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    @fridex Abeg go sleep night don reach

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    Hmmm..Ride On.

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    @victoriouschild, No vex Abeq, I don dey qo sleep make u no qo break my head like u said dis mowinq… Lol…

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    @fridex thank God say you don do wetin I tell you to

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    ********Episode Ten********

    When Kimberly got home she narrated all that
    happen in school
    to her mum and also how two boys wanted to
    snatch their bags
    until when John showed up and came to their
    aid. She couldn’t hide the excitement in her. The
    way he made feel, butterflies in her stomach,
    she can’t stop thinking about.. He was the
    beautiful thing she has ever seen.

    Helen: ”This is why I never wanted you to trek to
    and from school” *snapping her daughter from
    her daydreaming. She was to busy worried she
    didn’t even notice the excitement in her voice
    non the way her face was red with love*

    Kimberly: ”Mum what happened to today has
    never happen before”

    Helen: ”I know but there is always a first time
    for everything”

    Kimberly: ”Mum their mission was not even a
    success in the first

    Helen: ”What if it was a success or it was rape
    those boys wanted to
    rape you girls”

    Kimberly: ”Mum none of those happened”

    Helen: ”When your dad comes back from work
    today am going to talk to him”

    Kimberly: ”Talk to him about what?”

    Helen: ”To look for a driver that would be driving
    you to and from

    Kimberly: ”Mum that’s not necessary”
    Helen: It is my dear. I don’t want anything bad
    to happen to you”

    Kimberly: ”Am not a 5years old girl that cannot
    take care of herself or something”

    Helen: ”I see how you were able to take a very
    good care of yourself when those boys wanted
    to snatch your bags from you today”

    Kimberly: ”Mum do you have to keep on
    reminding me of what
    happened today?”

    Helen: ”Yes I will keep on reminding you if that’s
    the only way I can talk some sense into that silly
    brains of yours”

    Kimberly: ”Mum I don’t have a silly brain”

    Helen: ”Yes you do that’s why you don’t always
    listen to what I tell

    Kimberly: ”Mum what happened today has never
    happen before
    and I am very sure it won’t happen again”

    Helen: ”How sure are you that it won’t even
    happen again?”

    Kimberly: ”Am sure because from today (place
    her hand on her chest) henceforth I promise to
    be extra careful when am coming back from

    Helen: ”There will be no need for that dear”

    Kimberly: ”Why mum?”

    Helen: ”You won’t be trekking to school or back
    from school

    Kimberly: ”Mum please don’t do this to me,
    moreover my school is
    not that far from home”

    Helen: ”Listen to me young lady my mind is
    always made up”

    Kimberly: ”Mum why are you always this
    protective of me?”

    Helen: ”You are all I got my dear”

    Kimberly: ”That is not enough reason mum”

    Helen: ”Young Lady since when did you start
    talking back at me?”

    Kimberly: ”Am not talking back at you, I only
    want you to see
    reasons with me”

    Helen: ”Why am I the one to see reasons with

    Kimberly: ”Because am the one who is in the
    best position to
    decide what is best for me”

    Helen: ”My dear you are still a kid that’s why am
    making some decisions for you”

    Kimberly: ”Mum am eighteen so am not a kid

    Helen: ”Look at the way you are saying am
    eighteen as if you are now a grow up.

    Kimberly: ”Mum in two years coming I will be
    twenty and that
    means I will be able to make my own decisions ”

    Helen: ”Well, until then my dear but now am still
    in charge of making decisions concerning you
    because you are my little angel”

    Kimberly: ”I know mum but mum please just
    grant me this one
    wish please”
    Helen: ”What wish is that?”

    Kimberly: ”Allow me to trek to school and
    coming back from

    Helen: ”Okay you win this time but next time am
    sure you won’t get away with it”

    Kimberly: ”Is that a yes mum?”

    Helen: *smiling* ”Yes dear”

    Kimberly: *hug her mum* ”Thanks mum you are
    the best”

    Helen: ”Am only the best when you succeeded in
    getting what you want from me”

    Kimberly: ”No mum you are always the best”

    Helen: ”Ok my dear you are also the best”

    Kimberly: ”And dad must not know about this”

    Helen: ”Are you commanding me?” they both
    burst into laughter…..

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