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    I think Helen is afraid that someone will one clam her so call Kim… that why she is over protective

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    ***********Episode Twelve************

    When April got home, she ran into their living
    room to tell her mum the good news.

    April: ”Mum! Mum! Mum! Where are you? I got
    good news I want
    to tell you” (she announced excitedly)

    Jane: (coming out from the bedroom) ”Am here. Youu got good
    news to tell me that’s why to forgot to greet
    me” (putting on a fake frown)

    April: ”Am sorry mum, good afternoon ma”

    Jane: ”Afternoon my dear. How waschool

    April: (with happiness) ”Mum school was more
    than fine”

    Jane: ”Wow! Okay tell me the good news that
    made school more than fine today”

    April: ”Mum, our principal told me he was going
    to pay for my

    Jane: (surprised and shocked) ”Really!?”

    April: ”Yes mum, I was even more surprise than
    you when he told
    me that he was going to pay for my Neco”

    Jane: ”That’s so nice of him but why will he take it upon himself to pay for your Neco?” (giving
    her daughter a suspicious glare)

    April: ”I asked him that same question and he
    told me that I am a nice and intelligent girl and
    the best the school has ever produce”

    Jane: (not satisfy with the answer her daughter
    gave her) ”Is that the only reason he offered to pay your neco?”

    April: ”Yes mum, that’s the reason he gave me”

    Jane: ”You said your principal is single. Right?”

    April: ”Yes mum but why all these questions?”

    Jane: ”My dear am trying to put some pieces
    together here”

    April: ”What type of pieces are you trying to put

    Jane: (with a serious face) ”April are you having
    an affair with your

    April: (shocked) ”No mum, why are you even
    asking me this

    Jane: ”I just want to make sure you are not
    dating your teacher
    that’s why he offered to pay your neco, you
    know kids of nowadays can be so unpredictable?”

    April: ”Am not mum, he only did what did out of
    goodwill and nothing more, my principal is a kind hearted man”

    Jane: ”I believe you my dear . You can go and
    change, your lunch
    is in the kitchen.”

    April: ”Okay mum”


    Kimberly and Liza were coming back from school
    discussing but
    Kimberley was not even paying attention to what
    Liza saying
    because she was busy thinking about John, she
    didn’t see know if
    she was going to see him that day or not. Since
    yesterday that John rescued them in the hands
    of those boys , she haven’t been able to get him
    out of her head .She was still thinking about him
    when a tap from Liza jolted her back to reality.

    Liza: ”Baby girl what are you thinking?”

    Kimberly: ”I was only thinking about how our
    waec is going to be”

    Liza: (smiling) ”You know you are the worst liar
    on planet earth?
    Please tell me what you were thinking few
    minutes ago”

    Kimberly: ”Nothing”

    Liza: ”Kim you are my friend , you can always
    count on me”

    Kimberly: ”Okay Liza I was thinking about John”

    Liza: (smiling) ”Oh my God! My bestie is in love”

    Kimberly: ”Am not in love with him, how can I be
    in love with
    someone I only met him just yesterday?”

    Liza: ”Its very possible because there is what we
    call love at first

    Kimberly: ”Am not in love with him though I find
    him attractive
    and cute”

    Liza: ”Okay you are not in love with him but you
    have a crush

    Kimberly: ”I don’t”

    Liza: ”Yes you do”

    Kimberly: ”i don’t… Why am i even still talking to

    The two girls were still arguing when they heard
    a voice calling
    their names.

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    Who Was Calling Them?

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    Will Find Out In The Next Epi

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    Mothers dnt trust dea children anymor…
    Asking April if she’s dating her teacher…

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    John calling

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