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    ********Episode Thirteen********

    Kimberly and Liza turned to see who is calling
    out their names, when the turned they found out
    that the voice belongs to no other person than
    John, coming towards them with a guy they
    guess to be his friend, who Liza finds attractive

    John: ”Hey girls”

    Liza: ”Hello John, how are you?”

    John: ”Am fine. Hey Kim”

    Kimberly: ”Hey John”

    John’s friend: (clears throat) ”John won’t you
    introduce me to this
    pretty ladies here?”

    John: ”Pardon my manners. Kimberly and Liza
    meet my cousin and also best friend
    Frank and Frank meet Kimberly and Liza” (he
    quickly introduce)

    Frank: ”Nice meeting you ladies” (extending his
    hand for an

    Liza: (taking his hands) ”The pleasure is
    ours” (smiling)

    John: (turning to Kimberly) ”You have been quiet

    Kimberly: ”Am just a little bit stress out that’s

    Liza: ”Frank you look so handsome hope you don’t
    mind me calling you handsome?”

    Frank: (blushing) ”Wow! This is the first time a
    girl has ever said am hsndsome and I don’t mind
    you calling me handsome”

    Liza: ”John what are you two doing in this
    street? Do you live
    around here or something?”

    John: ”We don’t live around here”

    Liza: ”Then what are you two doing here”

    John: ”I figure out that you girls were going pass
    this street today
    that’s why I came here to collect your numbers”

    Kimberly: ”What do you need our numbers for?”

    John: ”I want to be friends with you girls that’s
    why I want to
    collect your numbers so that we can still keep in
    touch even when
    I go back to school”

    Liza: ”That sounds like a good idea”
    John: ”That means you girls don’t mind me
    having your contact

    Kimberly was about to say ”no” before Liza
    quickly cut her short

    Liza: ”we don’t mind at all”

    They exchange contact and said their goodbyes
    to the girls and

    When John and Frank left them, Liza couldn’t
    help but shoot Kimberly an angry look

    Kimberly: ”Why are you looking at me like that?”

    Liza: ”You know why”

    Kimberly: ”I don’t know if I had know, I wouldn’t
    have bother

    Liza: ”Since you don’t know let me tell you then”
    Kimberly: ”Am all ears”

    Liza: ”Kim you almost ruin my chances of
    getting that cute guys

    Kimberly: ”Which cute guy?”

    Liza: ”Frank”

    What a relief it was for Kimberly when she finds
    out that the cute
    guy Liza was referring to was Frank not John

    Kimberly: ”Don’t tell me you are already in love
    with him”

    Liza: ”Yes I am”

    Kimberly: (couldn’t believe what she was
    hearing) ”How can you
    tell me you are already in love with a guy you
    just met now?”

    Liza: ”My dear that is what I call love at first

    Kimberly: ”Liza love at first sight does not exist*

    Liza: ”If love at first sight does not exit then
    what will I call what you
    feel for John?”

    Kimberly: (already frustrated) ”How many times
    to I have to tell
    you that I don’t have any feelings for him?”

    Liza: ”We both know that you do”

    Kimberly: I don’t have feelings for him, I only
    finds him attractive
    that’s all”

    Liza: (angry) ”Since you don’t want to admit it
    let us just forget about this topic”

    Kimberly: ”Good idea”

    When Frank and John got to John’s house, Frank
    couldn’t help but talk about Kimberly, he didn’t
    understand what he felt when hr
    saw Kimberly that afternoon and he hasn’t been
    able to get her
    out of his head

    Frank: ”John can you please tell me all you know
    about Kimberly?”

    John: ”Why do you want to know about her?”

    Frank: ”Nothing”

    John: ”You can’t say nothing because I know
    there must be a
    reason behind that question you just asked me
    few minutes ago”

    Frank: ”Ok let me tell you the reason”

    John: ”Am all ears”

    Frank: ”I think am attracted to her”

    John: (laughing) ”You are joking”

    Frank: ”No am not”

    John: ”I think you are sick then, let me check
    your body temperature” (using his hands to feel
    is body temperature)

    Frank: ”Am not sick, I think am in love”

    John: ”You are not in love but insane”

    Both of them were still discussing when Frank’s
    phone started
    ringing, Frank checked who the caller was but
    he finds out that the
    caller ID was Unknow leaving Frank to wonder
    who the caller
    could be.

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    1st post, doesn’t mean I’m just findin d story intrestin

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    John and his cousin will soon be fighting over kim…

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    You Are In Love….. I Hope Its Not Lust

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    Carry Go

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    John ad his cousin would fight over kim

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    Haw love at first sight at no sight de exist for internet

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