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    She will survive

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    The game has just started

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    Yawa don gas

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    Invstin so much on sombodys child hw bad

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    I hope she survives

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    this is serious… after ur fast woman guy woman

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    *******Episode Seven*******

    A week later Kimberly was flew out of the
    country for her heart
    disease treatment

    Jane was on the sitting room having a serious
    discussion with her husband concerning April’s

    Jane: ”Honey am still really confuse about this
    April’s health”

    Michael: ”If I say I myself am not confuse that
    means am the
    biggest liar on planet earth.”

    Jane: ”April has been sick for the past one week
    and the doctors have not been able to diagnosed
    her with any ailment”

    Michael: ”The most annoying part is that the
    doctors said that April is suffering from
    something Spiritual”

    Jane: ”I think the doctors might be right”

    Michael: ”Why do you say that?” looking at his
    wife with a raise eyebrow

    Jane: ”Since the doctors could not diagnosed
    April with any ailment
    that simply means her sickness is spiritual not
    physical and that
    means we really need to see a pastor”

    Michael: ”I don’t think taking April to a man of
    God is necessary”

    Jane: ”Can you please give me a reason for
    saying that?”

    Michael: ”I don’t have a reason for saying that
    but all I know is that there is nothing wrong with
    my daughter spiritually” (he doesn’t like pastor.
    Not that he doesn’t believe in God.)

    Jane: ”How can you say there is nothing wrong
    with you daughter
    spiritually when the doctors were not able to
    diagnose April with
    any ailment?”

    Michael: ”That doesn’t mean she has any
    spiritual problem”

    Jane: ”Is there anything you are not telling me
    or hiding from me?”

    Michael: ”Why are you even saying that am
    hiding something
    from you?”

    Jane: ”If you are not hiding anything from me
    then you would
    have allowed us to see a man of God”

    Michael: ”I don’t want us to see a man of
    because I know there
    is nothing wrong with April spiritually and not
    because am hiding anything from you”

    Jane: ”Okay I have hear you but if anything bad
    happen to my daughter you are really going to
    get it from me”(standing up)

    Michael: ”Nothing is going to happen to April, if I
    see by the
    end of this week that April’s health didn’t
    improve, I promise to take her to a man of God
    personally” (giving her assuring look)

    Jane: ”That sounds fair enough” (with that said
    she walked out of the living room)

    Some days later Helen and Kimberly just arrived
    at Airport of Kano state after Kimberly has been
    treated. Edward couldn’t hide the joy and happiness on
    his face when he went to pick them up at the
    airport on Saturday

    Edward: ”Welcome back dear”

    Helen: ”Thanks love. It feels so good to be back
    in Nigeria knowing fully well that what took me
    out of the country was a success” (hugging her

    Edward: ”I don’t think you are as happy as I am
    that my jewel is
    now hale and healthy and I also give God as the
    thank and praise”

    Helen: ”We really need to thank God and since
    tomorrow is Sunday
    we are going to church for thanks giving”

    Edward: ”Dear how did you know exactly what I
    was thinking?”

    Helen: ”You know we have been married for
    more than ten Years
    and that makes us to think alike sometimes”

    Edward: ”You are really funny. Hop into the car
    so that I will drive you home”

    Michael: ”Did I not tell you that there is nothing
    wrong with

    Jane: ”Yes you said so but I was really scared
    when the doctors
    couldn’t diagnosed April with any ailment that
    was why I said we
    should seek help from a man of God”

    Michael: ”Well as you can see now there is no
    need for that since April is already healthy”

    Jane: ”Honey I still insist we go see a man of

    Michael: ”What for again?”

    Jane: ”Concerning April”

    Michael: ”April is now hale and healthy so there
    is no need for
    that again”

    Jane: ”There is every need for that. Don’t you
    find it weird that April
    fell sick and the doctors were not able to
    diagnosed her with any
    ailment then after a week and some days April
    was mysteriously

    Michael: ”She wasn’t mysteriously healed but
    miraculously heal” (holding his anger at bay)

    Jane: ”I don’t like the way you are not taking
    this issue serious”

    Michael: ”Am not talking it serious because I
    know there is nothing wrong with April”

    Jane: ”I still insist we see the man of God”

    Michael: ”We are not seeing any man of God and
    that’s final”
    he delay and stormed out of the living room

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