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    For what naa? April dats not good.

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    hmmm….finally asiri af tu….

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    April u have to forgive her…remember she will always be ur twin sis

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    u doesnt av choice dan 2 forgive her,let bygone be bygone

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    April I know what Kim has done to you is bad but you are not suppose to make that statement

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    wow. am here now. still observing. nice story

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    ****Episode Forty Six****

    Everyone in the sitting room were surprised with April’s outburst

    Kimberly: ”April please tell me you are joking”

    April: ”Why should I tell you that I am joking when I am not?”

    Kimberly: ”April why can’t you accept me as your sister?”

    April: ”Because you have really hurt my feelings for the past two

    Kimberly: ”April I know but please don’t hold that against me now
    please forgive me for all the hurt I may have caused you”

    April: ”Kim I can forgive for trying to break me and John up and I can
    also forgive you for not wanting to make peace with me for the
    past two years but I can’t forgive you for sending me out of
    your house knowing fully well that I have no place to go that day”

    Kimberly: ”April please forgive me”

    April: ”You treated me so unfair and if that is the way sisters do
    treat their own blood, am better off not having one” She muttered bitterly

    April didn’t wait for Kimberly to reply her when she carried her
    bag and left.

    Kimberly turned and Helen started to beg for her forgiveness but she told Helen that she is only going to forgive her
    if April forgives her too then she also left Sandra’s apartment
    in tears .

    Helen then turn to Michael and Jane asking for their forgiveness
    even though she knows that she didn’t their forgiveness but to the
    surprise of everyone present in the sitting room, Michael forgave
    her. Jane didn’t want to forgive Helen but a part wanted her to so she also decided to forgive Helen just like Michael did.

    Edward: ”Helen you are really very lucky that the real parents of
    Kimberly are willing to forgive but as for me when we get home you
    are going to pack all your things and leave my house because you
    are also capable of committing murder” he said angrily

    Helen: (went on her knees) ”Edward please don’t send me packing please forgive me”

    Edward: ”Helen I can’t forgive you”

    Jane: ”Sir I know this is none of my business and I also know that I have no right to interfere in your private affairs but I just couldn’t
    help myself than to interfere in this. Sir please forgive her, we are
    all humans and they are some things we do that are bad but the
    time we wanted to do it we see it as the right thing. And from all I
    have heard here today, I think you are also to be blame for what
    your wife did” said calmly

    Edward: ”Why should I be blame”

    Jane: ”If you hadn’t threatened to send your wife packing for not
    being able to give you a child in time she wouldn’t have thought
    of taking someone else’s child”

    Edward: thought over what Jane said for a while ”You are right Jane and I must confess Jane you just talked to me the way Kimberly (Helen’s mum) would have talked to me.” (turn to Helen) ”Sweetheart stand up I have forgiven you”

    Helen: ”Are you sure?”

    Edward: ”Yes I have forgiven you and now I think the four of us
    need to think of a way to settle the twins”

    Michael: ”Yes you are right but we can’t discuss that here”

    Jane: ”Let us go to our various home and think of the best way to reconcile with twins”

    The Thomas and The Jones left Sandra’s apartment but not
    without telling her thank you for revealing the truth about the girls’
    birth. When they left Sandra turned to to John and ask him if he had forgiven her which he said yes to.

    John: ”Mum can I ask you a question?”

    Sandra: ”Yes you can son”

    John: I hope Kimberly and April are the only twins you separated?”

    Sandra: ”Yes son. They were the first and last twins I separated.”

    John: ”Okay mum. I love you mum”

    Sandra: ”Love you more my son”

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    Its Nice Of Sandra To Have Spoken The Truth!

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