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    I no say story don go lyk diz…… Letz continue coz am back wit my unfinish popcorn…. Lol… My own pass spiritual own oon

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    ******Episode Eight******

    15 Years Later

    Kimberly and her best friend Elizabeth were both
    coming back
    from school chatting happily about what had
    happen in school
    and how their form master had discipline their
    class bully when
    suddenly two boys not any older than 20 came
    out of
    nowhere and snatched away their bags from
    them. Both girls were scare the boys are going
    to harass them when a boy about same age with
    the thieves came to their rescue.

    Rescuer: ”Give the girls back their bags now” (he
    said in rather calm voice)

    Boy1: ”We won’t and you can’t make us
    to” (sound tough)

    Rescuer: ”Am telling you boys to give them back their
    bags now politely”

    Boy2: ”And if we don’t what are you going to
    do?” (stepping forward)

    Rescuer: ”Then I will use force to collect the
    bags from you” (reply the boy with confidence)

    Boy2: ”i will like to see you try. We are two but
    you are one and that simply mean we are going
    to beat you black and blue”

    Rescuer: ”You maybe two but that doesn’t give
    you any guarantee
    that you guys are going to beat me in a fight and
    am telling you
    for the last time to give the girls their bags and I
    will let you boys
    go in one peace.”

    The boys refused to give the girls their bags and
    that makes the
    rescuer angry and he angrily gave one of the
    boys two punches
    on his jaw, the other tried to attack the rescuer
    from behind but he got Shawn Michaels super
    kick instead and with that the two
    drop the bags they were holding and took to
    their heels.

    Liza: ”That will teach you guys a
    lesson” (shouting after the the boys)
    Kimberly gave her a ”are you serious look” and
    turn to the rescuer

    Kimberly: ”Thanks” smiling sheeply

    Rescuer: ”You are welcome. Am John by name
    and I hope you
    don’t mind telling me your name?”

    Liza: ”Not at all. Am Elizabeth but I prefer to be
    called Liza or Bath. And this is my best friend

    John: ”Nice names”

    Kimberly: ”Thanks for coming to our aid once
    again” she reply taking in his feature.. He is tall
    about 6, well built, and a beautiful face with
    breath taking eyes.

    John: ”It was nothing and I also believe any
    passerby would have
    done exactly what I did for you”

    Liza: ”Not everybody is as kind hearted like you”

    John: ”Me coming to your aid doesn’t mean am
    kind hearted being”

    Liza: ”You may not be kind hearted but what you
    did for us
    today just made you our guiding angel”

    John: ”You are funny but am no guiding angel”

    Liza: ”If you say so” (snap Kimberly from her
    day dreaming)

    John: ”I can see you girls are coming back from
    school, which
    school do you girls attend if I may ask?”

    Liza: ”We attend Divine daughter international

    John: ”I know that school and its not that far
    from here but the
    school is a girls only school right?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes and which school did you attend?”
    she managed to ask…

    John: ”I attended Triumph Model College at
    Ngure Road Nomansland but right now am in
    level 200 in ABU Zaria studying
    business admin”

    Liza: ”I thought Triumph Model College is
    located in Mahogany
    Avenue Nomansland?”

    John: ”Yes but the school has been relocated to
    Nguru Road”

    Liza: ”You said you were schooling in Zaria but
    what are you doing
    here in Kano?”

    John: ”Yes and we are on holidays that’s why I
    came home to spent some time with my mum.
    Do you girls live close?”

    Liza: ”Our house is not that far from here”
    John: ”Okay let me work you girls home”

    Kimberly: ”that won’t be necessary. Thanks

    John: ”Okay. If you say so… I guess i will be
    seeing you girls around!”

    Kimberly: ”Sure. Bye” drawing Liza with her as
    she walk away.

    John: ”bye” he muttered to himself.

    Liza: ”isn’t he beautiful” Liza ask Kimberly as
    they walk away.

    Kimberly: ”hmm… Sure” trying to hide the
    excitement in her voice unsuccessfully

    Liza: ”Oh no.. She’s in love” she turn to look at
    her friend who was all red.

    Kimberly: ”No am not. Yeah he’s cute but am
    not in love” walking away from her friend happily

    April came back from school Moody. When she
    entered into their room she met both are patents
    in the living room

    April: ”Good afternoon dad, good afternoon

    Michael: ”Afternoon my dear”

    Jane: ”Afternoon love. How was school today?”

    April: ”It was fine mum”

    Jane: ”If school was fine then why did you came
    back home moody?”

    April: ”Nothing mum”

    Jane: ”Okay dear. Go in and change your food is
    in the kitchen”

    April said she was not hungry and entered the
    bedroom to change.

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    Aunty @victoriouschild pls come nd continue oooo

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