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    still obeserving

    ride on deqr

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    still obeserving

    ride on deqr

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    @sonshine don’t be vexing eh it was a wrong tag

    don’t bother watching because you won’t see me cry

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    ********Episode Seventeen*******

    John and frank together helped Kimberly and
    Liza to prepare for
    their waec and Neco by tutoring them. In each
    passing day Kimberly spent with John, she
    discover that her love for him
    keeps on growing but she never had the guts to
    tell him how she
    truly feel about him because she thinks John
    don’t have feelings for
    her because he treats her as a kid sis and she
    didn’t want to spoil
    their friendship by telling him how she feels.
    While, Liza has been trying everything possible
    for Frank to notice her but he never took notice
    of her because he only has eyes for Kimberly
    alone who seems not to notice
    because she is blinded by the love she has for

    April has no one but herself to help her prepare
    for her waec, she
    read endlessly and tirelessly for her waec and
    neco so that she
    could pass her exams with flying colours. she
    didn’t want to
    disappoint her principal, herself and most
    especially she wanted
    her parents to be proud of her.

    After a few months the girls were done with their
    and they are very sure that they were going to
    pass their waec with flying colours because they
    know that they put their 101% best in preparing
    for the exam but they also put all the faith in
    God to help them so that their result will be
    release not held or pending.

    The girls were now busy preparing for their
    which is just two weeks away

    Kimberly and Liza have just came back from the
    boutique they
    went to buy the dresses they were going to wear
    on their graduation.

    They were in Kimberly’s room checking the suits
    Liza: ”I just can’t wait for our graduation to

    Kimberly: ”Even me too, i cant wait to become a
    graduate of o’level”

    Liza: ”I know you Kimberly and I also know that
    is not the only
    reason you are excited”

    Kimberly: ”You are right Lizzy”

    Liza: ”Tell me the other reason”

    Kimberly: ”After our graduation now, we are
    going to stay at home for some months then we
    will go to the University which means I won’t be
    staying to my parents again because i will stay
    in the school though i will be staying off campus
    and by then I will be able to make my own
    decisions without my mum telling me what to do
    or not”

    Liza: ”Your mum loves and care about you that’s
    why she always
    makes decisions for you do that you wont follow
    the wrong path
    in life”

    Kimberly: ”She is just protective of you”

    Liza: ”She is protective of you because she love
    and adores you
    and you are really lucky for that”

    Kimberly: ”Luck for what?”

    Liza: ”You know my mum don’t even have time
    for me, she
    doesn’t even care about me, if my mum is like
    your mum I will be the most happiest being on

    Kimberly: ”So sorry about you mum not carry
    about you”.

    Liza: ”No need to be sorry because am already
    used to it . Let us
    put our our suit to see if it looks good on us or

    The two friends change into their graduation
    outfit and they both
    looks so glamorous in it

    April was in the living room impatiently waiting
    for her mum to come back from the market
    where she went to buy the red and black clothes
    she was going to wear for her graduation. It has
    been four hours since her mum left the house
    and she is yet to return which left April to
    wonder what was keeping her mum in the
    market before the door of their living room was
    open by her mum.

    April ran to collect the bags her mum was

    April: ”Good Afternoon mum”

    Jane: (sitting down) ”Afternoon my dear”

    April: ”Mum what took you so long in the

    Jane: ”I was not able to find a beautiful red and
    back outfit for you on time”

    April: ”Okay mum, I was worried when you didn’t
    come back on

    Jane: ”Am here now so you don’t need to worry
    anymore. My
    dear check the things I bought for you and see if
    you like it” (handing her the bag containing her

    April: ”Ok mum”

    When April open the bags where her things were
    she was really
    surprise with the things she saw inside because
    she knows what her mum bought really cost a

    April: ”Mum these things you bought for me are
    really expensive”

    Jane: ”Yes I know, i bought them because i want
    you to look
    fabulous on your graduation”

    April: ”Thanks mum”

    Jane: ”You are welcome, Try the dress on let me
    see how it looks
    on you”

    April quickly wore the dress and turn for her
    mum to comment
    on it

    Jane: ”MY dear you looks so fabulous”

    April: ”All thanks to you”

    Jane: ”Dear remove that dress before you ruin it
    before your
    graduation that is coming in two weeks time”

    April: ”Mum you know I wont ruin this dress for

    April quickly remove the dress and put it back
    inside the place where she remove it before.

    Today is the day the girls are graduating.
    The student of Flora International School (April’s
    school) were
    beautifully dressed in red and black in the hall
    where their
    graduation is being held and they have been
    waiting for their
    director to come and give his speech.

    The director took over the stage and he gave an
    unexpected announce that left everybody
    surprise and stunt, and the Thomas extremely
    proud and beaming with joy and happiness.

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    First to comment.

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    The director took over the stage and he gave an unexpected announcement that left everybody surprise and stunt, and the Thomas extremely proud and beaming with joy and happiness.
    “He ushered in a very handsome dude, named Eli to address the graduate about Shawama. After Eli’s speech April was forced to fall in love with him….

    Pls don’t skip that scene oo

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    What announcement?…….

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