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    ****Episode Five****
    Jane was discharged the next day. On their way
    going home they
    met Mr Jones and his wife also going home.
    Michael: ”Good Morning Mr Jones” (extending
    his hand for a shake)
    Edward: (shake hands with him) ”Morning Mr
    Thomas. Nice seeing you this morning and I
    would like you to meet my Wife Helen”
    Michael: (with a warm smile on his face)”Good
    morning madam and congratulations!”
    Helen: ”Thanks sir” (nod her head in
    Michael: ”you are welcome and I would also like
    you two to meet my beautiful wife Jane and my
    little Angel April” (smiling as he introduce her
    wife and child)
    Edward: ”Little Angel or Little Angels?” (asked
    looking confuse. The doctor inform them that his
    gave birth to a set of twin. Why one)
    Michael: ”Little Angel”
    Edward: ”But I thought the doctor said your wife
    gave birth to a
    set of twins?”
    Michael: ”Yes but the cold hands of death took
    her away from us yesterday” (he replied why a
    sad smile. It hasn’t been easy on them)
    Edward: ”Oh My God! (give Michael a gentle
    squeez on his shoulder) I didn’t know and am so
    sorry for your lost (turning to Jane who look Like
    she’s going to cry) You need to take heart and
    be very
    strong for your surviving daughter April and I
    pray for God to grant her long life.”
    Both Parents: ”Amen”
    Michael shake hand with Edward thanking him
    for his warm gesture and nod to Helen who
    looks shaken a little and they parted to their
    Edward has noticed that his wife
    has been shaken ever since they met with the
    Thomas family.
    Edward: ”Dear what is wrong?”(he asked his wife
    with a concern)
    Helen: ”Am fine” (trying to smile as best she
    Edward: ”No you are not” he insisted”
    Helen: ”Am fine, is just that am a little tired I
    need rest”
    Edward: ”We both know that’s a lie. I have
    noticed you became
    a little shaken and moody ever since we met
    with the Thomas family”
    Helen: ”You are right. Am only feeling for the
    poor woman and am kind of imagining the kind
    of pain she must be feeling now” (she can tell
    her husband what she’s done.. He will hate her
    and she can’t loose her home)
    Edward: ”Now I understand why you are moody. I
    don’t know
    what I would if I were the one the cold hands of
    death took away
    my daughter after ten years of not having a
    child” (little did he know it was true)
    Helen: ”I would run mad if I loose Kimberly for
    sure and I don’t pray
    for that to ever happen to us” (feeling guilty for
    what she’s done. But she also lost her daughter
    shouldn’t she be the sad)
    Edward: Amen to that that prayer
    Michael was in the living room when Jane came
    to join in
    ”Honey Did you nothing anything with Mr Jones’
    wife when we
    were discussing earlier on?” she ask sitting
    beside her husband.
    Edward: ”No I didn’t. Did you notice anything?”
    Jane: ”Yes I noticed something”
    Edward: ”What did you noticed if I may ask?”
    Jane: ”I noticed guilt in her eyes” she could help
    but feel the woman was hiding something.
    Michael: ”Guilt? What kind of guilt?”
    Jane: ”How am I suppose to know?”
    Michael: ”You are suppose to know since you
    were the one
    saw guilt in her eyes”
    Jane: ”I don’t know but I think she is hiding
    something big from her
    Michael: ”How did you know that?”
    Jane: ”My instincts”
    Michael: ”You and this your instincts every time.
    How can you
    say a woman you barely know is hiding
    something big from her
    husband?” sometime he doesn’t understand his
    wife and her instincts.
    Before Jane could reply her husband she heard
    April crying from the bedroom. she excused
    herself from her husband to
    attend to her baby
    three years Later
    Edward was in his office going through some
    documents. It has been three years since God
    has blessed them with their first child. Kimberly
    is growing into a beautiful young girl. Everyday
    he will hurry home just to send time with her. He
    can’t get enough of her. His phone starts
    ringing, drawing him from his thought, he
    checked who the caller was, the called turned
    out to be his from his wife.
    Helen: ”H..honey. Please you n..need to come to
    the now.” she cried immediately he
    answered the phone
    Edward: ”Why? What happened?” he couldn’t hide
    the fear in his voice
    Helen: ”Its Kimberly”
    Edward: ”What happen to Kimberly?”
    Helen: ”She is sick and the doctor requested for
    your presence”
    Edward: ”Which hospital are you?” he asked as
    he rush out of his office toward his car
    Helen: ”Alpha clinic and Maternity”
    Edward: ”Okay am on my way now”

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    Following…. I sense some….. Next

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    This Jane is very right … Maybe they will get to know the truth

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    Awesome story! So interesting. Ride on dear @vicky

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    Make kim no die o

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    @invincible since when my name turn to Vicky?

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