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    chaiii I don miss :unsure:

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    wow….cnt wait to read d final part

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    ****Episode Fifty****

    It has been three days since Kimberly has been discharged from the hospital and the girls decided to go shop for their birthday but they took Liza along because she is a fashionista

    The girls got to the boutique and bought all that needed and the also bought to lovely dresses from their mums too.

    The girls got home and showed the dresses to their mums

    Helen: These dresses are so lovely and you girls are going to look fabulous in your clothes

    Jane: They are beautiful but ours is far more beautiful

    Helen: Yes you are right. And am sure when we wear ours we are going to steal the girls show because all the guys that will attend the party are going to be looking at us

    Edward: And the guys should also be ready to receive a punch from me

    Michael: Edward I need to start training so that I can punch lot of guys that will be looking at my wife

    Liza, Kim and April burst out laughing

    Michael: What is so funny?

    April: You really need to see your faces when you were making those comments

    Kimberly: April since our dad are planning on punching any guy that will look at their wives, I think we should collect these dresses from them and go to the market to buy all those Mary Amaka dresses for them to wear on our birthday

    Helen: Girls if you that you will be able to collect these dresses from us then you better start having a rethink

    April: I want to ask you people a question

    Jane: What question?

    April: Who is the oldest twin between me and Kimberly?

    Jane: I don’t know but I think Kim is the oldest

    Kimberly: See I told you before

    April: That’s a lie because am taller than you which means am older

    Michael: I think there is only one way to settle this argument

    Edward: Which way?

    Michael: I have a coin here and each of them is going to choose a side then I will toss the coin whoever wins is the oldest twin

    April: That sounds fair enough

    April chose head while Kimberly went for the tail. Michael tossed the coin and Kimberly won but April was not happy because she wanted to be the oldest twin

    Jane told the girls to go to their room to try out their outfits. The girls existed the sitting room and Jane brought out a necklace and showed it to Helen

    Jane: You she this necklace? I planned on giving it to April when she turns 25 but now I have Kimberly too and I don’t know who I am suppose to give the necklace to

    Helen: Let me see the necklace

    Jane: (handing the necklace to Helen) Here it is

    Helen: (collecting the necklace from Jane) Wait a minute! I have exactly this necklace my mum bought it for me

    Jane: Are you sure?

    Helen: Yes I am. Let me go and bring mine

    Helen hurriedly went to her bedroom and few minutes later she came back with her own necklace

    Helen: Jane please come and take a look at it and you will see the necklace are the same

    Jane: (taking a look at the necklace) You are right. The necklace are the same

    Helen: My mum gave this necklace to me and my late little sis when we were young. I bet your mum was the one that gave you yours too?

    Jane: I don’t know because I don’t know my real parents

    Edward: What do you mean by you don’t know your real parents?

    Jane: According to what my foster dad told me before he died, he said when I was 5years old, a man paid his brother to have me killed but his brother took pity on me and brought me to him for him to train me as his own child

    Edward: That is so thoughtful of him

    Helen: Did he tell you the names of your real parents?

    Jane: Yes he did

    Edward: Tell us the name so that we could help you locate your real parents

    Jane: He said my parents name are Zack and Kimberly Peterson

    Helen: Did you just say Zack and Kimberly Peterson? (Shocked)

    Jane: Yes I did. Is there anything wrong? (Confused)

    Helen: That name you just called are the names of my parents and my little sis was kidnapped when she was 5 and few days later, the police brought her clothes to us which made us to believe that Precious is dead

    Jane: What are you trying to say?

    Helen: Jane you are my sister Precious

    Jane: We can’t be that sure yet

    Helen: There is another way to find out if you are sister

    Jane: Which is?

    Helen: My lil sis has a birthmark on her left shoulder and if you her Precious then you are going to have that same birthmark

    Jane: I have a birthmark on my left shoulder

    Helen: Jane you are truly my sister (engaging her in a tight hug) God thank you for sparing my sister’s life

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    To be continued tomorrow or next. So sorry for pulling your legs yesterday. I was only joking when I said “I will be posting the final episode on Monday”

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Wow.. Great Great Reunion

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Its Good For Them To Become A One Biq Family

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    the bond!

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    Nice one

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