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    lolzzz ….. Eliboy

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    *Episode Fifty Four*

    Kimberly came down from her car and went to where she always pick Precious up but precious was not there. She decided to look around the premises for her

    20minutes have pass but Kimberly is yet to find Precious and she became worried

    Kimberly decided to enter the school and ask the school management about Precious whereabout.

    When she entered the school compound, a teacher told her that Precious had already gone home because she met a guy taking her home earlier on and when she ask Precious who the guy was Precious said he was her uncle.

    On hearing that, Kimberly thought that the person who came to pick Precious up was Luke so she decided to go home.

    Kimberly has been waiting for Luke to bring Precious home for the past five hours but he hasn’t brought her home so she decided to go get Precious herself

    Kimberly knocked on the front door of Luke’s apartment and Rita came to open the door for her and usher her into the sitting room

    Kimberly: Good evening Luke

    Luke: Evening Kimberly

    Kimberly: I came to pick Precious up

    Rita: (confuse) Precious?

    Kimberly: Yes

    Rita: Precious is not here

    Kimberly: Really? I went to pick Precious up from school today but I was told that her Uncle came to pick her up and Luke here is the only uncle Precious has though not blood related

    Luke: Kim I think there must be a mistake somewhere because I didn’t pick up Precious from school today. I was busy throughout

    Kimberly: This cannot be happening

    Luke: Who could be the uncle that came to pick Precious up from school?

    Rita: I think Precious might have been kidnap (actually what Rita wanted to say was that I think Luke here knows who the uncle that picked precious up is but the look Luke gave her made her to have a rethink)

    Kimberly: Why will someone kidnap an harmless child?

    Luke: You can’t be that sure that Precious was kidnap because Zack might be the one that actually went to pick Precious up but the teacher mistook him for her uncle

    Kimberly: You might be right. Let me go back home then

    Luke: Wait Kim. Let me take you home because I don’t think you can drive like this

    Kimberly: Okay Luke

    Rita: Am coming with you people

    Luke drove Kimberly and Rita to Zack’s house.

    Luke had just pull up at the front of Zack’s house and Kimberly quickly got down from the car and went to their sitting where Zack was watching TV. Kimberly didn’t even remember that she didn’t greet Zack before she started to question him

    Kimberly: Where is Precious?

    Zack: I should be the one asking you that question because Helen here told me that you went to pick Precious up from Luke’s house

    Luke: Precious is not with us either

    Zack: What! Could it be that my jewel was kidnap?

    Luke: That is exactly what Rita and Kimberly thought but I told them that Kimberly might be with you

    Zack: She is not with me and that simply means my jewel was kidnap

    Luke: In that case we need to inform the police.

    Zack: You are right. Am going to the police station now

    Luke: Am coming with you

    Zack: Thanks Luke

    Luke: You don’t need to thank me because your kids are also mine

    Zack and Luke left for the police station


    Eliboy was seen in one of the deadliest street in Kano with precious. Eliboy put Precious down and was about bringing out his gun when Precious spoke up

    Precious: Uncle when are you going to take me to see my mummy because am already missing her. Uncle what are we even doing in this dark place? Uncle am scared of the dark please let us leave here before something kill us

    When Precious was through with her statement, Eliboy didn’t have the guts to kill her again. He was even wondering how a 5years old girl could be that outspoken and smart and he was not ready to waste such a life.

    Eliboy thought of where he could take Precious to that she could be save. Eliboy was still thinking when he remember that his elder (Joseph) who lives in one of the villages in Kano with his wife has been childless for the past ten years so he decided to take Precious to them.

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    wow..eliboy the assasin heart was arrested by the smartness of the young girl.

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    ‘nexxxt epi diva :g

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    I no Eli wont hurt her..
    na better criminal u dae see so

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    Ride on

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    Avatarshiko leen
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    nyc episode,,,,next oo

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