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    Truth on d way.

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    ******Episode Six******

    Edward arrived at the hospital and he quickly
    rushed into the
    reception where his wife was pacing back and

    Edward: ”Dear what did the doctor say
    is wrong with her?”

    Helen: (turning to face her husband with swollen
    eyes )”I don’t know. The doctor refused to tell
    me anything, he said he needs to see you first
    before he tells me what exactly is wrong with

    Edward: ”That means I need to go and see the
    doctor in his office
    now” (heading toward the doctors office)

    Helen: ”You can’t see him now” (stopping her
    husband from going)

    Edward: ”Why?”

    Helen: ”He is busy with another patient”

    Edward: ”I guess I will have to wait for him then”

    Helen was busy praying ”God please don’t let me
    lose my child after ten years of childlessness,
    please heal her for me because I don’t know
    what will happen to me if I loose my little angel”

    Edward: (place a hand on his wife trying to
    comfort her) ”Don’t worry dear, I know nothing
    bad will happen to our daughter

    Helen: ”Are you sure?” (her mind was not settle.
    She was scared that what she did 3 years ago is
    catching up on her)

    Edward: ”Yes am sure I think its just malaria”

    Helen: ”I don’t think so”

    Edward: ”Why did you say so?”

    Helen: ”I said so because if it were to be
    Malaria, the doctor would
    have just told me instead of him requesting for
    your presence”

    Edward said to his wife ”not to worry” but deep
    down he was
    really worried and scared and he was also
    praying within himself
    let’s nothing bad happen to his daughter
    because she is now what he live for, eat for and
    breath for.

    Just then the doctor walked into the reception.

    Doctor: ”Are you Mr Jones (referring to Edward)

    Edward: ”Y..y..yes doctor, please tell me what is
    wrong with my

    Doctor: ”You will have to come with me to my
    office for me to tell
    you what exactly is wrong with your daughter”

    Edward: (with a raised voice)”Doctor you are
    really getting me scared. Why can’t you
    just tell me what is wrong with my daughter right
    here and now?”

    Doctor: ”What am about to tell you is not
    something I can tell you here so if you don’t
    mind I will like you and your wife to follow me to
    my office” (his voice calm)

    On hearing that Edward didn’t argue with the
    doctor again, he
    just followed the doctor to his office

    Edward: (immediately they were in the doctors
    office) ”Doctor we are noe in your office so
    please tell me what exactly is wrong with her”

    Doctor: ”Have a seat first Mr Jones”

    Edward: ”Am not really in the mood for sitting
    down, all I want to hear is what is wrong with my

    Doctor: ”You will have to sit down first”

    Helen: ”Honey please sit down first so that the
    doctor can tell us what exactly is wrong with

    Edward: (sat down) ”Okay am now seated you
    can now tell us
    what is wrong with our daughter”

    Doctor: ”The thing is I don’t even know where to
    start from” (doctors can be annoying sometimes)

    Helen: ”Doctor you can start from anywhere”

    Doctor: ”You have to be calm for what am about
    to tell you”

    Edward: (already running out of his patience)
    ”Just tell us now”

    Doctor: ”Your daughter have been diagnosed with
    a heart disease”.

    Both parents: ”What!” (Helen already crying..
    Edward fighting back his tear. He has to be

    Doctor: ”And she can only be treated oversees
    and that’s going to cost you a lot”

    Edward: ”I don’t care how much the treatment is
    going to cost
    me all I want is for my daughter to be healthy
    and I don’t even
    mind selling all my properties to achieve that”

    Doctor: ”In that case our problem is half solve,
    all you have to do is to get the money and the
    visas you are going to use in travelling out
    with that the doctor excused himself and left the
    office to attend to other patient.

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    Too bad

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    Ghen Ghen Ghen Ghen…This Just Started

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    This is serious

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    Heart disease? not knowing he’s selling all his hard earned for a poor thing! I must do a DNA test for all my children.

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    ghen ghen ghen ghen

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