up?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes I won’t set her up because that
    won’t be fair to her”

    Liza: Wake up Kim nothing is fair in this world.
    Kim do you think
    that if it were to be April that is in your shoes,
    she would be finding reasons not to set you up?”

    Kimberly: ”I don’t know but if I set April up and
    John ended up breaking up with April, my
    conscience won’t be at peace”

    Liza: ”We are here talking about how you are
    going to get Johnson’s love and you are here
    talking about your conscience. Kim nothing good
    comes easy”

    Kimberly: ”I have heard you Liza but I need to
    talk to April first
    before I know whether to go with your plan or

    Liza: ”What do you want to talk to her about?”

    Kimberly: ”I will tell you later after I must have
    talked to April”

    Liza: ”Okay Kim”

    April was in her room very happy thinking about
    how John had
    asked her to his girlfriend and the romantic kiss
    they had shared
    when Kimberly came to her room.

    April: ”Hey Kim”

    Kimberly: ”Hey April. you came late for lectures

    April: ”Yes I did because I didn’t come home
    directly from school”

    Kimberly: (pretending not to know where she had
    went to) ”Where did you go?”

    April: ”I went to John’s apartment because he
    had called me earlier
    that he had something important he wanted to
    tell. When I got
    there you won’t believe John asked me to be his

    Kimberly: ”And what was your answer?”

    April: ”I love him Kim so I gave him a Yes

    Kimberly: ”That’s good but I don’t like your
    relationship with John”

    April: ”Why Kim?” surprise and confuse by her
    out burst

    Kimberly: ”I don’t want you to date John so you
    are going to end
    your relationship with him”

    April: ”Kim give me a good reason and I will end
    things with him”

    Kimberly: ”April I want you to end things with
    John because I am
    also in love with him. April I will be very happy if
    you can make
    this sacrifice for me”

    April: ”Kim I see you as a sister and I will gladly
    do anything that
    will make you hapy but you see me ending my
    relationship with
    John, I can’t because am also in love with him”

    Kimberly: ”Are you trying to tell me that you
    won’t end things with him?”

    April: ”Yes Kim”

    Kimberly: ”in that case then April please start to
    park all your belongings and leave my house this
    very minute.”

    April: ”What!!!”

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    What!!!!! is it by force to be loved… Vicky ride on lets see what haPpens nExt sHa…

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    O dikwa bad….love isnt by force kim,even if you send april out of your apartment it does nothing

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    Selfish interest…………

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    Na by force

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    Lol….dis kind love na military one o.
    By fire by force

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