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    Am proud of April. Did Lisa fail her WAEC?

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    ******Episode Nineteen*******

    When Kimberly saw that the person crying was
    her friend Liza,
    she went and sat down beside to know why she
    was crying.

    Kimberly: ”Why are you crying Liza?”

    Liza: ”Nothing”

    Kimberly: ”How can you tell me nothing when I
    find you here
    sitting all alone crying your eyes out?”

    Liza: ”What is today?”

    Kimberly: ”Today is our graduation”

    Liza: ”Are your parents not here with you?”

    Kimberly: ”They are here with me”

    Liza: ”Then why are my parents not here with
    me?” (Liza feel her parent doesn’t care about
    her, thought they provide all she need for her,
    they don’t show her parental care. All the do is
    work. Travel from one country to the other, while
    they leave in the care of their househelp.)

    Kimberly: ”Maybe they were busy with work”

    Liza: ”Is that reason good enough”

    Kimberly: ”It might be depending on the nature
    of their work”

    Liza: ”Is their work more important than me?”
    Kimberly: ”No”

    Liza: ”My parents are not here today because
    they don’t love or
    care about me”

    Kimberly: ”Don’t say your parent don’t care
    about you because
    they might have a good reason for being absent”

    Liza: ”The only reason that could be good
    enough is if they were

    Kimberly: ”Please don’t wish your parents death”

    Liza: ”I won’t, I wish them death when they ruin
    my graduation”

    Kimberly: ”Your graduation can be ruin by them
    if you let them”

    Liza: ”You are right”

    Kimberly: ”So cheer up up girl its our graduation
    so let’s enjoy it to
    the fullest” (clean the tears from her eyes)

    Liza got up and the two girls started singing
    ”girls wanna have fun by Cyndi Lauper” as they
    headed back to their graduation party.

    It was already 9pm and the party was just about
    to end but Kimberly’s parent send their driver to
    picked Kimberly up from the party. She had
    refuse go with them when they were going
    saying she want to stay some more and catch up
    with her friends.

    When Kimberly got home she met both her
    parents in the living
    room patiently waiting for her and you can tell by
    the look on their faces that her parents were not
    happy about her coming home late.

    Helen: ”What were you still doing out this
    late?” (turn to her
    husband) ”I told you that we should leave the
    party with her when all parents were leaving the
    party but you refused saying i that I should allow
    to catch some fun with her friends but now look
    the time she is coming home”

    Kimberly: ”Mum the time is only is just 9:30 not
    12 midnight for
    crying out loud”

    Helen: ”Will you shut up there my friend?”

    Kimberly: ”Mum today was my graduation that
    was why I said out late so I don’t see any need
    for you yelling at me as if am still a baby”

    Edward: ”We are know that today is your
    graduation but that
    doesn’t give the right to stay this late because
    your curfew start
    by 7:00pm. And secondly the way you talked
    back at your mum was rude”

    Kimberly: ”Am sorry dad, I promise never talked
    back at her rudely again”

    Edward: ”Apologize to your mum not me”

    Kimberly: (knee beside her mum)”Mum am

    Helen: ”Its okay my dear. You can go to your
    room and freshen up then you can come down
    for your dinner”

    Kimberly: ”Am still full mum. I will just freshen

    Helen: ”Go and freshen up then you go to bed

    Kimberly said ”goodnight” to her parents then
    she went to her
    room to freshen up but she didn’t go to bed
    straightaway just like
    her mum have instructed, instead she called
    John about scolded him
    for not calling to congratulate her

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    Stubbon girl

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    Kim u harsh ooo….
    After tlkin to ur mum in a rude wy…
    nw it john

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    respect ur foster mother kim

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    this kimberly is different from her twins april.i dont like her wqy…..

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