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    Precious was safe by her smartness

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    Nxt please

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    Hmmmm nice1 eli

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    Really interesting

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    eyes Don open…

    John mother is precious

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    ****Episode Fifty Five***

    Eliboy took Precious to his brother’s house

    Joseph and his wife Promise welcomed Eliboy to their home but they really surprised to see him with a little girl

    Eliboy narration everything to Joseph without skipping a part and when he was through with his narration, Joseph told Eliboy to come closer to him. Eliboy move closer to his brother not knowing why Joseph asked him to come closer. Joseph gave Eliboy three resounding slaps and he was really confused why his brother slapped him

    Eliboy: (confused and surprised) What was those slaps for?

    Joseph: The first slap was for mum, the second was for dad while the third one is for me for disappointing us.

    Eliboy: How did I disappoint you?

    Joseph: We were poor but our parents and me sacrifice everything so that you could be a graduate but you only end up becoming an assassin

    Eliboy: Yes am a graduate but I wasn’t able to secure a job and the only means of livelihood I could find was becoming an assassin

    Joseph: I never knew you are an assassin

    Eliboy: You never knew i was an assassin because you never bother to ask me the nature of my job but let us talk about why I am here. Bro I want you to take Precious

    Joseph: I can’t take precious in Eli

    Eliboy: But why?

    Joseph: Taking Precious in is risky and since you don’t want to kill her then I will advice you to take her to her parents

    Eliboy: I can’t take her to her parents

    Joseph: Why?

    Eliboy: I can’t because if I take her back, am sure Luke will still find a way to kill her. Bro please take her in and I promise to change my lifestyle. He said taking a look at Precious who was sleeping peacefully in his arms

    Joseph: Eli I still can’t take her in because I don’t know what will be my fate when her parents later finds her in the future under my roof

    Eliboy: They can’t find her because you are living in the outskirt of Kano

    Joseph: Am still not taking her in

    Rachel was about to say something when Precious woke up

    Precious: Mum is that you? (referring to Rachel)

    When Rachel heard Precious calling her mum makes her determine to take Precious in

    Rachel: Yes it me my child

    Precious: Why did you leave me with uncle?

    Rachel not knowing what to say started stuttering

    Eliboy: (in attempt to stop Precious from asking more question) Precious I guess you must be hungry now right?

    Precious: Yes uncle

    Rachel: Honey this girl is so cute and adorable. Let us keep her please

    Joseph: Okay since you want us to keep her no problem then

    Eliboy/Rachel: Thanks

    Eliboy: Bro let me give you the money I was paid to kill Precious to you so that you can take care of her with the money

    Joseph: I don’t need the money

    Eliboy: I don’t need the money either so am going to donate the money to charity

    Joseph: That’s good but right now I think we need to change Precious’ name

    Eliboy: You guys can name her Jane

    Joseph: Jane is a nice name but Eli we still got a little problem

    Eliboy: What problem?

    Joseph: How are you going to prove to Luke that Precious is truly dead?

    Eliboy: Am going to take a bloodstained cloth to them

    Joseph: And how is that going to convince them that Precious is dead?

    Eliboy: I will take this clothes she is wearing now and look for blood that I am going to pour on the clothes and I think that will do the trick

    Joseph: That’s a nice plan but I got another question to ask

    Eliboy: What is your question?

    Joseph: What is Precious’ real parents’ name?

    Eliboy: Zack and Kimberly Peterson

    Joseph: Okay

    Eliboy: I will like to take my leave now but you people should give me her clothes

    Rachel quickly removed Jane’s clothes and gave them to Eliboy and Eliboy left for his apartment.

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    Kill her

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    Luke is a a-----e

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