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    Fowl y*nsh don finally open

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    on wat condition?

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    tank God d secret is out nw

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    Hmmmm.. Getting really thrilling still. Nxt pls

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    Macrex {phunny dude}Macrex {phunny dude}
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    Nna d way, way year day take run i know understand o… Ride on my “L”.

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    What’s the condition

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    vote! vote! vote! @promzy

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    ****Episode Forty Five****

    Sandra: ”What condition?”

    John: ”You are going to call Kimberly, April and their parents right now and ask them to come here tomorrow around 12noon that you have something you want to tell to them”

    Sandra: ”Son I can’t do that. I promise to carry this secret to the

    John: ”This is not a secret anymore because if you don’t tell them the truth am going to and I will never forgive you or accept you as my mum and am also sure that Frank will do the same thing
    when he finds out”

    Sandra: ”I will do it but I don’t have their parents’ contact”

    John: ”Don’t worry about that because I collected their contact from their children four years ago and I am sure that they are still using the lines” he said smiling

    John brought out his phone and gave his mother the contacts for
    Sandra to call them and inform them about the meeting that will
    be held tomorrow.

    Sandra did exactly what her son had told her but she was really
    nervous on how she was going to make the confession tomorrow


    The Next day @12noon

    Michael, Edward,Helen, Jane,April and Kimberly were gathered in
    Sandra’s sitting ro waiting for the Sandra to tell them why they were
    gathered in her sitting room but she didn’t. John decided to say something first

    John: ”On behalf of my mum, I will like to thank you all for honouring this invitation”

    Michael: ”You are welcome but can you please tell us what this
    meeting is all about because am sure we are not gathered here to
    look at each other faces”

    John: ”You are right sir we didn’t gather here to look at each other
    faces but we are gathered here because my mum has some
    confession to make concerning April and Kimberly’s birth”.

    When John was through with his statement, Helen already knew
    that the secret she has been hiding is about to be revealed. She became restless.

    John: ”Mum I think it’s time for you to start confessing”

    Sandra: ”Before I start confessing I will like you people to forgive
    me in advance” said she said nervously

    Edward: ”Woman please just tell us why we are gather here and
    forget about this your forgiveness speech”

    Sandra: ”What I want to tell you is that Kimberly is the twins sister
    of April because April twin didn’t die few hours after her birth”

    Michael: confused ”How is that possible when the girls are not even related?”

    Sandra: glare at Helen ”Helen here know what am saying because she paid me to help her switch her dead child with Kimberly”

    All: ”What!!!”

    Edward: ”Helen what is this woman talking about?”

    Helen: ”Sweetheart I don’t know what she is talking about” smiling nervously

    Sandra: ”Helen you know what am talking about because you gave me 1.5million to switch your dead child with someone else’s child”

    Helen: ”Woman what are you going to gain by lying against?”

    Sandra: ”Am not lying and you know that”

    Sandra went further to explain how everything had happen to
    them but Helen keeps on denying the accusations until when
    Edward threaten her

    Edward: ”Helen you better start confessing if you don’t want to see the other side of me” muttered angrily

    Helen: ”She is saying the truth. I paid her to help me switch my
    child because I know you were going to send me packing. Please
    forgive me”

    Edward: ”I can’t believe you have been deceiving me all these years”

    Kimberly: ”Mum I can’t believe you separated me from my real family”

    Helen: ”Am sorry Kimberly. I know I did wrong but I never treated
    you as if you were not my own blood”

    Kimberly: ”Now I know why Is the first place you never wanted me
    and April to be friends because you know she is my twin sis.”

    April spoke up for the first time

    April: ”Point of correction Kimberly my mum gave birth to the two
    of us but I will never accept you as my sister”

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