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    Carry on plz

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    ********Episode fourteen********

    Frank didn’t know who was calling him and the
    only way for him to know who the caller is, is by
    answering the phone. Frank
    picked the call but kept mute

    Caller: ”Hello”

    Frank: (the voice was familiar but he could not
    remember where he heard it) ”Hi”

    Caller: ”How are you?”

    Frank: ”Am cool and you?

    Caller: ”Am good. Do you know who you are
    speaking with?”

    Frank: ”No I don’t know, I plan on asking that
    question but you beat me to it”

    Caller: ”You are speaking with Liza”

    Frank: ”Kimberly’s friend right?”

    Liza: ”Yes, I just called to say hi”

    Frank: ”Thanks for calling, I really do appreciate”

    Liza: ”You are welcome. And I also called to
    know if more about you, hope you don’t mind
    telling me more about yourself?”

    Frank: ”I don’t mind at all but am kinda of busy
    now maybe I will
    call you tomorrow and tell you more about

    Liza: ”I will be expecting your call but bye for

    Frank: ”Bye dear” ending the call

    Frank: (turning to John) ”That was Liza I talked
    to on the phone but I really wish it was

    John: ”Wait a minute! Please don’t tell me you
    were serious when
    you said you were in love with Kimberly”

    Frank: “Am serious bro am deeply in love with

    John: ”You are crazy Frank”

    Frank: ”How does being in love makes me

    John: ”Love doesn’t exit, I don’t believe in love”

    Frank: ”You are only saying that because you
    haven’t found love

    John: ”That would never happen”

    Frank: ”It will happen and yours would even be
    love at first sight
    just like Ferdinand and Miranda in Williams
    Shakespeare’s The

    John: ”Love at first sight only happens in stories
    and movies not in reality”

    Frank: ”Listen John am going to remind you all
    that you have said
    when you fall in love”

    John: ”That will never happen because love is
    not in my dictionary”

    Frank: ”Whatever. John I want to go and buy suya before it gets darker”

    John: ”Okay dude buy mine when coming”

    Frank: ”Is that all you are going to say?”

    John: ”What do you want me to say again?”

    Frank: ”Won’t you escort me to where they sell suya?”

    John: ”Oh; sorry my bad, let me escort you ”

    Michael was about to sleep when Jane brought
    up the issue about
    the Principal paying for April’s neco fees

    Jane: ”Honey!”

    Michael: (yawning) ”Yes dear”

    Jane: ”Am worried”

    Michael: ”About what?”

    Jane: ”About the neco fees the principal paid for

    Michael: ”And what about it?”

    Jane: ”I think the principal has another motive
    for paying that Neco fee for April”

    Michael: ”What other motive?”

    Jane: ”I think the principal wants to have an
    affair with my daughter that’s why he paid that
    neco fees”

    Michael: ”Jane not everybody in this world has a
    bad motive in
    doing something good for a person”

    Jane: ”You might be right but I don’t want what
    happen to me to
    happen to April”

    Michael: ”Dear not everybody is like your
    everybody is like your
    own Principal. I believe he paid the neco fees
    out of good will”

    Jane: ”I just hope you are right”

    Jane is having a double mind
    concerning the neco fee the principal paid for
    April because when she was about the same age
    with April, her principal paid her first term school
    fees for her and she thought be was doing it out
    of good will but little did she know that the
    principal had another motive which was him
    wanting to have an affair with her which she
    refused and the principal made her stay in the
    school a living hell for her. Now she is afraid
    same thing is going to happen to her daughter

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    Jane dnt worry urslf…
    ur daughter is ohk

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    Na God go punish all those ash principals That av wicked mind

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    I fink Jane is right

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    Hmm..We Shall See

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    don’t worry Jane,,,,, your daughter is just favoured

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    Wow i thought john felt desame way as kimberly, my bad, cauz the dude don’t hav a heart

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