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    Wait o. can u tel me 3 reasons y I could’ve miss u?™

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    Wait o. can u tel me 3 reasons y I could’ve miss u?™


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    1. Because you are my ex hubby

    2. Because I went offline for days

    3. Because am your friend @sonshine

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    *******Episode Sixteen**********

    Its Saturday and as usual Helen goes to Kano
    central market
    (yankura market) to buy all the foodstuff they
    are going to need for next week cooking.

    When Helen gets to the market, she bought more
    than what she
    wanted to buy and there were alot that she
    could not carry them alone. She couldn’t find
    anybody of all these Hausa boys that do
    help people with their things and get paid. So
    she decided to
    try and carry as much she could.

    Meanwhile, April who has also came to the
    market that Saturday afternoon has been looking
    at Helen and her goods for quite sometime and
    when she saw that the goods were many for the
    woman (Helen) to carry she decided to help her.

    April: ”Good afternoon ma”

    Helen: ”Afternoon my dear”

    April: Ma I have noticed that you have been
    waiting here for all
    these boys to come and help you carry your
    goods but I don’t think any will be coming soon
    so I decided to help you with your

    Helen: ”That’s very thoughtful of you but I think
    you will able to this goods because some are

    April: ”Don’t worry ma I can carry it”

    Helen: ”If you say so”

    April: ”Ma please just help me put the things on
    my head”

    Helen: ”Okay my dear but I won’t allow you to
    carry all this things
    alone so am going to divide this things into two
    for both of us to

    April: ”Okay ma”

    Helen helped April to put some of the things on her
    head then she carried the rest. It took them
    about 10minutes before they got to where Helen
    parked her car.

    Helen: (helping April to put the things down from
    her head) ”Thanks my dear”

    April: ”You are welcome ma”

    Helen: ”What is your name?”

    April: ”April ma”

    Helen: ”Nice name. How old are you hope you
    don’t mind me

    April: ”Not at all ma am 18years old”

    Helen: ”Wow! Same age with my daughter”

    April: ”I will like to take my leave now because I
    still have some
    things to buy for my mum (turns to leave)”

    Helen: ”Wait April” (reaching for her purse to
    remove some naira note) ”Take this my dear”

    April: ”Thanks ma but I can’t accept this money”

    Helen: ”Why my dear? Is the money too small?”

    April: ”No ma”

    Helen: ”Then why are you refusing the money?”

    April: ”Ma I helped you with your things out of
    goodwill not for
    you to pay me”

    Helen: ”Okay my dear and thanks for your help”

    April: ”You are welcome. Bye ma”

    Helen: ”Bye my dear”

    When April left, Helen said to herself ”That girl is
    really nice and
    smart, I know her mum must be really proud of
    her and really
    lucky to have her as a daughter ”

    When Helen got home, she told her daughter
    what happened in
    the market.

    Helen: ”That girl really surprised me today”
    Kimberly: ”Just because she helped you to carry
    your things?”

    Helen: ”Yes my dear not everybody in this world
    would have done that and what she did today
    only happened in the older generation”

    Kimberly: ”Mum stop making a big deal out of
    what she did for you because I myself would
    have done that for a older lady”

    Helen: ”That’s a lie”

    Kimberly: ”Mum am not lying you know am a
    good girl”

    Helen: ”Yes you a good girl that’s why whenever
    you follow me to
    the market I will be the one to carry the things
    we bought in the
    market for you”

    Kimberly: (in attempt to change the topic) ”Mum
    what did you buy
    for me?”

    Helen: (with a smirk on her face) I didn’t buy you
    anything because you are not a kid anymore”

    Kimberly: ”You are joking right?”

    Helen: ”No am not”.
    Kimberly: ”Mum remember you said I will always
    remain a baby
    to you”

    Helen: ”Yes I said that. I bought a beautiful
    dress for you my dear”

    Kimberly: ”Thanks mum let me go and check the
    dress out”

    April got home and told her mum all that
    happened in the market, how she helped a
    woman carried her things to the car, how the
    women wanted to pay her and how she had
    refused the money.
    Her mother was so happy with what her daughter
    did and she
    was much happier when she finds out that she
    had refuse collecting the money even though
    they were poor. she said to
    herself ”What a wonderful girl god has given me
    as a daughter
    and I will remain grateful to him for that”

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    Yex ooo…
    she’s wonderful

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    April Is A Rare Lady So Full Of Manners Compared To Others!

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    Fire On

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    Good girl….
    Nice work

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