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    make ona write ona story oh… Even vicky.. Dor come with her own…

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    Hmmmmmmm,it seems am nt invited here

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    @mercy211 you are invited o everybody is invited

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    Present ma’am

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    @mubarak don’t mind me


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    It was 6:00am on a foggy morning, the
    harmattan seemed to be on it highest gear.
    Disrupting lot of activities with it thick fog
    everywhere making it impossible for one to see
    were he/she is
    heading to or whats in front. The cold today was
    beyond human
    endurance, unlike every other day Mr Michael
    Thomas was home
    with his pregnant wife wrapped in thick cloths to
    protect his body
    from catching cold. He got married to his pretty
    wife Jane Thomas
    for 4years now and finally fate is being wielded
    in his favour. His
    joy was without end when his wife finally
    conceived and for over
    8months now her tommy grew bigger and bigger
    each passing. He met his wife Jane when he
    went to visit one of her aunt. He has honed her
    ever since and after a year of been together they
    finally got marriage. his mother has try to talk
    him into having a second wife after 3 years of
    marriage and no issue, but Michael love his wife
    to much to just give up on them cause of a
    baby. He knows she not the giver of children.
    Everyday day that breaks Michael sees him self
    as one step
    close being a father, his seen the day his
    beautiful baby was
    brought to this world a thousand times in his
    dream. He was not
    much of a rich man, he was rather comfortable,
    a peasant farmer
    and a trader.

    One month later

    Mr and Mrs Thomas were in the living room
    debating on the
    name they are going to give their unborn child.
    The room was dark with the only source of light
    coming from a kerosene lamp. The couple sat in
    one of the chairs in each other hands.

    Jane: ”I would love to name our son Leo”

    Michael: (smiling) ”Who told you that you are
    going to give
    birth to a baby boy?”

    Jane: ”Nobody but my instinct is telling me that I
    am going
    to give birth to a baby boy” (she said hit her
    husband playfully)

    Michael: ”That means your instinct is wrong then
    because I
    know you are going to give birth a bouncing baby
    girl but what if
    you give birth to a set of twins ? What are you
    going to name

    Jane: ”I will name them, if they are boys Peter
    and Paul
    but girls I will name them April and
    May” (smiling)

    Michael: ”Why won’t you name them September
    October?”(with a wide grin on his face)
    Jane: ( laughing) ”I would name them November
    and Dec..”

    Before she could finish her statement, she felt a
    sharp pain and she screamed out in pain.
    Michael: ”What is wrong with you Sunshine?” (as
    fear beginning to rise in him)

    Jane: ( still in pain) ”I think the baby is coming”
    On hearing that Mr Thomas jumped up from his
    sitting position
    and said to his wife
    ”let me go and get a cab that would take us to

    Few minutes later Michael came with the
    cabman and
    together they carried his wife into the cab and
    they drove off to
    Alpha clinic and maternity

    Mr Edward Jones was seen sitting in his living
    room in deep thought
    thinking of how he had been unfair to his wife
    Mrs Helen Jones just because she
    couldn’t conceive for ten years of their marriage.
    He remember
    the way he had threatened his wife before God
    later blessed them with the fruit of the womb.

    #Flash Back#

    Edward: ”Listen to me woman! I am giving you
    just three months
    to conceive and if you fail to conceive by the
    end of three months, just consider this marriage
    over” (slamming his fist on the table)

    Helen: (in tears went on her knees) ”Sweetheart!
    I’m not God
    that give children or do you think am happy for
    not being able to
    give you a child? Please just be a little patient
    with me. I believe
    God will bless me with the fruit of the womb
    when the time

    Edward: ”Haven’t I been patient enough? For the
    past ten years I
    have been patient and understanding but now I
    have run out of
    patience. I give you only three months and if you
    fail to conceive
    consider yourself out of this house.” (he delay
    angrily and storm out of the house leaving his
    wife to cry)
    #Back to the present#

    Edward said to himself I really treated her so
    unfair, I treated her
    as if she was the giver of children but I promise
    to make it up to
    her and never to hurt her feelings again or to
    make her cry. Just
    then he heard his wife screaming from the
    bedroom, he ran
    upstairs to know what is wrong with his wife.

    Edward: ”Honey! What is wrong?”

    Helen: ”I think the baby is coming because my
    water just
    Edward took a sight of relive, he thought she had
    a miscarriage. He carried his wife from the floor
    to the car
    and he drove her to Maincure clinic and maternity but when he got there, he was told that the doctor in charge of delivery was not on duty so Edward had no other option than to drive his wife to Alpha clinic and maternity

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    @victoriouschild i would love that
    And nice start also ride on coz we dey your back anywhere anytime.

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    @frankkay, @onahsunday please come and help my sis with the roll call

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