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    truly nice of sandra.

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    thats a wonderful lover

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    Wow What An Interesting Story Duo A Ghost Reader I Took It Upon Myself To Comment On My Crush Story…..Did I Say Crush?

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    followinq keenly..
    next pls..

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    ****Episode Forty Seven****

    It has been over a week since the truth concerning the girls birth
    was revealed and since then Kimberly had locked herself up in her room.

    Liza had find it impossible for her to tell Kimberly that she was only encouraging her to fight for John’s love for her own personal gain.

    Kimberly has decided to come out of her room today. Kimberly was on her way to her dad’s office when she met him sitting in
    the sitting room.

    Kimberly: ”Good Afternoon dad”

    Edward: ”Afternoon my dear. How are you?”

    Kimberly: ”Dad am not fine at all. Dad I was actually heading to your
    office but I didn’t know you were here”

    Edward: ”I just decided to take the day off. Why were you heading
    to my office?”

    Kimberly: ”I wanted to give you this (handing over a document to
    Edward) and also to tell you thank you for all you have done for me and also for taking good care of me all those years”

    Edward: ”Kim I know you are not my biological daughter now but
    that doesn’t mean I was going to collect all your inheritance I gave
    to you. Kim you may not be my daughter but I still love you like I
    always do and you will always remain my daughter but the
    difference now is that you won’t be the only hair to my properties
    because am planning on dividing it for you and April. Hope you are
    cool with it?”

    Kimberly: ”Am cool with it. Thanks for everything”

    Edward: ”You are welcome my love. Kim your mum is in her
    bedroom will you like to talk with her?”

    Kimberly: ”No dad I still can’t stand her but now I think am going to go see my real parents and also go and make peace with my other half”

    Edward: ”That sounds good. Let me walk you to your car”

    Kimberly: ”Okay dad”

    Kimberly has just pulled up in front of Michael’s apartment but she was really nervous because she didn’t know what will be April’s reaction when she sees her.

    Kimberly knocked on the door and Few minutes later the front door was opened by Jane.

    Kimberly: ”Good Afternoon mum”

    Jane: ”Afternoon. How are you you my child”

    Kimberly: ”Am fine. Is dad and April at home?”

    Jane:: ”Your dad is not at home but April is”

    Kimberly: ”Can I see her?”

    Jane: ”Of course you can, feel free at home and also remember this
    is also your home but I can’t spend much time with you because I was actually on my way out before you came in”

    Kimberly: ”Okay let me go and meet with April”

    Jane: ”Bye dear”

    Kimberly: ”Bye mum”

    After Jane left the house, Kimberly made her way to April’s room.
    Kimberly knocked on April’s door and she responded by saying
    the door is not locked without her knowing that it was Kimberly
    who was knocking at the door

    When Kimberly came Into April’s room,April did a very good
    job in hiding her excitement on seeing Kimberly with a frown

    April: ”What are you doing here?”

    Kimberly: ”Sis I came to see you” she said calmly

    April: ”Am not your sis and why did you come to see me?” she fired

    Kimberly: ”I came to make peace with?” she smile nervously

    April: ”I don’t want to make peace with you and I really hate you
    now” she muttered angrily

    Kimberly: ”April please tell me what I need to do for you to love me like you used to” she said with pleading eyes

    April: ”You can’t do anything and this very minute I want you to
    leave my room and also my life”

    Kimberly couldn’t take what April was saying again so she quickly
    left April’s room with tears filled eyes to her car

    30 minutes Later John opened the door to April’s room after she didn’t
    respond to his knock

    John said her ”hey” to April when he enter into her room but she
    didn’t hear him because she was lost in thought but a tap from
    John brought her back to reality

    April: ”Hey John I didn’t hear you come in”

    John: ”Because you were deep in thought when I came in. Now tell
    me what you are thinking about”

    April: ”I was think about the hurtful words I said to Kimberly”

    John: ”Did she come here today?”

    April: ”Yes she did and she left here 30 minuted ago with tears
    filled eyes”

    John: ”April I thought you told me that you were never going to give up on her?”

    April: ”Yes I did”

    John: ”Then tell me why you don’t want to accept her as your sis”

    April: ”I accepted her as my sis long before I knew she was my sis
    but am pretending not to accept her just for her to know how it
    feels when someone you love hate you” she said crying

    John wanted to say something but the ringing tone of April’s phone
    interrupted him. April checked the caller and it was her mum so
    she picked the call

    Some seconds later April said ”What! When? How did it happen? Okay am on my way now”

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    I guess Kim was involved in accident…..


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