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    ****Episode Fifty Eight****

    Luke parked his car at the front of an uncompleted building Unknow to him that he was being followed by Henry

    Inside the uncompleted building, Luke met three guys discussing who were Fridex, Froshberry and Sonshine . Fridex was the first to see Luke

    Fridex: Guy wetin you dey find for here?

    Luke: I came to see you guys because I have a job for you

    Froshberry: Na which kind job be that?

    Luke: I want you guys to help me kidnap two girls but they are sisters

    Sonshine: That one na simple job but you sure say you go fit pay us?

    Luke: You don’t have to worry about that because am willing to pay you people anything

    Sonshine: When you want us to kidnap the girls?

    Luke went ahead to tell then the day they were to kidnap the girls and also how he wants it to be carried out

    When they were done with their plan, Luke decided to take his leave.

    Henry picked his phone from his pocket to call Rita and give her updates concerning Luke’s movement

    Today is the girls birthday and even the blind could see that the girls and their family were really happy celebrating it

    The celebration was held in Edward’s compound. At first Edward wanted the girls to celebrate their birthday in a hall but the girls had bluntly refused

    There was a guy in the party who is Edward’s only nephew that Liza finds attractive so she decided to ask the twins if they could hook her up with him. Liza walked to where the girls were standing

    Liza: Hey girls

    The twins: Hey Liza. Hope you are enjoying The party?

    Liza: Yes I am enjoying the party though there is still one thing missing in this party

    April: And that is?

    Liza: I don’t have a date and I need one

    Kimberly: Liza you came here to ask me to lend you Frank as your date tonight then am sorry because I can’t grant that

    April: Even me I can’t lend you John

    Liza: I didn’t come here to borrow Frank or John

    Kimberly: Then why are you here?

    Liza: I came here because I want you girls to hook me up with someone

    April: Who?

    Liza: (pointing in a particular direction) You see that guy over there?

    Kimberly: Is it that guy standing close to that guy who is putting on a hat?

    Liza: Yes

    Kimberly: You can’t have him. I can’t hook you up with him

    Liza: But why?

    Kimberly: That guy is a flirt because he is cute and

    Liza quickly cut her short

    Liza: How did you know he is s flirt?

    Kimberly: You see that handsome guy over there is my only cousin

    Liza: Even if he is a flirt I still want you to hook me up with him

    Kimberly: I won’t do that because he is too handsome for you she said with a smirk

    Liza: I know you won’t but am sure April here will because she is actually the nicest twin

    April: Sorry Liza am actually with Kim on this

    Liza said *I hate twins* and left to where the handsome guy was standing.

    The guy who is Edward’s nephew name is Paul but most of his friends called him Paula because he looks feminine but Kim and April called him Desire and Paula4eva representatively

    The party has come to an end and everybody that attended the party has started leaving for their various home. The girls were about to go to their room when they met Luke

    Luke: Hey girls

    The twins: Good Evening sir Luke

    Luke: Where are you girls heading to?

    April: Sir to our room to rest

    Luke: But it still early

    Kimberly: We know but since the party is already over that’s why we decided to rest

    Luke: Girls you can’t rest now because am taking you two out

    April: To where?

    Luke: Its a surprise

    Kimberly: Okay sir but wait for me because I want to call Liza so that she can also join us

    Luke: Liza is busy

    Kimberly: Busy with what?

    Luke: With Paul

    Kimberly: Oh!

    April: Okay let’s go

    The girls left with Luke.

    Luke has been driving for the past 20 minutes when suddenly he stopped.

    April: Sir why did you stop?

    Luke: I think I just had a flat tyre

    Kimberly: Okay but are you going to call your mechanic?

    Luke: No need my dear because I can change the tyre myself

    Luke came down to change the tyre but what the girls did not know is that Luke was actually buying more time

    Few minutes later Luke was already through with changing the tyre.

    Luke started to drive the girls again when suddenly two cars came to bloke their path and everything happened so quickly but at the end they took the girls away

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    So sorry for not posting for the past two days. I was just too lazy to type and edit the story

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Hehe..see how he masterminded the whole thing!

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Well,i somehow believe the girls would be safe,they’re not destined to die plz

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    he he
    wats my @froshberry-2 doing in an uncompleted building???

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    Hmmmm, Bad Man. I Believe This Is Ya Waterlow

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    [ /boldblack]Like seriously dat luke is something else[/bold]

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    Ah believe the girls will be safe

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