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    Wat next

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    And then…

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    Y moody nah? Has she discovered abt her twin sister?

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    Oops! I finally meet up wt u quys. It hasn’t been easy on d road bt tank qwad dat am alrdy here safe n sound… Ope ni fun Oluwa o!
    Ride on Boo @victoriouschild

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    @fridex who is your boo?

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    Next… to know why she is moody

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    *******Episode Nine*******

    When April was out of sight Michael turn to his
    wife and asked.

    Michael: ”Do you have any idea as to what may
    be wrong with

    Jane: ”I have no idea, we were both here when
    she came back
    from school moody”

    Michael: ”We need to find out what is wrong
    with her and you
    are going to do that right away”

    Jane: ”Why is it always me?”

    Michael: ”Because you are her mother”

    Jane: ”And are you not her father?”

    Michael: ”Yes I am but we all know that girls
    tend to open up to
    their mothers more than their fathers and beside
    there is
    another reason”

    Jane: ”And what other reason is that?”

    Michael: ”It is your responsibility as her mother”

    Jane: ”Fine. You win” standing and going to her
    daughters room

    Michael: ”Did you just accept that without an
    argument?” *surprise*

    Jane: ”Yes I did. I don’t have the strength for
    any of our baseless
    argument when our daughter came back home
    with a long face” *muttered to herself*

    April was lying on the bed thinking of how she
    was going to pay her waec fee which the
    registration was going to end three days from
    that day when she heard footstep coming to the
    bedroom and she didn’t need a soothsayer to tell
    her that it was her mother that was coming to
    the bedroom but she was not in the mood to talk
    to anybody. Her mother walked into the bedroom
    and sat down on the bed and started playing with
    her hair.

    Jane: ”My love what is wrong with you?”

    April: ”Nothing mum am fine”

    Jane: ”You don’t look fine to me and I am also
    your mother I know
    when you are happy or sad”

    April: ”Seriously mum there is nothing wrong
    with me”

    Jane: ”I know its something, my dear you can
    always talk to me
    about anything. Tell me what is wrong with you
    remember a
    problem shared is a problem half solve”

    April: ”It about our waec mum”

    Jane: ”Is that what is wrong with you?”

    April: ”Yes mum, our registration is going to end
    three days from
    now and I am the only one that is yet to pay and
    our form master
    said that I am going to pay N50,000 instead of
    the N45,000 as a
    result of late payment. I know things are very
    hard for us that’s
    why you people are yet to pay my waec fees for

    Jane: ”Don’t worry my dear I have good news for

    April: ”What is the good news”

    Jane: ”Few hours before you came back from
    school, Mr Ele who
    has been owning your dad the sum of N70,000
    for the past eight
    months ad just paid your dad the money and we
    plan on giving
    you your waec fees tomorrow morning on your
    way to school”

    April: Wow: Really mum? *hugging her mum

    Jane: ”Yes my dear or have I ever joke with
    anything this serious
    before?” ***hugging her back***

    April: ”No mum”

    Jane: ”So cheer up my dear because you are
    going to write your waec with your mate”

    April: ”Thanks mum. You don’t know how happy I
    am to hear this”

    Jane: ”Am also happy that my love is happy

    April: ”You and dad are the best”

    Jane: ”And you are the best thing that have ever
    happen to us. You
    can now go and eat since what has been
    bothering you is now

    April: ”Okay mum. I love you mum”

    Jane: ”Love you more my dear”

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