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    its nt her fault, it is d way she was being brought up

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    continue abeg

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    Kimberly is taking more than dat d owner will notice. Liza, I feel ur pains.

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    Temmy JoyTemmy Joy
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    Following. Nice story

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    Naughty girl

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    *****Episode Twenty*****

    April woke up that morning full of happiness. She
    was very grateful to God for the scholarship the
    director had given because she knows that it
    was the Lords doing that’s why the director has
    accepted to sponsor her in school not because
    of the idea the
    principal came up with

    April was also happy that she had written Jamb
    just as her mum
    had advised if not she would have stayed at
    home for a whole

    She was about to go and greet her parents when
    I mum came into her room.

    April: ”Good morning mum”

    Jane: ”Morning my dear. How was your night?”

    April: ”Was blissful and yours?”

    Jane: ”Was restful and peaceful”

    April: ”Mum I was about coming to greet you and
    dad before you
    came in but let me go and greet dad” (standing

    Jane: ”that wont necessary because your dad
    left home early today”

    April: (sitting down again) ”Okay mum”

    Jane: ”I came here to discuss something with

    April: ”Concerning what?”

    Jane: ”Your education”

    April: ”And what about it?”

    Jane: ”My dear, you know you have already
    written your ssec and jamb remaining your post
    utme that is just three months away? Now I want
    to know where you are going to stay when you
    gain admission into the university”

    April: ”Mum I plan on renting a one room
    apartment to stay
    because I don’t want to stay in the hostel”

    Jane: ”Why won’t you be going to school from
    home? I think it will
    be better”

    April: ”No mum staying in school will be better
    because I will be
    able to concentrate more in my studies”

    Jane: ”No my dear I want you to go from home
    so that I will be
    able yo keep an eye on you”

    April: ”Why are you so afraid to let me stay on
    my own”

    Jane: ”My dear it because I don’t want to loose
    you too”

    April: ”Mum why are always making this
    statement of not wanting to loose me”

    Jane: ”Because you are my only surviving
    child” (she said in tears)

    April: (confused) ”Only surviving child? I thought
    I was an only

    Jane: ”You are not my only child but you the
    surviving one”

    April: ”The child you are talking about is he or
    she my elder or
    younger sibling?”

    Jane: ”None because she was your twin”

    April: (shocked) ”Mum are you trying to tell Me
    that I have a late sis as my twin ?”

    Jane: ”Yes my dear”

    April: ”Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

    Jane: ”I didn’t tell you because am still hurting
    deep inside over the
    lost of my child though a part of me is still
    telling me that my child
    is still alive”

    April: (in tears) ”What killed her?”

    Jane: ”I don’t know because she died few hours
    after i gave birth to you girls”

    April: ”That means you don’t have anything about
    her I can see”

    Jane: ”Yes my dear even me I didn’t get to see
    her when she was alive”

    April: ”I can’t believe all this while I have been
    wishing to to have a
    sibling but little did I know that the cold hands of
    death to my only sibling from me”

    Jane: ”Now you see why am afraid?”

    April: ”Yes mum but me staying in school doesn’t
    mean you are
    going to loose me”

    Jane: ”I may loose you to bad friends in school”

    April: ”Mum you know the type of daughter you
    have, i don’t make
    friends, I promise not to mingle with bad friends
    in school and
    mum going to school from home is going to cost
    more than me
    renting an apartment”

    Jane: ”You are right my dear. I didn’t even think
    about the cost”

    April: ”Does that mean I can look for an
    apartment in school and
    come visiting you and dad weekends?”

    Jane: ”Yes my dear”

    April: ”Thanks mum. I think am still feeling sleepy and
    am going back to sleep”

    Jane: ”Look at this girl o! You think because you
    are now through
    with your exams, you can now wake up anytime
    you feel like?”

    April: ”Yes mum”

    Jane: ”Come on get up from that bed and go do
    your house chores
    then you can start reading for your post utme”

    April: ”Reading for post utme is still too early”

    Jane: ”Post utme is just three month away so
    you are going to
    start reading now” (with that she left the room)

    April said to herself ” there is still time for me to
    read for my
    post utme but now am going back to sleep”
    Then she collapse
    back on her bed.

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