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    Kim, do u knw if john has any feelings for u or nt b4 forcing urslf on him

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    I tink ur mum shud be happy nw cos dats exactly wat she want

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    Gbagaun!!! E don happen.. But den, its getting more thrilling.. Next pls oooo

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    ****Episode Forty****

    April thought she didn’t hear clearly what
    Kimberly had said

    Kimberly: ”You heard me”

    April: ”Kimberly you are asking me to leave your
    house because I
    refused to end my relationship with John?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes April and I am going to throw you
    out if you don’t leave”

    April: ”Kim I don’t have anywhere to go”

    Kimberly: ”I don’t care. All I want from you is for
    you to leave my

    April: ”Don’t worry Kim I will leave”

    April packed all her belongings and started to leave
    Kimberly’s apartment.

    When April was leaving, a part of Kimberly
    wanted to call April
    back and she also felt as if a part of her was also
    leaving her but she had to gather all the strength
    you could get not to call her back.

    John was in the living room narrating how he
    had asked April to be his girlfriend and how she
    had accepted him.

    Frank: ”You mean April is now your babe?”

    John: ”Yes bro”.

    Frank: ”I thought you were joking when you told
    me that you
    were going to ask her out today”

    John: ”Now you know I was not joking”

    Frank: ”Yes John and I must confess that I really
    admire your guts.”

    John: ”Thanks bro”

    The Guys were still discussing when they heard
    a knock at the
    door. John decided to check who was knocking
    on the door. John
    opened the door and find out that person
    knocking was April
    but he was surprised to see her eyes swollen
    and red and also
    she was with her bags John quickly ushered into
    the sitting room but not without him collecting
    her bags from her.

    April got sited and John started to ask her series
    of question

    John: ”April why are you crying and why are your
    belongings with

    April: ”Kimberly send me out of her house”

    Frank: ”Why will Kimberly send you out of her

    April: ”Just because we had a little

    John: ”Stop crying April you can stay here all you
    went and I
    promise to start looking for an apartment for

    April: ”Thanks John”

    John told Frank to take April to the guest room
    while he go and
    have a chat with Kimberly for sending April
    packing just because
    of a minor misunderstanding

    John got to Kimberly’s apartment angrily. He knocked on
    the door and Kimberly came to open the door for
    him. Kimberly greeted him but he didn’t bother
    to answer her becaus he just went straight
    to the point

    John: ”Kimberly why will you send April packing
    just because you
    ladies had a little misunderstanding?”

    When John asked Kimberly that question, she
    knew that John
    didn’t know why she had send April packing so
    she decided to lie

    Kimberly: ”We didn’t had a misunderstanding. I
    sent her packing because I couldn’t condole her
    indecent lifestyle anymore”

    John: ”What do you mean by indecent lifestyle?”

    Kimberly: ”April is a flirt and she comes home
    everyday with different men but today I got fed
    up and ask her to leave my house”

    John: ”You are lying Kim”

    Kimberly: ”Am not lying and i am only pitying
    you because you
    don’t know the kind of lady you are dating”

    John: ”Kim if you try to paint April black, am
    going to forget that you are a lady and hit you
    real hard”

    Kimberly: ”You want to hit me because am
    saying the truth? Have you ever asked yourself
    where April got the money to buy all the
    expensive clothes she is wearing when are
    parents are poor?”

    John: ”Kim you were the one that bought those
    things for her”

    Kimberly: ”I didn’t i was only covering up for

    John: ”I know you are lying and i won’t stand
    here and watch you
    say bad things about my April.”

    John got into his car and drove out of
    Kimberly’s apartment
    angrily but he was determine to ask April the
    real reason she was
    sent packing by Kimberly.




    I want to use this opportunity to thank all the coolvallers that took their time to vote for me yesterday, i really do appreciate and I am very grateful but I also still need your votes for the next round.

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    We wnt to sy a BIG THANK U
    to everybody for voting @victoriouschild
    God bless u all
    keep voting @victoriouschild

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    she’s so desperate…
    she av to lie to cover up nd spoil April relationship

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